FACEBOOK IS DOWN and why — AUGUST 11, 2011 —

Facebook is down — if you are trying to sign on today August 11, 2011 — you are shit outta luck.  I wonder of those hackers in Europe who said they were going to take down Facebook today finally succeeded?   So there is nothing wrong with your computer — Facebook ain’t a-working.

5 thoughts on “FACEBOOK IS DOWN and why — AUGUST 11, 2011 —

  1. it,s only certain things that seem to be troublesome. mssging, snding pictures or posting videos.

  2. Most reports we get are that people can’t sign on at all — that’s why we put out this BREAKING NEWS! It’s more important than anything that has ever happened in history. Do you know, Tazz, that some people can’t shit in the morning unless they have their Facebook? With my grandfather it used to be his newspaper — Times have changed.

  3. This might squelch the theory that Facebook would put claims that they were “Anonymous” in this case and show how impervious their network is to breach, possibly raising their stock…..then again the nerd tards probably did this to themselves, fucking it guys ZERO personality, generally speaking…

  4. It’s only my phone app that is down.. has been down since last night.. Will not refresh feeds. If I use the browser on my phone it works though. It’s very annoying…..

  5. What’s even more annoying, Susie, is that nobody cares that my grandfather could not shit if he didn’t have his morning paper.

    Damien (French spelling) Damian (British spelling) Damion (Retarded spelling)

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