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Nyasha, The Black Girl On The A-List – New York Is Really A Shrunken Head!

“It amazes me that the producers of the Logo Channel show The A-List New York did not realize that the new cast member, a woman claiming to be Nyasha, was really a deranged shrunken head from the jungles of Brazil.  Of course she had on a dress and some makeup, but all you had to do was look at her and know that she was a shrunken head.  It was a horrifying close-call, and could have easily proven deadly.”  [Dr.

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UNFUNNY Ricky Gervais — Anti-Christian? — Afraid of Muslims?

“In my opinion, Ricky Gervais is typical of a person with a misfit personality disorder.  Normally a person like this resorts to fitting in by being the class clown or the life of the party, but sadly, in the case of Ricky Gervais, he is unable to be funny or clownish — he is just probably sick.  It’s actually sad because people like Gervais can’t be helped. [Benjamin Switchy MD.  American Physiological Society For The Study of Misfits and Outcasts.  Beemerville, New

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Ronnie and The Situation Fight !!! But Is It Really Gay Love?

“They fight like lovers and I have seen enough lover’s quarrels to know one when I see one.  These two macho Guidos are gay lovers and society should leave them alone so they can stop venting their frustrations out on each other.”   Dean Traherne PhD, University of California, Burke-Lee, Department of Gay History and Culture. According to “Jersey Shore” insiders, Ronnie beat the living shit out of Mike The Situation with only a few moments to do it before MTV

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Stephanie Abrams Weather Channel — SUCKS! Hurricane Irene Is Over-Hyped.

The world of weather forecasting now has an officially sickening on-air spokes person and her name is Stephanie Abrams.   This wide-hipped, loud-mouth, Casey Anthony boobed, dope has planted herself next to Al Roker and has made watching the Weather Channel’s coverage of  Hurricane Irene virtually unwatchable.  It’s bad enough that she is standing next to America’s most famous melted Hershey bar and severely imploded campfire-Smore-weatherman, Al Roker, but she is so frigging obnoxious that I am wishing that the hurricane sweeps

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Slain Navy Seal’s Dog Mourns Beneath His Master’s Casket.

A gripping photo of slain Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson’s faithful Labrador retriever lying next to the Iowa native’s flag-draped coffin last week in Iowa launched an Internet frenzy and international media coverage. On Thursday, a Google search found 177,000 hits related to the photo, including ABC News, the Daily Mirror in the United Kingdom and Huffington Post. The Des Moines Register’s story about the funeral, which mentioned Hawkeye, was still among the most popular stories on DesMoinesRegister.com six days after

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Hurricane Sandy In New Jersey? What Do I Do?

See the two photos?  One is the path that Hurricane Irene took — but have a look at Sandy.  It doesn’t look good for New Jersey.  What can you do? Here are a few suggestions. As Hurricane Sandy ——-> approaches, the time for all of us to prepare for a worst case scenario is now.  But don’t run to the Stop And Shop and take every single bottle of water — take what you will need so that everyone gets a

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Bald TV Chef Lidia Bastianich — Slave Master? Slavery?

“Lidia Bastianich made me her slave,” a former employee claims in a sizzling, $5 million lawsuit against the beloved celebrity chef. The  grandmotherly restaurateur who suffers from male pattern baldness, promised culinary fame and fortune, to plaintiff Maria Carmela Farina charges the lawsuit.  Allegedly, the fat bald Lidia delivered nothing except a zero-pay job as a 24-hour-a-day home attendant, for which she had to hoist the chef’s 100-year-old, obese and feces covered neighbor on and off a toilet in College Point,

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Frank Luntz Wins Worst Toupee, Wig, Hairpiece Of The Year!

” He should be issued a ticket for the wig he wore to the Republican debate in Iowa last night.  That looked like a head on collision between “Family Guy’s” Peter Griffith and Elton John.””     Benjamin Switchy – Wig Analysis of The World Co. Republican strategist and pollster and Fox News contributor,  Frank Luntz, is beaming today — or at least his hair is, because the Wig Analysis Of The World Co – (WATW) – has voted his toupee and overall look

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