The New YouTube SUCKS!

There’s an old saying:  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Somebody ought to have told that to the retarded folks at YouTube — the site that used to be fun and interesting but has been recently been revamped to look like shit.

The new YouTube sucks and the reason why is sucks is very simple:  IT IS NO LONGER EASY TO USE!   They took a perfectly good website and made it a complete mess.  In my opinion, the changes made by YouTube are far more annoying than the changes made by Facebook.

Why do websites have to change and update and revamp?  Do the people who design them and run them get sick of looking at them so much that they have to totally alienate their users?

The NEW YouTube is awful — and there’s something else besides the fact that EVERYTHING now has a commercial or an advertisement.

I am calling for a boycott on music made by musicians from the 1970s and 80s  — allow me to explain.   Say you bought an Elton John album in the 1973 — and then you bought the same exact album as a cassette tape in 1983 — and then you bought the same exact album as a CD in 1993 — and then you bought the same exact album as an MP3 file in 2003 — and then you bought the same exact album for your iPhone or iShit or iPenis in 2010.  How the f**k many times do you have to give Elton John your F***ING money for the same shittin’ songs?  Why should you have to sit through a 30 second Pine-Sol commercial with that fat Hawaiian lady and her filthy floors, just to listen to a song you’ve already paid for 6 times or more?

It is to be noted that Elton is the lesser of the offenders.  Broke-ass douche bags like Ozzie Osbourne and Led Zeppelin are the worst offenders.  And get this!!!!  A lot of stuff is “NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR COUNTRY” — the country is the USA of course — these Brits block YouTube views by Americans — WTF?   They will allow their own people to watch it, but the stupid Americans who made them rich and famous are suckers who can’t watch it — because Americans are the generous dopes who will pay all over again.

I say — unless you are going to upload your own stuff ( which is what YouTUbe was supposed to be designed for) You should NOT use YouTube — boycott all songs.  The site sucks — it used to be good — now it sucks ass.

2 thoughts on “The New YouTube SUCKS!

  1. Grandma, it pissed me off so much I just had to say something. It think it’s the worst website upgrade in history. It’s unwatchable.

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