When you watch a TV show or a movie there is always a disclaimer — especially in film — where they say, “NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED IN THE PRODUCTION OF THIS MOVIE.”  

Seems, however that reality shows are ignoring this rule and there might be some legal-loophole shenanigans going on — somebody oughta look into it.

It started with the ever-pompous PBS and their TV reality show (they didn’t like to call it that at PBS) Prairie Life — or something like that. 

In that dopey show, a family goes out to live as though it was the late 19th century.  The unhappy looking kids butcher hogs and chickens to eat — isn’t this animal cruelty?   It matters not that the animals would have been butchered anyway, the fact remains that they were killed for entertainment purposes.  Why doesn’t anybody see this?  Why do shows like Survivor and Fear Factor get away with animal cruelty. 

On these shows for the dim-witted viewer, people eat live fish and live beetles and live worms, but for some reason that doesn’t qualify as animal cruelty.  It makes no sense because these are TV shows and everything on the show is done to entertain an audience and make money for some production company.  How do they get around this?  Are the people who watch this crap too stupid to see it for what it is and therefore the animal cruelty slips through the cracks?

I am going to get a lawyer to look into this and perhaps file a class action lawsuit.  If you are a lawyer or know the law about this kind of thing, comment on the comment page and let us know what you know. 

Last week on Hardcore Pawn, the worst show in the history of television, a woman brought in giant tropical cockroaches and at the urging of Les Gold, the scum of the earth who runs the Hardcore Pawnshop, she fed a living and obviously panicked roach to a snake — and all the scums giggled. 

Now I know I will get letters from fuktards who will say things like, “It’s a f**king roach,” or “Do you feel ilke this when you eat a piece of chicken.”   People who write me letters like that are morons  — simpletons at best.    I dismiss the letters unless they are worth mocking.

Please, if you have anything supportive to say, comment on this and help me.  Even if you’re going to say something that disagrees with me you will be helping because your opinion will fuel more comments.




  1. I agree with you completely! People are just stupid. Because it is an insect it has no feels and no life,, who cares people say. Fear Factor and other shows like it need to be stopped!

  2. I agree too. It goes without saying that only a MORON feels like a big shot for abusing an innocent defenseless animal. I have an idea for a reality show. Let’s feed idiot animal abusers to hungry lions! The ratings would be HUGE for that one. Anybody buyin’?

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