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  1. Another phoney Liberal who agrees with Democrats to tax everyone to death. Yet he is scamming the system and not paying his fair share when of all people, he can afford it. Bruce Springstein another Liberal phoney has got the same farm land scam going. I would like to know how Bon Jovi got that land in an exclusive area rezoned to farm land? I challenge any normal person to try that.

  2. Damien,

    I worked with Monica Thors in the early 90’s, I have been in the harness racing game for twenty years, I left it 5 years ago when I retired my greatest horse Peaceful Way. When I heard of this abuse I was shocked, this is cruelty at its finest. I have witnessed some cruel acts in the sport, some people will go to extreme lengths to win. But this has nothing to do with winning, this is just cruel and this women should be punished. The pain of cutting a horses hoof to the quick is severe pain, over my twenty year career I have had my blacksmith trim at least a thousand horses, the pain from cutting into the quick is immense, I feel so sorry for what these horses had to go through and this women should be punished accordingly.

    David Tingley


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