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How to make a Billion dollars off of Marilyn Monroe’s dead body.

Wanna make a half a billion dollars? First, get a Doctor of Divinity Degree online.  It’s better to also get a PhD in anthropology too, but who has the time for that? Okay, then create your own church and declare Marilyn Monroe a prophet in your church. Then buy the rites to Marilyn Monroe’s remains, $2 million oughta do it because the current people who have the rights to her “image” are money hungry scum bags. Then, exhume whatever is left of

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Facebook story: Woman Complains About Sitting Next to Black man on airplane — HOAX! FAKE! NEVER HAPPENED!

Still another fake story floating around Facebook — something that NEVER happened and is a complete lie and a hoax and whatever else you want to call the retarded shit people  post on Facebook. They live only to “share”  their maudlin and silly crap. The fake story is accompanied by the photo of a flight attendant standing in the aisle of a jetliner — it’s just a stock photo that somebody STOLE to invent a fake story that seems inspirational when in

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Korea’s Kim Jong Un Gets Pec Implant Operation and “Brooklyn Fade” Haircut.

North Korea, the country with no electric lights, and run by the lumpy and frumpy heir Kim Jong Un, its supreme leader, annnounced at a huge rally on Thursday in Pyongyang that after nearly two years of national mourning for his father, the completion of a pec implant surgery and various other plastic surgeries on the young leader had been completed. Korean surgeons, working by the diesel engine generated light that they can afford in the evening, worked feverishly to enlarge the younger Kim Jong’s pectoral and biceps muscles with silicone pec

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Kim Jong il — secret sex life revealed.

Now that he is dead as a doornail, it can be revealed that Korean dictator Kim Jon Il used to be a live action sex webcam guy.  He went under the name of VellyVellyHungGuy or Kim Jong the Dong, and he was available for private  online screenings for $100.00 per minute on a website called HuskyAsianDaddies.com — they accepted Visa or Mastercard. More pics of Kim Jon Il at a spa  D.kimjongpics “I remember once that I found him on

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The New YouTube SUCKS!

There’s an old saying:  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Somebody ought to have told that to the retarded folks at YouTube — the site that used to be fun and interesting but has been recently been revamped to look like shit. The new YouTube sucks and the reason why is sucks is very simple:  IT IS NO LONGER EASY TO USE!   They took a perfectly good website and made it a complete mess.  In my opinion, the changes made

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Why Does Russia Support Iran?

A lot of ordinary people throughout the USA — people who understand the danger of nuclear power in the wrong hands — are wondering why Russia is siding with Iran in its attempt to escalate its plutonium enrichment programs.  People ask, “Why would a country so close to a country that’s run by a crazy man, not be fearful of what he would do with a nuclear weapon were he to get one?” The answer is very simple — Russians (and pretty

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John Lennon Quote — “when I was 5 years…” FAKE ! HOAX!

ANOTHER FAKE FACEBOOK QUOTE: It never ends.  Somebody saw a quote that was easily attributed to John Lennon simply because the words were pasted on top of the picture. It’s a very corny and snarky quote and of course the misfits on Facebook fall for it because they want to believe that John Lennon actually said it — he did not.  In fact, he never really said much of anything worth quoting unless you count song lyrics. The quote is anonymous and

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Natalie Wood Death Reopens — Sheriff sounds like a moron.

Why do you call a new conference when all you are going to do is reaffirm the results of an investigation that was concluded 30 years ago?  That’s what the cops in Los Angeles just did — how fucking stupid — are the cops in on a publicity stunt?  It would not surpriose me.   This capatin of the ship is looking to sell a book or something and the police are suckers for falling for this.   So Robert Wagner and

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