Doris Roberts – Worst Plastic Surgery in History!

dorisxEVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND star, Doris Roberts recently emerged at an awards dinner in Santa Monica but nobody knew who she was. She had had so much plastic surgery and she looked so frightening that a lot of the celebrity guests thought that they were at Jean Stapleton’s wake.


More photos of Doris Roberts’ eye scars and facelift scars.  Doris Roberts plastic surgery scars.

Her eyes — her cheeks — her nose — her lips — her jaw —  it was all a mess.” said one Hollywood insider who refused to identify herself.

“I gave her a hug and a kiss because I thought she was Rose Marie, from the Dick Van Dyke Show, but it was Doris and I almost lost my lunch. I mean, she’s an old lady and that’s not what you do to try to look better at her age. Whoever did that surgery on her has completely butchered that poor woman. She is 100% unrecognizable. If I had not been told that the person stranding before me was Doris Roberts, I would have never in a million years thought that for a second it was Doris. I would have assumed it was a stranger who just looked awful.”

If you take a look at this photo which was taken in Santa Monica, there is no way to tell that this is Doris Roberts. It looks like a bald old man wearing makeup. What the hell happened to this poor woman. What did she do–or better yet — what did some surgeon do to her?

“The surgeon who made Doris Roberts look like this should be sent to live in a prison camp, said makeup artist Lucy Meshy, a cosmetician for Garside Sanitary Cosmetics LLC.

“This is butchery at its worst. OJ Simpson was more skilled with a knife than the surgeon who did this to Doris. I am shocked. No amount of makeup in the world can fix this and no matter what anyone does, Doris Roberts will no longer look like Doris Roberts. Everybody might love Raymond, but it’s safe to assume that everyone hates his TV mom’s plastic surgery. It’s sad and it frightening. If you stare at this picture you will have nightmares.”

The Damien Zone is shocked and saddened by what has happened to Doris Roberts. It’s just a really bad job — perhaps the worst plastic surgery in history. Doris was a cute old lady — she was NEVER pretty. Even when she was young she had a “character actress” face. Did she suddenly think at age 80-something that she was going to come out of the operating room looking young and pretty? What the hell was she thinking? The truth, however, is that the name of the surgeon who did this should be released to the public so they have advanced warning not to ever let this guy touch them. Even if he wants to remove a small mole on your back — NO — do not let him. It’s better to die from the mole than to let this quack-monster ever touch you.

“This might be the worst work by a surgeon I have ever seen,” said Dr. Raymond Tote Tundy, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who works at the Skylight Insitute for Beauty and Rejuvenation in Bern, Switzerland. 

“Her face has been destoyed and her hairline has vanished.  As unprofessional as it sounds, she now looks like an elderly male-to-female transsexual and there is no chance that this is what Miss Roberts was going for.”

7 thoughts on “Doris Roberts – Worst Plastic Surgery in History!

  1. Persoanlly I think she didnt need surgery anyways. What a mess. She was a handsome lady. What ashame.

  2. Sorry but you are mistaken, this is not plastic surgery. This is old age and bad makeup. She was close to 90 in the photo and this is what an older woman with a lot of makeup look like. When you are 90 you will not look much better. The good thing is at that age you won’t care.

  3. NO — Doris had last-ditch plastic surgery and fillers injected into her face — why do you stand up for some old dead lady when she doesn’t give a shit now, and when she was alive, she would step over your corpse in the gutter — you’re a fucking simpleton.

  4. It’s terrible how you talk about someone that can no longer defend herself not to mention that the comments are terrible and hurtful. You should all be ashamed of yourselves!

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