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Piano Player in Washington Square Park Brings Springtime to New York.

9, April 2013-NEW YORK — Washington Square Park and its somewhat miniature version of Paris’ Arc de Triumphe grand entrance walkway has long been the loitering ballroom for New York City’s young and hip and artistic crowd.  For over a century, artists, clowns, mimes, musicians with tin cups, dancers, singers — all kinds of entertainers — have performed or have enjoyed the performances here.  Break dancing and even rap music first came to the public eye in mainstream America when street perfromers introduced

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Adam Carolla Plastic Surgery? Adam Carolla Facelift?

Comic Adam Carolla who now works as a news reporter and pundit for Bill O’reilly on THE O’REILLY FACTOR — a FOX NEWS opinion and editiorial show, has obviously had a lot of plastic surgery.  His face is stretched and pulled and his eyes can barely open — and some viewers are so shcoked that some believe that the person who comes on the air and calls himself Adam Carolla is actually an imppostor. “Adam seems to have had a huge

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What Are Bob Ross Paintings Worth? A Bob Ross Painting Sold in Aspen for $2 MILLION.

What Are Bob Ross Paintings Worth? A Bob Ross Painting Sold in Aspen for $2 MILLION. Bob Ross, the fluffy-headed and soft-spoken TV painter who taught a generation of people how to paint with his TV show, “The Joy Of Painting” would have been 76 years old now if he were still alive.  Sadly the gentle guy who was hated by art “experts” for quickly drawing and painting “happy little farm houses” surrounded by “old and grouchy trees” went to the

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Mario Lopez Plastic Surgery? You be the judge.

Recent photographs have surfaced that seem to suggest that “Saved By The Bell’s”  Mario Lopez may have had his youthful good looks saved by the plastic surgeon.  In two recent photos, it is easy to see where Mario Lopez may have had significant work done on his face.  His eyes were getting aged as was his overall face, but suddenly he is back to looking like a teenager.  Maybe it’s fatherhood — or maybe it’s something else. Here are some closer pictures

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The Dangers of GRINDR. “Grindr is spreading diseases like meningitis.”

Back in the 1970s and early 1980s, promiscuous gay men knew how to find each other.  In many cases they used to get together for sex at gay bathhouses, or perhaps they’d meet up at respectable bars and their not-so-respectable  “back rooms.”   First — the symptoms of meningitis are here.  Read them.  It’s easy and not scary.  Describe Meningitis Symtoms.  Gay men who wanted sex and only sex often lurked in the wooded areas of city parks and in

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Bill O’reilly Jumps The Shark. Bill O’reilly Attacks Laura Ingraham. Is Bill O’reilly Losing His Mind?

“He was worse than a bully.  He was an angry and rude child.  It was painful to watch.  I would say, that Bill O’reilly is doing what people now refer to as ‘jumping the shark’ and now is a good time for another network to challenge him.  He knew that “bible thumping’ was a deragatory expression, but he would not back down.  He held his breath until he turned blue.  It’s his ball and his bat and his backyard and

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Prepared for TheDamienZone by: Geri Palumbo of Winter Garden, Florida, USA. So you are planning a trip on Royal Caribbean’s “LIBERTY OF THE SEAS” and you’d like to know how the ship is — well you have come to the right place. The ship is the same as all ships except it’s bigger.  Think of any ship you have ever been on and make it bigger and there you go. There is really nothing special about it.  Same kind of

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Winner of the POWERBALL JACKPOT is a Dominican guy who lives in Passaic ,NJ

A 44-year-old immigrant from the Dominican Republic is the winner of a $338 million Powerball lottery jackpot.  Naturally the lottery is a game of chance and anyone can win, but do we really need a guy from a banana republic to suddenly be walking around with $200 million in his hands — especially when he was given the numbers in a dream from a vicious monster who hides in the forests of Spanish-speaking countries?  Yes, it’s true.  The winner says

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