Matt Damon’s Skimpy Bathing Suit — no meat? Is Scott Thorson a Liar?

“Liberace was a real lady’s man, and in my opinion, if Scott Thorson said he was a homo, it’s a terrible lie and another sick and unnatural way for him to attach himself to a celebrity.  That’s all he knows how to do and a leopard never changes its spots.  His goal and the goal of a lot of people is to destroy the memory of Liberace, a man who loved his fans so much that he died from the side effects of a watermelon diet just because he wanted to say trim and youthful for us fans.”  [Lucy Meshy, aged 103.  President of the Liberace Preservation Society in Corley, Texas]liberacebbbb
Scott Thorson, Liberace’s alleged ex-male lover,  is now enjoying newly extended battery life in the spotlight thanks to a jump start from the Show Time movie  “Behind The Candelabra”  — the salacious story about Scott’s love life with the late pianist Liberace, starring Michael Douglas, Matt Damon and Robe Lowe.
A secretive TV writer in Hollywood had this to say about the whole thing.
“It’s like some lucky hick won the auction bid on an old storage locker on “Storage Wars” and after they cracked open the padlock, they found an old and beat Scott Thorson inside there covered with cobwebs and ants.”  
“I mean, nobody had given Scott, a sustained thought in decades and the next thing you know, Scott Thorson is being  dragged around in a U-Haul truck and reviving his old act.  
“It’s a shame that when they found Scott his white poodle was long dead,  but hey,  they had to do something with him, didn‘t they?   So they ditched the dead poodle on that reality show “Oddities” — the one about the weird store in New York — and you get Scott Thorson to do what he does best — talk about his alleged gay love affairs with weird celebrities.”
“Scott seems like a decent enough guy but when you pay a thousand bucks for a storage locker in Las Vegas, the odds are that you‘re looking to find a Rolls Royce —  not the aging former boy-toy chauffeur and his mummified poodle…you know what I mean?” 
While the comedic comments are coarsely amusing as usual from that writer in question, he carefully avoided the tawdry truth about Scott Thorson.  The secret writer is a people person and he will never say anything mean about people — but one day he’s going to get punched in the mouth anyway.
Yes, it is true that there is ample evidence to substantiate his claims that he was Liberace’s lover, but the whole “Gay Scott Thorson” angle is kind of new.  
When Scott’s story first came out back in the late 80s as Liberace was drawing his last breath, Scott’s story was more like he was a straight kid who had been seduced by Liberace. And he alluded that he really loved women, but maybe now that he’s old and being #gay # Teen Idol #plastic surgery # gay sugar daddy are the hippest hash tags in Tinseltown, Scott has doubled back to the whole gay thing where the loot can be found.   Who knows?  Maybe SOME of the stuff he says is true — but sorry — The Damien Zone does not believe Scott’s Michael Jackson stories.  Liberace is sickening enough — nobody is that messed up — even if they really were locked up in a storage unit for 25 years.
Now that Scott is back in the limelight — even though it’s only about 40 watts of power — he is again dredging up the name of Michael Jackson — claiming that he and Jackson were lovers back in the days when “Thriller” was the biggest selling album in history. 
Scott Thorson has gone on to wildly claim that when he had his plastic surgery and Michael Jackson had his plastic surgery and Liberace had his plastic surgery, they all went to Palm Springs to heal together.  Now, have you ever heard anything so stupid?  The Jackson family has dismissed Scott Thorson’s claim with the statement, “Billy Jean was not his lover and neither was Scott Thorson.”
What  does know is that the Show Time movie was dirty and icky with all kinds of cringe-worthy sex between Michael Douglas as Liberace and Matt Damon as Scott Thorson.   We even read that Matt Damon’s mom was really happy about how one of the love scenes — one that Matt though would have made her squirm — and she just thought it was great. She was proud of her son for his great performance.
This begs the question:  What was Matt Damon’s mother doing on the set of the gay Liberace movie?   The mystery TV writer again had the answer.
“Hey, all you had to see was Matt Damon in that wet skimpy bathing suit that could have passed for a jock strap.   He had zero package – nothing!  He was totally meatless in Seattle. I know if I wore a tight clingy thing like that and it was wet and I had no basket or bulge, I would want my mommy on the set too.  I’m sure Matt is very sincere in his particular kind of work, but there are times when even an A-lister wants his mommy around –especially if people are pointing at him and giggling.”  

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