TOILET PAPER HOARDING DURING CORONA VIRUS: A sign of underlying mental illness.

TOILET PAPER HOARDING DURING CORONA VIRUS: A sign of underlying mental illness.


Psychiatrists in the USA are seeing an increase in people who hoard toilet paper during the Corona Virus scare.   

In recent days, if you look around, people are combing through every store in search of toilet paper. They will ignore food and by rolls and rolls without even thinking about food. If they don’t have food, why do they need so much toilet paper? .  Think about that.

A recent newscast show these individuals who had previously lived in a kind of secret society of hoarding odd things — but it’s a society of one and that “one” could very well be suffering from serious mental illness. It’s one thing to be anal-retentive, but this is taking it to the literal sense.

Psychiatrists are calling this behavior ETPCD — EXTREME TOILET PAPER COLLECTION DISORDER.

Pictures of ETCPD sufferer here —–> Direct photo

Many toilet paper hoarders say that they do this out of a special need and in some cases this may be true, but more often we see people — mostly women — who are readily diagnosed as toilet paper hoarders who are angry, obsessed, anti-social hunter- gatherers,” said psychiatrist Dr. Sheldon Hartunis.

“These people are calling out their ancient caveman genes where human feces was instinctively protected or hidden to keep away predators. It’s a resurgence of primitive behavior and is easier to find in people of lower intellectual capcity.  

There is also a large amount of selfishness and callous disregard for others inherent to the person who buys huge amounts of toilet paper.   Why buy 50 squeeze bottles of mustard — the entire store stock — when a family of four could not use that mustard before more than half of that quantity has a freshness expiration or becomes dangerous to eat?    The same applies to toilet paper, Many psychiatrists, myself included, are starting to see toilet paper hoarding as a form of anti-social behavior and perhaps a bridge to more serious mental illnesses  somewhere down the road. Overall, however, it’s a sign of a simple mind. If you boil it down to the bare bones, this is a psychosis that has been brewing longer than the feces that it is intended to wipe.”

Doctor Hartunis continued:

“I watched a few YouTube videos of people fighting in stores over toilet paper, and I came to the conclusion that while many of the toilet paper hoarders blame financial hardship or the Corona virus isolation for their greed, they all seem to have large homes and all the accouterments one would need to store four years worth of toilet paper.  Of the three women we watched, each seemed a little off-kilter and we figure that if they weren’t hauling away rolls and rolls of toilet paper, they’d probably have acquired some other kind of sub-clinical disregard for others – some other anti-social behaviour. Basically, they might be out killing people. “

Accoring to behavioural experts, Toilet Paper hoarders seem to be intelligent about one thing only, and that’s how to get toilet paper.  The trouble is that about 90% of this is useless.  The average toilet paper hoarder seems to us to be either fat or sloppy or a combination of both.   The only thing that is neat about them is how beautifully they store their toilet paper.    Their basements and storerooms and garages look like miniature Charmin factories – where everything is perfectly aligned on shelves.  It’s sick to watch actually.

It resembles the behavior of people who are called EXTREME COUPONERS:

“Who needs 50 Xtra-large jars of 500 Maalox antacid chewable tablets? asks Dr. Hartinis.   

A hospital full of ulcer patients would take a year to use all of that — and the shopper left none of the product on the shelf for a shopper who might really need that kind of product — an elderly person on a fixed income who might need just one bottle for their stomach ailment.  The extreme couponer, like the Corona virus toilet paper hoarder, doesn’t seem to care about that possibly.  Extreme Couponers take and take and take, and then they revel in the fact that they bought 50 jars of Maalox tablets for 50 cents and saved $700.00.   It seems really selfish and uncaring, but toilet paper hoarders do the same thing, and it’s rooted in ancient cave man behavior.” [Mercor Faakir MD – Psychiatrist who specializes in toilet paper hoarding and other anal-retentive behavior. ]

“Extreme toilet paper hoarders are often very callous and uncaring people,” said Dr. Hartunis.

“In my experience, I would estimate that nearly 90% do not care that the Charmin they sweep off the shelves and into their basement stockpiles will go unused or that it will clog sewers and septic systems. It’s primitive instinct in its most raw form. These people tend to be very house-proud and their interest in their children’s lives is often lacking depth.  They may claim to love their children, but they cannot love them as much as they love toilet paper.  That is the nature or the sociopathology inherent to extreme toilet paper hoarding. The corona virus has nothing to do with this. It’s just an excuse. It’s the same as secret transvestites who use Halloween as an excuse to dress publicly as a woman. The Corona virus is like Halloween for people with strange obsessions.“This is anti-social and possibly, dare I say,  psychotic behavior, and it was my stomach cancer patient who opened my eyes to the psychosis of extreme couponing.”

Hartunis continued:

“The toilet paper hoarderhas issues that dig deeper than any financial or anal need need since financial need is almost never the cause for the toilet paper hoarding  They may have been deprived of anal cleansing as children or perhaps their mothers and fathers were did not wipe their own feces.  Basically, however, we do not see a genetic link other than a genetic predisposotion to mental illness — usually obsessive-compulsive and pre-bipolar states, and most of them should seek help while there is still a chance to work around these deeper issues.” 

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  2. People are still going nuts in our small town. Our walmart has a limit one restriction …. but at least they have it in stock. Our dollar tree allows a limit of one each product with a limit of three different paper products. So, one kleenex, one napkins, one TP…. thats it. Come back later for the paper towels. LOL I am embarrassed to put it in the cart. Maybe people are counting my stuff. 😮

  3. A lot of extreme couponers donate the excess stuff they buy. I’ve watched those shows and they donate to food banks and churches. I have also seen selfish people clean out a Dollar General of their toilet paper and paper towels. I also know people who go into the store, buy a couple packs of paper products, and then share them with their family and friends, especially people who can’t leave their homes. I personally have done this, and I share with family. I have never emptied a store, so no one else could buy any. One pack of toilet paper and one pack of paper towels each week is my usual purchase.
    We also bought food to store up for emergencies, which is a smart thing to do. Rice, dried beans, pasta, coffee, canned meats, vegetables, and fruits. We have gone through a good bit of those things. It’s good to have a store of non-perishables in the pantry.

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