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By: David-Damien Mattia – You can find me on IMDB – I am a real person.

EDITORS NOTE: Previous images of Gregory Von Straussen today were from the wrong file and we have put up the actual pictures of Gregory that we have — more to come. There may be more on the link below because he is supposed to have a role in an upcoming film attached to the writer.

Click here and see that this is me – The writer who interviewed Gregory in 2014 – https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3834680/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

The photos are of Gregory Von Straussen in 2020.

“Why are people saying that I am dead? Why have I been represented on the internet as a burning candle of vigil like the ones in the church when my great-grandfather died in the war we lost? If I am dead, who killed me? As far as I know, I am alive and vigorous and I’m a model.” [Gregory Von Straussen – Toaster Strudel Boy .

Yes, sadly, like so many still-alive celebrities before him, Gregory Von Straussen, the Aryan face of Toaster Strudel, has been killed off by Twitter and TickTok and Facebook and, if MySpace was still around, they’d kill him there too. Why do people do these things? Poor Gregory, now a model working for Deluth Trading Company clothes, is being hounded by rumors of his demise. Truth is, now that I interviewed him again, I wish the rumors of his death would stop, but this kid is evil.

In a recent interview ( April 16, 2020 which was yesterday) Gregory was infuriated with me and worried sick that his family would read about his death and believe that it’s true. I didn’t kill him. Someone in the interwebs bumped him off. It happens. I even got a call from Denzel Washington and he breathed a sigh of relief when I told him that Gregory was alive. “I am not dead! I am not dead! I know, I sound like the little boy in THE OTHERS starring Nicole Kidman, who is my favorite actress, but I am not dead. So what is with this talk about my death? I am not only not dead, I wear Duluth Trading clothes and they have more room for my life in my shoulders and groin.

My living life which is much more vigorous than the lives of others because I did my calisthenics as a young man in Bavaria. My life is a perfect life. I ate Toaster Strudel that gave me vigor and made me proud of my homeland. I will be be twenty in November and I am alive. Inside this Bavarian body I am still young, I still breathe, I still dream. Please stop talking about my death. My death might not be for another 100 years. With advances in technology and proper selective breeding, I could live very long.”

As a writer, the thing that pisses me off is that I interviewed Gregory about his Toaster Strudel stuff in 2014 because he forced me to. I didn’t give a shit about some kid who hawks pastry on TV, but his agent called me and then his mother and then his father and the whole frigging family called. Finally, when his grandmother called and threatened that she would find me and force me to bite down on a cyanide capsule, I relented and interviewed the kid. Now he’s mad at me for interviewing him because he doesn’t want to be dead. Lucky for me that the grandmother kicked the bucket last summer. That was a relief.

I reminded Gregory that if I had invented him as a character in a book or a Netflix series, I could kill him off any time I wanted to, but he wasn’t impressed by that.

He screamed at me in his heavy German accent, “You think you made me famous?! You have that audacity?! I’m the toaster strudel boy. Me! I did the work and had the cute crazy face! Me! You are a nobody who sits behind a computer! I am the famous person. You were NOTHING before your toaster strudel interview! I did that for you. I am Gregory Von Strrrrraussen ( he rolled his R there for a long time) the Toaster Strudel boy! I made you! You were nothing! And my accent is not German! It is Austrian! You got that? !! If I was a mobster I could say, I’M MOE GREEN !!!”

Okay, so because you internet weirdos opted to kill off Gregory, I have to put up with this shit. I don’t need this. This kid is blaming me for his death even though he is alive. Can you make sense of that?

I am going to give Greg a few days to calm down and then I will interview him about his life now. For the moment, he is too angry and ALIVE to deal with rationally. I also think that he airbrushes his photos.

  1. Omg you actually made a post about him I’m sorry it’s my fault I brought it up to you but I didn’t think he was dead and all these people on TikTok think he’s dead. I made a post about it saying he’s not dead lmaooo

  2. share the story on tik tok — so they know – I don’t even know how tik tok works – but send a link or something and I will forward it to the writer.

  3. The first image is a German male model named Matthias and the second is a man named Patrick O’Donell. If you reverse image the search on google, both images are found on pinterest under those names along with more of their portfolios. Looks like they’re not only different, but neither of them are Gregory?

  4. hello! i want to know where are these from. i mean, where can i find him saying that. i’m interested in knowing more about this. maybe i’ll send it on tiktok!

  5. This picture is not truthful. I did an image search and found that the first picture you used is in fact a model named Matthias Plucinski At ‘Adam Models’. Searching”.

  6. Pictures are not him they’re two male models, Patrick O’Donnell and Matthias Plucinski.

  7. wait i can’t tell. is this a joke or did he actually say this stuff?? what

  8. Yes – he is weird – if you clicked on the writer’s link you will see that he is a very professional person. The story he sent was much longer but I had to edit out the nastier stuff.

  9. They are FROM the guy who interviewed him the guy who is doing that netflix show INCORRUPTIBLE — I don’t think you can see that unless you have the IMDB Pro version – but I think the concept itself is on regular IMDB – it’s a pic of a church and a full moon.

  10. Are those pictures actually ofthe toaster strudel boy?? Does he even have social media

  11. seems there is an issue with one photo – No he has no social media but plans to go on twitter this week. Click on the writer’s IMDB link because he posts updates about Gregory.

  12. there is no “deluth” trading company. its duluth. and duluth has no stores in germany or anywhere even near europe. theyre all in the US.

