BILL COSBY SPEECH — “I am 84 and tired” — FAKE — HOAX — NOT TRUE

Fake Bill Cosby Rant Gets the Real Bill Cosby UpsetDID YOU GET THIS FROM A FACEBOOK FRIEND AND THEN SHARE IT WITH ANOTHER and ANOTHER and Another and Another? knows that the Bill Cosby “I’m 84 and tired” thing is a HOAX!  HE NEVER SAID IT.  HE NEVER WROTE IT!  HE IS ANGRY THAT PEOPLE ARE DUMB ENOUGH TO BELIEVE IT.

ANYWAY: There’s a statement from Bill Cosby floating around the pages of Facebook, and a lot of Facebookers are “sharing” it with each other. As of today there are over 1.5 million shares which translates into whole lot of people seeing and reading Bill Cosby’s opinions. But there is a problem — THE STORY IS NOT TRUE! Bill Cosby never said it, and he’s even gone on the record saying that he never said it — not one word of it, and Bill Cosby issuied a statement on his website where he angrily addressed the fake story. 

If you are reading this page, it means that somebody either told you that the story was a hoax, or you were smart enough to investigate if it was true or untrue.  The Cosby “speech” or “rant” went on and on about the changes in society that are ruining the country — you know the speech because you wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t already read it.  The hoax was revealed by this Hollywood writer: who seems to have an interesting story to tell about it which will be printed on TheDamienZone on June 3, 2013. 


“If you got the BOGUS email, it’s time to hit DELETE!

There’s an email floating around — entitled “I’m 76 and tired” — purportedly sent by me. I did not write the email, I did not send the email, I’m not 76, and I don’t subscribe to the ugly views expressed in the email. We are coming up to an important anniversary on Sunday, which is a day when we should all come together. Whoever wrote this email is not thinking about our country, or what is important. If you get the email, it’s time to hit DELETE.’ [BILL COSBY]

One version of this message says Bill Cosby is 76 another say he’s 84.  Bill Cosby is not 84 if you can do the math here——–>(born on July 12, 1937). Obviously, this age thing should clue people in to the fakeness, and obviously he did not write this essay. AS a matter of fact, it’s not even an essay.

The person who made this statement was a retired United States Marine Captain, who made a speech — the entire text of which has been transcribed and attributed to Bill Cosby.  The speech was made during a High School graduation where the Captain spoke at his alma mater.

Prior to being falsely attributed to Bill Cosby, a variant of Hall’s post was incorrectly credited to actor Robert David Hall of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.  

A psychologist from Finland has studied this phenomenon — ATTRIBUTING FAKE QUOTES TO FAMOUS PEOPLE –and at one time his studies centered around the Bill Cosby “I am 84 and tired” thing that was going around via email and Facebook.  Psychiatrists are calling this “The Matthew Phenomenon” and has written several articles about this psyhological anomaly.  You can search this website for other examples of The Matthew Phenomenon.

Here’s Dr Raymond Tote-Tundy’s brief analysis.

“A very large percentage of people on Facebook are not very smart, and to them, Facebook is simply a very basic toy with which they can pass the uninspiring time that goes by so slowly in those of limited mind. 

I would compare these Facebook story-sharing people to toddlers who play with blocks or pots and pans.   The difference — for the purposes of this analogy — is that the child’s mind is developing and growing, but these unintelligent people of Facebook are quite the opposite.  They are sinking deeper into the mindless chambers of the limited brain that leads them to certain aspects of Facebook in the first place.  It’s a form of basket weaving or needlepoint.

In psychology, there are three ranges of mental limitation which in the English language are now used as insults to describe someone who is deemed to be either unintelligent, or silly or mindless.  These words are:  IDIOT, IMBECILE and MORON.

Ordinary people love to find hope and enrichment in quotes and stories they find to be inspiring and profound even if the quotes or stories are fake or forged or invented.  Naturally, the things common people like so much are seen as childish and simple to people of normal intelligence.  To the average Facebooker, however, the world of Facebook elevates him to a social level where he can function like an intellectual simply because he eventually seeks out his own kind.  With these new cyber friends he is the intellectual equal.  He hs found a world where he belongs.  It’s actually rather touching to watch, but be that as it may, the subject at hand is the Facebook sharing of the sub-intellect and how he is the deciding force that keeps Facebook churning and chugging along.   They are the “Simpletons Who Share” and we have studied them extensively.  People assume this is a joke because we use the word “simpleton” but Simpleton-ism is a very real, albeit old-fashioned, medical term. ” [Raymond Tote-Tundy, MD. PhD  Skylight Institute for Higher Learning.]


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