Why Does Russia Support Iran?

A lot of ordinary people throughout the USA — people who understand the danger of nuclear power in the wrong hands — are wondering why Russia is siding with Iran in its attempt to escalate its plutonium enrichment programs. 

People ask, “Why would a country so close to a country that’s run by a crazy man, not be fearful of what he would do with a nuclear weapon were he to get one?”

The answer is very simple — Russians (and pretty much all former Soviets) are assholes — always have been — always will be,  They are the most obnoxious people on the face of the earth, and all one needs to do is take a look at the ones who have come to the USA.  They are, as a rule, rude, sneaky and contrarian.  They always have to make an argument where there is none — they have no manners.  They are boorish and grizzly and stupid — except when it comes to figuring out how to milk entitlement programs. 

Does that sound bigoted and uninformed?   If it does I suggest you stop reading, because I get nastier.

It’s an old case of being careful what you wish for. 

The USA wished for the fall of the Soviet Union.  Well,  we got that, and we also got the poison of former Soviets rushing to America to sell their crap in their crappy jewelry and furniture and carpet stores and cellphones — and whatever other inferior JUNK they can sell before they close up shop and start all over again eslewhere. They are  people who were bred to be misfits.  They had 80 years to become Barbarians — and they made the most of it.

But anyway, getting back to the the Iran thing:

Russians love to see the USA get screwed because in their arrogance and stupid, loud, pompous grotesqueness, they don’t think about what might happen to them.  Of course The Iranian regime will admire the Soviets ( yes that’s what they still are in my book ) and they will kiss up to them in favor of destroying the USA — the imagined great satan.  They will always help the enemy because it makes them feel important.  

Russians are even worse than French — although in this case, the French are siding with the American stance because they are scared shitless that they’ll get nuked.  Rest assured that when nuclear warheads are indeed produced in Iran, the French will do a 180 and side with Iran — you can bank on that.  Right now they’re hoping that the USA — a country they all secretly despise out of nothing more than jealousy and an antiquated sense that they are a great people — will bail them out.  They will ride the fence until they see who is winning — that’s the way they’ve always been.  Any brave blood the French once had was wiped off the map in World War 1 when the best of their male lineage was killed off — now what’ve they got? 

It’s sad to see what is happening in the world — and you can rest assured that there will be a nuclear conflict of some sort within the next 10 years.   I project a global situation where the decision will be made by a few western countries that much of the middle east will have to be obliterated. 

And what if that does not happen? Well, when your kids are irradiated or turned into shadows, you can thank the Russians for something they did back in 2011 — when they put a stumbling block in front of US policy to put an end to Iranian nuclear proliferation.  

They do this for no reason other than what I have already told you — they are pompous, drunk, stupid, loud, backward and annoying assholes — just like the carpet-bagging  ones who live in the USA and Europe now.  Don’t be fooled by the kindly shop ownber who sells you something and pats you with the words, “I see you again, my flend (friend)”

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