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A TRIBUTE TO #JAMES GANDOLFINI A poem by: Damien LeGallienne of TheDamienZone.com   The actor named James Gandolfini Ate his last hearty dish of linguini At a restaurant in Rome His sacred ancestral home The Seven Hills of Pavarotti and Puccini   Foerever he’s Tony Soprano We’ll write sad songs to play on piano And ask why is our god so terribly greedy Why’d he stuff James with baked ziti And forever take our beloved Italiano   Carmella will bring the canolis and the cookies with lots of pignolis Pauly Walnuts

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Lucky Horseshoes from Racehorses? Strange New Fad or Witchcraft?

In recent years the horseshoe has been used as a lucky charm, but in the distant past a horseshoe was hung over a door to keep away bad luck or illness. Throughout the course of our lives many of us have grown used to seeing a horseshoe hanging here and there, but in the past few years, a very curious thing has been happening in the world of horseshoes and it’s happening in a few secret areas in the USA.

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Doris Roberts – Worst Plastic Surgery in History!

EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND star, Doris Roberts recently emerged at an awards dinner in Santa Monica but nobody knew who she was. She had had so much plastic surgery and she looked so frightening that a lot of the celebrity guests thought that they were at Jean Stapleton’s wake.   More photos of Doris Roberts’ eye scars and facelift scars.  Doris Roberts plastic surgery scars. “Her eyes — her cheeks — her nose — her lips — her jaw —  it was

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How To Deal With Hipsters. Hipsters Are Annnoying? What’s up with Hipsters?

“There is no creature quite so loathsome as the American hipster.  They are rude, unknowing, ill-manered and intolerant urban rednecks.  They are the He-Haws of the Manhattan Mountains.”  [Damien LeGallienne] It’s possible, however, that European hipsters might be much worse, but we can at least thank the Euro-hip for their elitism.  They hate American hipsters enough for all of us. It’s always best to remember that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and so, for the purposes of this blog entry,

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The TRUTH about Edward Snowden and the CIA.

Remember that you read this on The Damien Zone first  — nobody else is saying this. Something is very fishy about the CIA whistle-blower guy Edward Snowden — in my mind, some of the stuff just isn’t adding up. Also, now that it looks like he might face charges of treason, why is the publisher of The Guardian so glib — talking about how he is going to slowly release the stuff he got from Snowden. When did the CIA turn

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CIA Whistleblower Edward Snowden is Mentally Sick — Maybe Even Insane.

Edward Snowden, the whistle-blower from the CIA who believes in his seriously damaged mind that he blew the lid off of a lot of secret stuff, is hiding out in Hong Kong with the hope that he can get asylum in Iceland — but he can’t do that. He would have had to be in Iceland to begin with to get that brand of asylum. What he can do, however, is seek refuge in the Icelandic embassy in Hong Kong, but he better hurry because

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George Clooney is Ugly? Expert Study says “YES”

The Damien Zone is sorry to announce that actor George Clooney is officially UGLY.  I know that sounds harsh, but it happens to be true if you believe the results of a recent study conducted in South Africa. According to that recent study in Human Cultural and Sociological Aesthetics by experts in Johannesburg, South Africa, 78% of randomly chosen people participating in a study of TRUE BEAUTY and PERCEIVED BEAUTY judged George Clooney to be a  LEVEL 3 UGLY on

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Matt Damon’s Skimpy Bathing Suit — no meat? Is Scott Thorson a Liar?

“Liberace was a real lady’s man, and in my opinion, if Scott Thorson said he was a homo, it’s a terrible lie and another sick and unnatural way for him to attach himself to a celebrity.  That’s all he knows how to do and a leopard never changes its spots.  His goal and the goal of a lot of people is to destroy the memory of Liberace, a man who loved his fans so much that he died from the side effects of a watermelon

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