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Julien Assange Sick? Snowden Finished? Who Cares What Ecuador Thinks Anyway?

Julien Assange, the internationally loathed purveyor of Wikileaks is getting ready to turn himself in to the authorities. The life of glamour and fame he had imagined for himself when he started spilling secrets about the American government with his infamous “WIKILEAKS” is literally closing in on him as he sweats out his day in the dilapidated 580 square feet provided for him by the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where he has sought asylum for over a year in a

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Edward Snowden’s Sexuality Issues. The Making of an American Misfit.

If they’d had video games and latops in the 1950s and early 1960s, Lee Harvey Oswald would have played them. He would have been a fixture on various message boards — perhaps even hailed as a champion. His social skills via Twitter or Facebook, however, would have been limited, and while he would have been known –perhaps mocked or admired — throughout his school and neighborhood, he wouldn’t have been conventionally popular. He would have acquired the kind of notoriety that

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Paula Deen — A Victim of her Own Stupidity and Reverse Racism

“Oh, Mammy. Please don’t tell me any more.” The character of Melanie Wilkes in GONE WITH THE WIND said that, and I’m repeating it now. What with the latest news gossip goin’ round ’bout dat that silver-haired and shameless air-brushed-for-magazine-covers TV hick chef Paula Deen and all dat? Why, she be done runnin’ round Atlanta sayin’ the devil’s words about colored folks like nobody’s business, and then they done tell that she be making these here preparations for her very

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The TRUTH about Edward Snowden and the CIA.

Remember that you read this on The Damien Zone first  — nobody else is saying this. Something is very fishy about the CIA whistle-blower guy Edward Snowden — in my mind, some of the stuff just isn’t adding up. Also, now that it looks like he might face charges of treason, why is the publisher of The Guardian so glib — talking about how he is going to slowly release the stuff he got from Snowden. When did the CIA turn

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CIA Whistleblower Edward Snowden is Mentally Sick — Maybe Even Insane.

Edward Snowden, the whistle-blower from the CIA who believes in his seriously damaged mind that he blew the lid off of a lot of secret stuff, is hiding out in Hong Kong with the hope that he can get asylum in Iceland — but he can’t do that. He would have had to be in Iceland to begin with to get that brand of asylum. What he can do, however, is seek refuge in the Icelandic embassy in Hong Kong, but he better hurry because

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BILL COSBY SPEECH — “I am 84 and tired” — FAKE — HOAX — NOT TRUE

DID YOU GET THIS FROM A FACEBOOK FRIEND AND THEN SHARE IT WITH ANOTHER and ANOTHER and Another and Another?  TheDamienZone.com knows that the Bill Cosby “I’m 84 and tired” thing is a HOAX!  HE NEVER SAID IT.  HE NEVER WROTE IT!  HE IS ANGRY THAT PEOPLE ARE DUMB ENOUGH TO BELIEVE IT. ANYWAY: There’s a statement from Bill Cosby floating around the pages of Facebook, and a lot of Facebookers are “sharing” it with each other. As of today there

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“Yes, believe it or not, you don’t have to be someone from the inner city who walks away from a broken window with a plasma TV to be a looter.” [Damien LeGallienne from TheDamienZone.com] REPRINTED in ENGLISH FROM FRENCH – BRUSSELS, BELGIUM.  31 May 2013.   New Jersey (USA) residents are up in arms because it seems to be taking forever for SOMEBODY to do SOMETHING about putting Humpty Dumpty back together again after the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy. The

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Who is Lois Lerner Covering Up For? IRS Scandal Getting Worse.

The arrogance of the Obama administration is a bottomless pit.  There is seemingly no shame or guilt or accountability, and for some strange reason, all the folks who surround President Obama in one way or another, are not held to any respectable standards. Case in point — Lois Lerner — The IRS  patsy who is obviously covering up for somebody but yet has enough balls to let that somebody know that he or she is treading on thin ice. It

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