The TRUTH about Edward Snowden and the CIA.

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Something is very fishy about the CIA whistle-blower guy Edward Snowden — in my mind, some of the stuff just isn’t adding up. Also, now that it looks like he might face charges of treason, why is the publisher of The Guardian so glib — talking about how he is going to slowly release the stuff he got from Snowden. When did the CIA turn into international law abiding wimps? I don’t think they ever did — which is why I say that something is fishy about the whole thing.

I think what’s happening here is that a few loons are set free with useless info — the CIA probably looks for a few losers with a hero complex and throws them a few useless bones so as to light up the curiosity of enemy nations — and remember that an “enemy nation” is potentially every nation on the face of the earth.

Think about it — this guy is/was a nothing — a loser –a Lee Harvey Oswald wanna-be — so they give him some junk info,  they they make him crack up and WHAM — they got themselves a red herring.

Seriously, the CIA is ruthless and the reason President Obama and George W. Bush are now interchangeable entities is rooted in the fact that when you take the oath of office you find out a whole lot of really wild stuff.

Does anyone honestly think that the CIA and the British Intelligence gives a shit about the diplomatic protocol that they would allow Julian Assange to simply sit in the Ecuadorian embassy?   If he actually had anything of value he would have been dragged outta that shithole in 2 minutes – same for Snowden.

Also, the editor from The Guardian is probably a CIA operative or at least he’s parroting dialogue so as to make him look like another fearless purveyor of truth and justice.   In real life he’d either be dead or shitting his pants.

One thought on “The TRUTH about Edward Snowden and the CIA.

  1. Thank you, Damien! I don’t know what else to say…
    It must be a government program…
    Keep the morons ‘happy’, breeding and VOTING!

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