Bigfoot Sightings All Over Northern New Jersey?


HIGH POINT STATE PARK, NJ. — Bigfoot is getting a lot of press these days but nowhere is he more in the spotlight than in South Eastern New York, Northwestern  New Jersey and parts of Northeast Pennsylvania.

Recent sightings of a bigfoot-like creature have been reported in the area near High Point State Park — an area in New Jersey where New York, Pennsylvania and New York form an awkward three way border created by the meandering Delaware River.

“We have had reports of a Bigfoot type creature in the three-state border area,” said Dr. Benjamin Switchy, a cryptozoologist who along with his partner Sheldon Hartunis PhD, have set up a full scale Bigfoot watch in the area.

“Several hikers and bird watchers have come upon a creature they describe simply as a smelly ape that walks upright and seems to have no fear of them.  The average estimate puts this creature at nearly 8-feet tall and built like a Sumo wrestler.  So far we have six reports and in each case the witness had ample time to totally recall what they saw.”

One of those witnesses was Dr. Arr Carcola, 31,  a Finnish tourist and veterinarian who came to the area to fish on the Delaware river where he knows his ancestors fished and trapped fur over a century ago.

“My great-great grandfather was a shad fisherman and a mink farmer on the Delaware before he emigrated to Finland in 1908,”  recounted Carcola.  “I came to see the Delaware Water Gap that I had seen in ancient family photographs.  I trekked and camped all the way from the gap to the furthest western border of New Jersey and along the way, the area of High Point State Park my wife and I saw Bigfoot.  I say that plainly because I know that I saw Bigfoot.  I did not see a bear or a man in a Bigfoot suit.  I work in the Helsinki Zoo as a veterinarian and I know a wild animal when I see and smell one.”

According to Dr. Carcola, the Bigfoot wasn’t the least skittish or fearful of him.

“I was walking towards the High Point Monument that marks the highest point in New Jersey, and I just came upon him.  The smell was terrible.  My first reaction was to run but he seemed quiet and for a moment I thought he might be sick or hurt, but then he quickly ran away.  In a few minutes he returned.  My wife was very frightened and she fainted.  I don’t like to take my wife on outdoor adventures because she is very fearful and she slows me down, but this time I am glad she was there to witness this.   I took a picture with my phone but I forgot to hit “save” and the photo is lost forever.”

Dr. Carcolawas not alone because several people in the area reported the same thing.  One hiker reported a smaller Bigfoot traveling with a baby Bigfoot clinging to her back.

“I was on a hiking trail not far from High Point and I saw some splashing in a puddle behind a tree,” said Mildred Sclafani, a wedding planner and outdoor enthusiast from Suffern, NY.

“Bigfoot sightings are out of control in the Catskills where I live in the foothills, so when I saw the splashing and I smelled that horrible smell I had an idea in the back of my mind that this might be Bigfoot.  Of course I really just assumed it was a bear and I backed off, but then the creature came out into the clear  it was a Bigfoot.”

Just like Dr, Carcola, Sclafani was never in doubt.

“I know I saw Bigfoot because it stood in front of me for at least three minutes.  It was like a gorilla with a more human face.  the nose and cheeks were pink and the creature had breasts like a female gorilla.  I know what I saw.  When she turned to walk away I saw that she was carrying a baby Bigfoot on her back.  It was about the size of a six-year-old child.  The mother was about 7 feet or a bit taller.  The smell was the worst smell I have ever smelled.  I did not run away because I have a knee replacement and I knew that if I got chased, I would be no match for her.  I also know that nobody has ever been killed by a Bigfoot so I stood my ground.  Had I known at first that there was a baby Bigfoot on her back I might have run.  I’m glad i didn’t see that until after she ambled away.”

Drs. Switchy and Hartunis have also interviewed several birdwatchers who saw the creature eating a deer carcass by the side of the road.

“It seems that they (Bigfoot) are eating road-kill,” said Dr. Switchy from his home in Sparkhill, NY, USA.

“Road-kill is easy and after nearly a year of heavy Bigfoot sightings in the area, it’s becoming apparent that these creatures have no fear of humans at all.

“They seem to avoid human contact in the Pacific Northwest but in New York and New Jersey they seem to have no fear at all.  These latest bigfoots seems to be moving down from areas of home construction in the Catskill region of New York and eventually they will reach areas of home construction in Northern New Jersey.   This could prevent a problem if they find themselves trapped between human communities.  In that case we hope they would move westard.  We estimate now that we are looking at a population of somewhere between 75 and 100 Bigfoots.”

New Jersey has had it’s share of knocks over the years, but if t he first real Bigfoot film and authetication comes from New Jersey it could make New Jersey a state people will go ape over like they did back in the 19th century.

8 thoughts on “Bigfoot Sightings All Over Northern New Jersey?

  1. Please, groups of 75-100 members and not one physical sign. I have lived full time on the north shore of Lake Tahoe for over two decades and bears are everywhere. Estimates in our area are less than the number of bigfoot numbers listed. One thing that is always evident is the amount of “scat” from the bear population. Since the mass of the 7-8 foot bigfoot would be considerably larger one logically asks, “where is all the bigfoot scat”? There are ” footprints” and “sightings” all across the nation, but not ONE sample of any evidence of either scat, hair, teeth or bones. Those of us that hike the many trails here come across “scat” not only from bears but also deer, bobcats and raccoons. Since many human trails use segments of animal trails as well.
    Its no surprise that an individual who’s belief system includes these creatures will assume anything seen is a bigfoot. Such is the nature of the human mind trying to find an answer. Even more laughable is his statement “I took a picture with my phone but I forgot to hit “save” and the photo is lost forever.” Most phones automatically save the picture and wait for selection if the user desires to email or delete the last picture. How convenient for him the picture was lost.
    There is an axiom that states this issue clearly; “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” which was popularized by Carl Sagan (1934 – 1996). Where is one single piece of tangible evidence that these creatures exist? Until then its all wishful thinking among a group of “willing to believe” people.
    Louis Russell, Ph.D.

  2. I think, Lou, that they have Bigfoot Port-O-Potties set up in NJ and that’s why you don’t find their poop or scat. It seems to me that you like to say the word “scat” a little too much — but be that as it may, in New Jersey that kind of Port-O-Pottie stuff is run by the mob. So if Bigfoot needs to take a dump, the mob has already muscled in on it. Sometimes, Lou, even a Ph.D. can’t buy you that kind of inside scoop… to speak.


  3. I think the Bigfoot is the Russian dude shot in the head who escaped in the Sopranos episode “Pine Barrens”.

  4. was it over when the germans bombed pearl harbor…….nothing is over until we decide it is…..lets ask john belushi what he thinks

  5. 5 sightings of wild PUMAS, have been reported from within the boundaries of the Delaware Water Gap National Refuge along the upper Delaware River since November 30, 2014. We have NO IDEA, why the sudden surge began, except to say, 3 of the reports came from tourists with the remaining 2, by local citizens. If anyone has additional data on this subject, regarding additional sightings, please contact us at

  6. Sasquatch are far smarter and stealthier than you may think. They bury their dead, are wary of leaving any physical signs, (foot prints) and are mostly nocturnal. Just as the lowland Gorilla was discovered only 90 years ago, they are real. Head 50 miles north of Anchorage Alaska, go into any local bar and proclaim Sasquatch are not real. You my friends will have real outdoorsmen telling you otherwise. 4K people vanished from the triangle last year without a trace and that isn’t just from bear, wolves and mountain lions. BTW AR 15’s don’t cut the mustard either. .338 Win Mag for 1000 lb Skookums.

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