Bill O’reilly Jumps The Shark. Bill O’reilly Attacks Laura Ingraham. Is Bill O’reilly Losing His Mind?

“He was worse than a bully.  He was an angry and rude child.  It was painful to watch.  I would say, that Bill O’reilly is doing what people now refer to as ‘jumping the shark’ and now is a good time for another network to challenge him.  He knew that “bible thumping’ was a deragatory expression, but he would not back down.  He held his breath until he turned blue.  It’s his ball and his bat and his backyard and you either play by his rules or he beats you up.” [Dr. Henry Jones MD PhD.]orelly


Bill O’reilly, the host of “THE FACTOR”  – Fox News’ huge ratings scooper, is going off the deep end.  Some think that Bill O’reilly might even be having a meltdown of epic proportions or that perhaps he is mentally ill.  We here at TheDamienZone can’t say for certain what’s wrong with Bill O’reilly, but he certainly seems like he’s losing his mind, and there is no doubt that the “O’Reilly Factor” and Bill himself, are in the process of jumping the shark.

“Bill O’reilly certainly seems to have issues of anger managment and he is having more and more frequent episodes of stridently rude and menacing pomposity,” said Dr. Henry Jones MD PhD, of the Tideater Arms Institute for Psychiatric Media Study.

“His recent outburst where he repeatedly pointed and menaced liberal pundit Alan Colmes — calling him a liar and snarling at him angrily —  came off as a near breakdown of fundamental adult logic and basic social skills. 

“Bill didn’t like what he was hearing, or perhaps he disagreed, with the way Colmes was responding, but his reaction towards Colmes was boardering on psychotic.  I think it was at that very moment when something about Bill O’Reilly’s demeanor started to rub even his most ardent supporters — and perhaps even his employer — the wrong way. 

“He was worse than a bully.  He was an angry and rude child.  It was painful to watch.  I would say, that Bill O’reilly is doing what people now refer to as ‘jumping the shark’ and now is a good time for another network to challenge him.”

It’s true that O’reilly has always had a habit of interrupting his guests with the disclaimer that he “will give them the last word,” but lately he hasn’t held to that promise, and even if he did, it’s often too late. There is no doubt that problems with Bill O’reilly’s ego and problems in his personal life are taking their toll on him.  He’s losing it — big time.

laura 22222In last night’s version of “The Factor”, it appeared to TheDamienZone that Conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham was about to walk off the show because of Bill’s outrageously cruel attacks against her.  Miss Ingraham only got to say a few words before O’reilly came down on her hard and furious.  How Laura Ingraham kept her cool and didn’t tell O’reilly to go **** himself, is testament to Ingraham’s professionalism.

Ironically, the question that Laura Ingraham was trying to answer followed talking points where Bill was expressing his opinion that Liberals are inventing tensions within the Conservative Community, but it was the expression ‘bible thumpers’ comment with regards to a gay marriage piece that sent Bill in a tailspin when Laura Ingraham suggested that perhaps it was too incendiary a phrase to use.

Laura Ingraham disagreed with Bill O’reilly’s use of the expression “bible thumping” and since that was the very first thing to which she took issue, she was attacked from there on in.

She had to bury her head in her hands and smile with the disclaimer, “Bill, you know I love you to death but…”  Of course Laura Ingraham does not love Bill O’reilly to death, and in fact her body language suggested that she’s just about had enough of him.  It’s easy to tell when somebody is sick of another person, and in this case it was obvious that Laura Ingraham was either sick of Bill O’reilly or she felt sorry for him.  But — why would she feel sorry for him?

Well, for one thing,  Bill O’reilly is going through a vicious child custody battle with his ex-wife whom he divorced in 2010, and if one believes the tabloids — which always seem to be right — Bill has been so vicious in that custody battle, that heads are turning and some people in his own circle are starting to look at Bill O’reilly as a sicko.  Is it possible that the anger in his personal life is leeching into his professional life?  Nah — he was always angry and testy and petty — right?

O’reilly even dragged in the Catholic Church into his divorce anger — and some insiders claim that the church on Long Island is, in a sense, on O’reilly’s payroll.  According to one tabloid, Bill contacted the local Bishop and had his ex-wife blackballed from taking communion at her Catholic church.  That’s pretty low down.  It sounds likes something a crazy person would do.

“Bill “O’reilly is on the verge of insanity,” continued Dr. Henry Jones.  “Something has pushed him far too close to the edge.  Recently his maniacal ego got a big boost owing to the fact that MSNBC’s “THE ED SHOW” had been cancelled — making it the 5th time MSNBC has had to cancel a show they put up against ‘The O’reilly Factor.’  It matters not to Bill O’reilly that Ed Shutlz was grossly untalented and misplaced on big time cable TV, once the announcement was made that Ed Shultz was being put on the weekend back burner, all hell broke lose in what’s left of Bill O’reilly’s brain.  He thinks he is invincible and his recent attacks and tirades against Luara Ingraham and Alan Colmes are more than ample testament to prove my opinions are factual.”

In a sense, Bill O’reilly is starting to become a reverse image of the iconic character of Howard Beal from the Paddy Chayefsky screenplay for the Academy Award winning film “Network” which exposed the network news industry’s lust for ratings back when it was released in 1976.  It could very well be true that Bill O’reilly is…”mad as hell” and he’s “not going to take it anymore.”

The other subliminal truth here is that Laura Ingraham is a much better Fox News host/pundit than O’reilly, and the more likeable breast cancer survivor often substitutes for Bill O’reilly on the many nights he takes off.

Laura Ingraham does a better job without all the O’reilly lunacy, and she’s more informed.  She’s much more glib and admirably witty when she dismisses a question-dodging guest.  O’reilly just gets angry or cuts them off. thinks that Bill O’Reilly secretly dislikes Ingraham because he knows she is the better broadcaster.  Her nationally syndicated radio show hasn’t failed — but O’reilly’s did.

Bill O’reilly knows that Laura Ingraham is his last stumbling block to cable news domination.  MSNBC could very well do a 180 and put her on as their own Conservative voice — and they could put her up against O’reilly — but Ingraham is in this for the money and the money can only be found at FOX NEWS.  O’reilly knows this so he lords over his only threat.  If another cable news channel put Ingraham up against O’reilly, his ratings would plummet — and he knows it.

Yes, Bill O’reilly has officially jumped the shark.  It’s only a matter of time.  He either needs to come clean with his anger management issues or he must get off the air.  It is painful and sad to watch.


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