Who is Lois Lerner Covering Up For? IRS Scandal Getting Worse.

loisThe arrogance of the Obama administration is a bottomless pit.  There is seemingly no shame or guilt or accountability, and for some strange reason, all the folks who surround President Obama in one way or another, are not held to any respectable standards.

Case in point — Lois Lerner — The IRS  patsy who is obviously covering up for somebody but yet has enough balls to let that somebody know that he or she is treading on thin ice.

It was a bold move to plead the 5th, but then manage to circumnavigate the whole point of that plea by announcing boldly that  “she” had not violated any laws, and that “she” was not involved in any attempt to make life miserable for Conservative political groups.

Then , this tough broad  has the balls to refuse resignation.  Can you imagine?  Why won’t she throw herself on the sword?  Is it possible that she isn’t lying and she’s not  going to lay down and die for someone who is lying– and she knows who that someone is?  Maybe she’s just a liar?  As Hillary Clinton would scream, “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE NOW!!!!”

Do you see the psychology in what Lois Lerner is doing?  She must know the name of the culprit or culprits, and she must know that the name or names are pretty high and mighty.  Maybe she thinks she is really good at her job — she’s dedicated and honest —  and she’s not going to let a lifetime of work and education go down the drain just so some scum bag can walk away with a clean record.

Maybe she is angry.  Maybe she is threatening to drop her beads and tell the investigative committee all she knows?  Maybe, by being a bitch about all of this, she is making a silent point — but it’s really not so silent.  According to the character of  Vera Donovan in the Steven King movie, “Dolores Claiborne” –  Sometimes you have to be a high riding bitch to survive — and I think that’s what Lois Lerner is being — a high ridin’ bitch.

Let’s face it, Lois Lerner knows something, and somebody is telling her not to tell her what she knows.  She also does not like being told to throw herself on the sword because she probably sees the guilty party as being a complete and inept moron whereas she views herself as better and smarter and more competent and more honorable  — the only person this could be is Eric Holder.  He is a complete idiot.  He is a moron. There is nobody in the history of Washington DC who has been dumber than this guy.  He is a slime and he’s stupid too.  What a great combination.

So, soon we will see what Lois Lerner really knows.  If “she” didn’t do anything wrong or illegal, she must know who did, or she must know how the whole thing went down.  If this were not the case, she would not not have taken the 5th and she would not have offered that pathetic “I didn’t do anything” disclaimer — the one that is going to either take her down — or somebody else.


2 thoughts on “Who is Lois Lerner Covering Up For? IRS Scandal Getting Worse.

  1. She is guilty and she knows it. She should go to prison, Lois Lerner knows that Obama is the final criminal in this cover up and would finally be inpeached and prosecuted if the truth came out. We have a facist government under obama. Also, I’m sure Eric Holder is involved in this as well as many other criminal activities. He like obama hates the US and is trying to bring it down. He like obama is a racist and hates white people.

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