Scientific evidence is starting to point to the fact that the electronic cigarette “smoke” emitted from vaping is probably more dangerous to the public health than regular cigarette smoke and that the danger is, at first, not only to the electronic cigarette smoker. It’s to everyone.  Nearly a thousand people have been sickened and twelve have died from a mysterious vaping-related disease that is spreading through the USA.

Maybe the person who is vaping is saving himself from lung cancer but he or she might be exposing you to whatever serious illness they might have lurking in their respirator tract or oral cavity. As of today, with many cases of a mysterious vaping disease spreading through the community of vaping, it’s becoming apparent that people who assemble to vape are infecting each other first — the rest of the population will come later.


According to experts, the human mouth-throat cavity is one of the filthiest places on the face of the earth and that there might be a mystery virus or prion lurking deeper in the human respiratory tract that is emitted when the vaper exhales.

The mouth and throat of the average person contains enough pathogens (deadly viruses or bacteria) to kill a person who gets bitten by another person. A human bite is a very dangerous injury, and before the advent of antibiotics, people feared being bitten by humans more than they feared being bitten by dogs.

A “pathogen” is any organism capable of producing disease in humans or animals. When a person smokes a regular cigarette they inhale heavy hot smoke into their lungs and exhale a toxic load of heavy smoke, but when a vaper exhales from an electronic cigarette, that water vapor expelled is capable of spreading millions of pathogens from the smoker over long distances. For now, it seems, like a sneeze or a cough, that it’s spreading to those in close proximity… usually other vapers.

There might even be a “PATIENT ZERO” who started the spread of the strange disease that is now paralyzing the vaping industry.

Bacteria, fungi and viruses — the three pathogens that can be found in the human lungs and mouth and throat — cling to the water vapor’s micro-droplets and can easily spread to nearby people. In other words, each exhalation of the water vapor cigarette is like an uncovered sneeze. Whatever the smoker has hiding in his body gets countless chances to spread to an unsuspecting person. With a cold you might sneeze a few times per hour, but with an electronic cigarette, you’re essentially sneezing ten-fold with every puff. Would you want to be near a person who was sneezing in your face every 10 seconds?

Scientists are starting to look deeper into this, but the theory that each exhalation of water vapor cigarettes is like a sneeze or a cough is not argued by many doctors.

“I would rather sit next to a guy smoking a regular cigarette than somebody smoking an electronic one,” said a doctor who refused to be identified.  “It has nothing to do with nicotine or additives in the electronic mix.  It’s either a virus or a sub-viral particle that usually remains dormant in the lungs but is expelled with vaping.

“I would wager that within ten years the truth will come out that that vaping easily spreads tuberculosis and diphtheria and perhaps countless other respiratory and oral infectious bacteria. If I see an electronic cigarette smoker, I walk the other way.”

It does make perfect sense that water vapor leaving a person’s lungs would be a greater immediate danger than a whiff of tobacco smoke. Since the dawn of time diseases have been spread through respiratory secretions and an exhalation of water vapor from an electronic cigarette is a form of respiratory secretion. The best thing to do, until more evidence comes in, is to steer clear of people who vape and to not allow vaping in enclosed places.


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