  13. Dear Ally

    Go to GOOGLE and GOOGLE “Duluth Trading Company” — It is a men’s clothing line with a very large catalog of clothes. Also, the modeling for menswear is done all over the USA and Europe. Do you know how to use google? Go to the original article and click in the link for the guy who wrote the article for my website. I think there is more info there and for sure there is a clothing company called Duluth Trading Company – I am looking at it right now.


  14. The Damien Zone was intentionally sent the wrong photos but the new article has the actual photos of Gregory Von Straussen. We apologize for the error. In fact, if you had not told us, we would not have known that the photos were bogus. These photos are real. The IMDB link in the article should have pictures of him too because the writer-producer has cast him in a short film.

    Thank you
    Damien LeGallienne

  15. The Damien Zone was intentionally sent the wrong photos but the new article has the actual photos of Gregory Von Straussen. We apologize for the error. In fact, if you had not told us, we would not have known that the photos were bogus. These photos are real. The IMDB link in the article should have pictures of him too because the writer-producer has cast him in a short film.

    Thank you
    Damien LeGallienne

  16. The Damien Zone was intentionally sent the wrong photos but the new article has the actual photos of Gregory Von Straussen. We apologize for the error. In fact, if you had not told us, we would not have known that the photos were bogus. These photos are real. The IMDB link in the article should have pictures of him too because the writer-producer has cast him in a short film.

    Thank you
    Damien LeGallienne

  17. I’m sorry but this seems extremely fake and the website legit has a black triangle with a white explanation mark so it makes me wonder if this site is even trustworthy and I was then told not to put any information and this requires and email

  18. Not fake — Haters have made my website appear to be unsafe – it is VERY safe – I do not require emails nor do I verify them – you need only make up a fake email – YOU can be fake but not me. Because I do not require verification, I am seen as unsafe, but I don’t care – the trade-off is that your comment is not published until I get around to seeing it and approving it — and I approve ’em all unless they are violent or racist,

    Damien LeGallienne

  19. This is obviously fake.

  20. Then don’t fuckin’ read it !!

  21. Who else is here from tik tok lol

  22. No such thing as Duluth. It’s Deluth. And if you were a real interviewer, you would be using the right spelling. To instead of “too”. And instead of kind of, you would be saying kinda. And you would never say you wanted someone dead.

  23. HUH?

  24. Racheel – It’s a blog, you fucking nitwit.

  25. I feel like . . . This shit is fake ?? That man is DEAD. Let him be and stop speaking on his name!

  26. No, he is not dead. How dumb are you people?

  27. LMFAO this is straight comedy. These comments are killing me. I discovered this from tiktok and this is not at all what I was expecting to find. Quarantine got you guys bored as hell. I love it and I am also bored because I am also in quarantine.

  28. LMFAO this is straight comedy, probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on the internet. #WITSB (Where Is Toaster Strudel Boy)

  29. Hey, Smelly –

    The purpose of this blog is to expose the stupidity of people. The stories are often pretty lame, and mostly true, but the comments are usually lamer. In fact, it’s in the comments section where I expose the dumbness of the average person. You are an exception to the rule. I’m glad you get it. Keep reading and sharing.

    Damien LeGallienne
    Editor: The Damien Zone

  30. This is not Gregory Von Straussen. The “updated images” aren’t the correct ones either. This is an adult gay film actor by the name of Dolph Lambert. If you look up his name on google and look at the images you see the same pictures shown in this article. It is still not known if Gregory Von Straussen is dead for sure, but these pictures are not him.

  31. If you only knew how dumb your comment is. You say they are pictures of a gay porn star and then you say that Gregory Von Straussen is alive. Did it ever occur to you that ….never mind. You’re probably a 60 year old man who likes the strudel boy — pitiful.

    Attention folks!
    People like Megan fulfill this websites mission statement – To expose stupidity and dumbness. This one is beyond the pale.

    Damien LeGallienne
    The Damien Zone

  32. Bro! Damien! IDK why you are so made at Megan? What she says is true. Is u look at the first image at the bottom it says belami and belamionline. I didn’t know what that was but I searched it and found out that it was an adult porn site. Those pics are not of Greg. Get your facts right dude.

  33. Dear Nothing — Did you ever think that you have it backwards? Maybe Gregory changed his name and became a porn star == ???

  34. guys this man who created this website died today may 4 2020. rip damien we loved your website may you rest in peace thank you for bringing the real news to everyone

  35. I don’t know why you’re pissed at me. I didn’t say he was dead. Some guy on Reddit did.

    Damien LeGallienne

  36. no hate just wondering how you prounounce your last name is it “legal-i-eeen” or “le-gal-li-ene”? also whats your pfp?

    dooply no-long-last-name

  37. Le Gal’YEN

  38. is it french or is it italian
    are you a blogger or a journalsist
    do you consider yourself a professional

    Thank you for listening to my ted talk.

  40. He is alive — end of story. If you’re confused, get some reading comprehension practice.

    Damien LeGallienne

  41. This is probably stupid but I’m a bit confused on where to find the original article. I clicked on the link and it took me to his imdb but I couldn’t find the actual article/interview. Do you by any chance know the link to find it? Sorry if that’s a stupid question and I’m just oblivious

  42. I’m sorry that they don’t link up anymore. IMDB has changed — taken away comments – I was unaware of that. I think you would have to pay for the PRO version of IMDB which is NOT worth it.

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