Paula Deen — A Victim of her Own Stupidity and Reverse Racism

paula“Oh, Mammy. Please don’t tell me any more.”

The character of Melanie Wilkes in GONE WITH THE WIND said that, and I’m repeating it now. What with the latest news gossip goin’ round ’bout dat that silver-haired and shameless air-brushed-for-magazine-covers TV hick chef Paula Deen and all dat? Why, she be done runnin’ round Atlanta sayin’ the devil’s words about colored folks like nobody’s business, and then they done tell that she be making these here preparations for her very own Slave Master’s Ball — complete will real life slaves. Well — it just ain’t fittin’, that’s all. It just ain’t fittin’ and I ain’t want to hear anymore. It like to turn my blood cold to think about what that women be sayin’ — it just ain’t fittin!

Yeah, so anyway, Simpleton, USA’s favorite TV yee-ha cook is in hot water — and like the Mafia guys in Baton Rouge say, “She’s swimming with the crawdads.”

Seems that this plus-sized Confederate said the N word –and why can’t we just use the actual word for the love of god — years ago and now she’s getting roasted faster than a suckling pig at a welder’s union family picnic.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s the thing.

There’s this chunky and silvery-looking chick on American TV who cooks good old southern USA style food, but alas — as is the case with everyone who gets famous in the United State of America — Miss Deen gone and rubbed somebody the wrong way down by the Swannee, and now everything she has ever done is being dismissed because she admitted to using the N-word back in another time, and she was too stupid to realize that a big dress up party using an Old Southern theme where the white guests dressed up regally while the black folks, working solely in service, dressed like slaves,  It wasn’t exactly keeping in step with today’s sensibilities.

Here’s how it all happened.

Paula Deen is a TV chef on the FOOD NETWORK and recently, a manager at Uncle Bubba Hiers Oyster and Seafood House, a Savannah, Georgia restaurant Deen owns with her brother Bubba Hiers, filed a sex and race discrimination suit against the restaurant. So, Paula Deen and her Bubba brother got hauled into court where Deen was bombarded by questions from the plaintiff’s lawyer about her use of the N word. When asked if she had ever used the word, Deen said that she had used the word in the past but it that was in another time in her life. Then somebody dredges up a half-baked story where Deen once was planning a fancy ball where the African Americans dressed as slaves — and now we have a politically correct mess.

Here is the truth:

The Executives at The Food Network – which is cancelling her show and her contract — are cowards and scoundrels. They knew what they were hiring when they hired Deen. They were hiring a woman who had grown up in the deep south at a time when “colored people” used different rest rooms and sat in the back of the bus. The Food Network hitched their money-grubbing wagon to an accident waiting to happen, yet they made sure to scoop a few hundred million dollars before the other shoe dropped.

Also, the fake American press is making this into a public lynching because in the American media one cannot mention the truth about the American Civil War.  Yes, there are still some cultural divides, but these issues are, for the most part, fading away rapidly.

One cannot speak about the old South in any endearing way because the morons who run the elite media, pretend to care about black sensibilities. They treat African Americans like trained seals, whereas people like Paula Deen see them as human beings who used to be treated differently.  IT’S A CULTURAL THING!  PAULA DEEN IS NOT AN OVERT RACIST!  HOW FRIGGING HARD IS THAT TO UNDERSTAND?  You don’t have to go into detail about the horrors and injustices.  It’s enough to know, in this case, that black people used to be treated much differently fifty years ago than they are today — end of story.

You might ask how educated journalists can be so dumb and create this whole drama where they practically have Paula Deen running a slave auction, but the truth is that these journalists and bloggers and TV talking heads are not dumb. They are sanctimonious fakes and frauds of the highest order who live in a delusional state — and they need stories. They are mentally sick people who try to ignore the fact that anything good could have ever come from the south prior to 1861. It’s a big fat lie. They refuse to grasp the fact that people who lived over 150 years ago were different people — they had a totally different frame of reference. It’s something New Yawk and “Lost” Angeles media scums pretend to not understand.  So, in that respect, yes, they are stupid.

So Deen — an idiot for not just paying off this disgruntled worker who filed the suit and is probably a liar in my opinion — says a few things that these lynch mobs in the press love to put in the headlines. It’s sickening. This is a disgrace, and moreover, it’s a huge insult to black Americans.

Why is this dopey situation is even news?  Well, you will have your Reverend, Doctor, Professor Jessie Jackson – (a complete low-life) and Al Sharpton (functionally retarded)  leading them into the race card trap. Standing beside petrified Food Network executives and cretins like Matt Lauer and Katie Couric and all the rest of the usual scum bags, they will talk down to other African Americans about Deen and how she must be a “cracker” of the highest order — and POOF — that will be the end of a fat dopey lady who used to cook stupid southern food on a stupid food show that is only watched by stupid people.

So — if anybody ever asks you if you have ever used the N word — even if you’re a rapper from Detroit — you have to say no!

And as for the United States of America? “Oh, Mammy. They have lost their minds.”

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