Lucky Horseshoes from Racehorses? Strange New Fad or Witchcraft?

In recent years the horseshoe has been used as a lucky charm, but in the distant past a horseshoe was hung over a door to keep away bad luck or illness. Throughout the course of our lives many of us have grown used to seeing a horseshoe hanging here and there, but in the past few years, a very curious thing has been happening in the world of horseshoes and it’s happening in a few secret areas in the USA.

Seems like a strange old woman thinks that the horseshoes from a few racehorse farm are magical or something and that they bring money and good luck to people who hang them up.hoshoe

“I used to accumulate a pile of used shoes in my shop and at the end of every month a scrap metal company used to come and give me a a nice check for the scrap value,” said a prominent trotting racehorse blacksmith who refused to identify himself.

“A few hundred used and worn out shoes would get me a nice chunk of change, but now when the scrap metal guy comes, he’s out of luck. I rarely have any left.”

The blacksmith in question has no scrap shoes left because he gets weekly visits from “Lady” – an old woman who, for all intents and purposes looks like a homeless vagabond — but don’t judge a book by its cover.

“This shabby old lady comes and buys them from me and takes them to be blessed or something to give them to friends and needy people,” continued the blacksmith. Her car looks like it can’t even make it to the junkyard but she said she goes to another ‘special place’ that’s like 200 miles from here.”

Lady pays the blacksmiths for their shoes, but her real value seems to be that she can calm even the most fractious horses — something that can save a blacksmith from a lot of wasted time and extra effort and sometimes even serious injury.

“She only pays me about 10% of what I would usually from the scrap dealer but she’s really sweet and kind and you‘d have to be really cold to turn her down. She holds the horses for me when they act up. She pets them and talks to them in a language I never heard of — and they love it. She sweeps up for me and keeps the flies off the horses — and to be honest, I have no clue who she is. I don’t even know her name. She tells me to call her Lady so that’s what I call her.

“She has a very calming and magical influence on the animals. It’s kind of spooky actually, but I am starting to look forward to her visits. I figure she’s poor or crazy or just eccentric and even though I am losing a few bucks every month, this ’Lady’ might be saving my life.

“I shoe a lot of racehorses each day, but a few of them are outright nasty and dangerous. If Lady is around, those horse are calm and serene. It’s freaky. So I figure my life is worth more than a few hundred dollars a month. I try to schedule these nasty horse’s appointments around Lady’s visits.

“Racehorses usually get a new set of shoes every two weeks and Lady comes about once a week so it works out.”

We did our homework over here at The Damien Zone and we found out that the woman who calls herself “Lady” is actually a New Age prophet or something who goes by the name of La Reine des Fantomes — The Queen of the Ghosts. Is she for real?

Well…she really is actually poor, and it seems like she’s very sincere because she can’t really make much money off of the shoes she sells and she truly believes in their power once she has said about 100 prayers over them so at that rate she is making only a few dollars an hour. Also, she gives most of the shoes away to people she thinks deserve them.

“The trotting horse has magical powers to communicate with the dead and to bring good fortune to the earth around the people who own them. They are the horses who pull the chariots of angels, They have an energy that they impart into the earth with each step they take and a lot of that energy is stored in the shoes they wear. New horseshoes that have never been worn are useless and silly and should never be used for magic.” [La Reine des Fantomes, 19 June, 2013]

La Reine Ded Fantomes sells a shoe for about $8.00 but certain horses — one’s that she has ordained as “blessed” have shoes that are a bit more costly. Shoes from one specific horse (including a photo of the horse) can sell for as high as $200 or more but she says that she is often too tired to make sure she gets the shoes when they are taken off and she worries that her old camera frightens the horses.

She has no website. She has no phone number and she has no marketing gimmick. If you want to get one of these shoes, Write to me at Damien Direct Mail — that’s — and I’ll try to hook you up. This isn’t the craziest thing I’ve ever done and I bet it’s time consuming. I’ll try to set something up for La Reine des Fantomes.

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