Adam Carolla Plastic Surgery? Adam Carolla Facelift?

adam 1Comic Adam Carolla who now works as a news reporter and pundit for Bill O’reilly on THE O’REILLY FACTOR — a FOX NEWS opinion and editiorial show, has obviously had a lot of plastic surgery.  His face is stretched and pulled and his eyes can barely open — and some viewers are so shcoked that some believe that the person who comes on the air and calls himself Adam Carolla is actually an imppostor.

“Adam seems to have had a huge amount of plastic surgery now that he is a Fox News pundit,” said famous Swiss plastic surgeon Dr. Dean Traherne.

“He seems to have had a brow life, a facelift and what is commonly known as an eye job.  He is hardly recognizeable as the guy who used to be the cohost of THE MAN SHOW  on Comedy Central with his more famous cousin, late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

“You can see that Adam Carolla has had a lot of plastic surgery and a lot of it was bad.  Most of the surgery was done around his cheeks and eyes and there also seems to have beenan ample amount of facial bleaching and lightening of his skin.  He originally had an olive complexion but now he is chalk white.  This could have been done with cosmetic bleaching or it could be the result of laser or chemical peels that left his face hypo-pigmented or lacking in pigment.”143771761BB096_Celebrity_Ap


THE was shocked to see Adam Carolla on The O’reilly Factor and we think he looks like he has had way too much plastic surgery.  He was not an attractive guy to begin with, and now he is just plain frightening.  He’s also not really funny and how he got famous is anybody’s guess.



2 thoughts on “Adam Carolla Plastic Surgery? Adam Carolla Facelift?

  1. Adam Carrola looks like he is in a perpetual state of surprise. And Jimmy Kimmel now has the waistline of a teenage girl. What happened to the guys who hosted “The Man Show”?

  2. watching that stupid Catch a Contractor show, and his eyes are distracting. they used to be squinty, skeptical, and genuine. Now they look bizarre, like Heaven’s Gate Applewhite bizarre. I guess the look he asked for was Faux News Chic(bitch)…whatever, Joe Rogan and Doug Stanhope were better hosts anyway…even if the Juggies did take a decidedly darker turn…

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