Jared Leto – Pig Killer – No Talent

dead pigJared Leto has no talent and he kills pigs for fun and mirth in Hollywood. Let’s get that out of the way from the start.

Okay – Jared Leto is a Hollywood invention, and nothing about his “celebrity” is rooted in the reality of any discernible talent. In my opinion, and the opinion of so many others, Leto is a dim-witted attention-whore. He has lost 40 pounds to star in one movie and gained 70 pounds to star in another, yet nobody remembers the movies and, according to records, both films lost a lot of money. I guess we can safely say that Jared Leto has talent for gaining and losing weight. I think that’s fair.

Leto is often touted as a brilliant rock musician who stumbled upon film stardom, yet no one really knows about his band “30 Seconds to Mars.” The band has never had a hit or anything close to a hit or a song that is associated with anything. There will never be any notation made by anyone regarding Jared Leto’s talent as a musician. Yes, he has long hair and a guitar and a lot of horny boys and girls and old Hollywood johns think he is cute. Big deal. It’s just like The Bacon Brothers. Who goes to see them when Kevin Bacon doesn’t appear? Nobody. Where would the Pizza Underground band be if Macaulay Culkin wasn’t a member? You get the picture?

letoThe most recent news in the untalented and press-agent-generated world of Jared Leto is that he has covered the role of THE JOKER in the not-new and eternally-played-out Batman series movie called SUICIDE SQUAD. This is the same role that supposedly caused Heath Ledger to lose his mind and eventually overdose on sleep aids in an apartment that belonged to one of the twin monkey girls who played on the sitcom “FULL HOUSE” – which, by the way, recently had a cast reunion in a painfully unfunny Donald Trump sketch on Late Night With Jimmy “booze face” Fallon.

For you amateurs out there — folks who know nothing about ACTING and DRAMA and the pain of the great TESPIAN — the role of The Joker is sooooooo hard to play. It’s soooooo draining. It’s soooooooo emotionally demanding and bowel emptying. Anyone who plays the part is doomed for all eternity. Whatever charm or likability they may have had as a mortal man must be shelved. They must exist above diva or difficult-to-work-with ordinariness.

Once the dreaded Joker role is given to an actor, his life is never the same. He can never come out of character. He has drunk the Joker blood and he can no longer claim his soul as his own. His millions of moronic fans – the kids and old nerds and middle-aged gay guys who think Leto is hot, will forget that this is just a comic book. They want to be dipped into the planet of Joker. Joker….is EVERYTHING.

So, because Jared Leto had to prepare for this life-altering Mr. Hyde serum, and he knows that he can never return to a human form, he wanted to do something to demonstrate how he can lord over his costars. He had to let them know that his JOKER was real and alive. It was a great ghost that would hover over them without mercy and….


Basically, Jared Leto is an untalented asshole who thinks that his role as the JOKER is so fucking important that he had a big old pig killed without concern and delivered to the studio where other actors in the film were doing rehearsals. A man, who was described as a “henchman” in the Joker’s employ, dropped the dead pig on the table where the actors were reading their lines. This was Leto’s way to show that he takes the role very seriously. So now a pig was killed for no reason and it’s all fun and frolic in Hollywood. These are sick people, folks, sick!

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