Natalie Wood Death Reopens — Sheriff sounds like a moron.

Why do you call a new conference when all you are going to do is reaffirm the results of an investigation that was concluded 30 years ago?  That’s what the cops in Los Angeles just did — how fucking stupid — are the cops in on a publicity stunt?  It would not surpriose me.  

This capatin of the ship is looking to sell a book or something and the police are suckers for falling for this.  

So Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood had a fight on the boat — big deal!  She got mad — she was drunk and she tried to take the dinghy back to shore because she was all screwed up.

This investigation will go nowhere and it’s all hype to cash in on a book and the 30 year anniversary.  This cop who headed the press confereence is a tool of  the highest order!

One thought on “Natalie Wood Death Reopens — Sheriff sounds like a moron.

  1. While I was doing the ex Mrs. William Holdens hair at the Palm Springs Beauty College in 1982 I asked her about Wood and her ex husbands deaths being so close together. She said that the red headed bitch killed her ex for the money and she and R.J. had planed the whole thing as a scene from Heart to Heart so no one would figure it out.

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