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Frank Luntz Wins Worst Toupee, Wig, Hairpiece Of The Year!

” He should be issued a ticket for the wig he wore to the Republican debate in Iowa last night.  That looked like a head on collision between “Family Guy’s” Peter Griffith and Elton John.””     Benjamin Switchy – Wig Analysis of The World Co. Republican strategist and pollster and Fox News contributor,  Frank Luntz, is beaming today — or at least his hair is, because the Wig Analysis Of The World Co – (WATW) – has voted his toupee and overall look

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FACEBOOK IS DOWN and why — AUGUST 11, 2011 —

Facebook is down — if you are trying to sign on today August 11, 2011 — you are shit outta luck.  I wonder of those hackers in Europe who said they were going to take down Facebook today finally succeeded?   So there is nothing wrong with your computer — Facebook ain’t a-working.

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YAHOO SUCKS. Every Video Story Has A Commercial.

YAHOO.COM SUCKS!  THEY TRICK YOU INTO WATCHING COMMERCIALS. There is a reason why YAHOO is going down the internet drain – it’s desperate and deceitful — and the content sucks — but most of all, the dinosaur that is Yahoo uses a bait and switch technique to get you to watch and read their news stories. You are already patronizing Yahoo by being on a Yahoo homepage, right?  So you see a really cool video of something that interests you

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Peacock Escapes From Manhattan Zoo. DON’T TOUCH THAT COCK!

A Peacock escaped from The Bronx Zoo today and took up residence on  the window ledges of Manhattan high-rises.    Despite the bird’s beauty, the residents of the posh apartments were not too pleased. “The peacock shit all over my window ledge,” said Lily Feldmennst, 88.  I don’t pay $12,000 a month to look at birdshit on my windowsill.  I usually would get the colored lady to clean it but she is afraid of the bird.   Do I look like a fakata birdshit

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Casey Anthony Gets Breast Reduction? Becoming A Man?

Rumours are flying around that Casey Anthony, the oddly-breasted Mother-Of-The-Year, has had a breast reduction so as to make her less recognizable because she might be hiding in plain sight, according to people who know these kinds of things.  But the strangest theory so far is that the breast reduction may be just one part of a plan to transform Casey Anthony into a man! “I heard that she was going to work on a logging farm in Montana,” said

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Bigfoot Sightings All Over Northern New Jersey?

THIS IS A TRUNCATED REPORT FROM THE BIGFOOT WATCH ASSOCIATION OF CRYPTOZOOLOGISTS.  THE ENTIRE REPORT IN STORY FORM WILL BE RELEASED AS SOON AS CURRENT REPORTS ARE BEING PROCESSED. HIGH POINT STATE PARK, NJ. — Bigfoot is getting a lot of press these days but nowhere is he more in the spotlight than in South Eastern New York, Northwestern  New Jersey and parts of Northeast Pennsylvania. Recent sightings of a bigfoot-like creature have been reported in the area near High

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YOUR FREE POWERBALL HOROSCOPE AND LUCKY NUMBERS. -JUNE 17, 2017 Aries – March 21 – April 20  — You are looking at a new home.  The one you like may need more repairs than the ones that are obvious, but do your homework and go with the numbers and not your heart.  Lucky Numbers: 42 47 18 22 38 10 ASTROLOGICAL ALIGNMENT NUMBERS PICKS HERE for April 2007 — DeRenzatto’s bio link. Taurus – April 21 – May 21  — Somebody in your

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When you watch a TV show or a movie there is always a disclaimer — especially in film — where they say, “NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED IN THE PRODUCTION OF THIS MOVIE.”   Seems, however that reality shows are ignoring this rule and there might be some legal-loophole shenanigans going on — somebody oughta look into it. It started with the ever-pompous PBS and their TV reality show (they didn’t like to call it that at PBS) Prairie Life — or

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