Swiss Banker Helps Wikileaks – Can you trust the Swiss?

They may be neutral, but you can’t trust the Swiss.  Don’t think so  — just look at all the Jewish loot they hid for 60 years.  Neutral my foot!

A Swiss banker who claims to have handed WikiLeaks details of rich tax cheats acknowledged Wednesday that he made mistakes in his effort to expose the world of offshore tax evasion.

Minutes before he was found guilty of coercion and breaking Switzerland’s strict bank secrecy laws, Rudolf Elmer said his nine-year campaign against former employer Bank Julius Baer was marred by missteps.  In plain Englishm he was a sucker who thought he was getting even with his boss, but in reality Julian Assange couldn’tgive two shits about him.  He’s a frigging loser and a sucker.

“I made big mistakes, I admit that,” he told reporters. “I wouldn’t say I’m a hero, but also not that I’m a traitor.”

Zurich prosecutors alleged that Elmer stole client data after being fired from his job at the Cayman Islands branch of Julius Baer, and then tried to extort money from the Swiss-based bank and its senior executives. Elmer, 55, claims he was being persecuted by the bank.

“I wouldn’t say it was revenge, but I defended myself,” he told reporters. “That’s human nature.”

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