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Obama NOT Happy With Colbert’s Rant…according to TV Insiders.

  Obama NOT Happy With Colbert’s Rant…according to TV Insiders. According to Howard Stern and other Hollywood insiders, Former President Barack Obama did not laugh at Stephen Colbert’s vulgar, on-air rant about Donald Trump.  It seems that the former President, while he enjoys rubbing elbows with the left-leaning late night guys,  doesn’t want his own image to become automatically associated with the crude language and the childish acting out that’s been the norm lately on television. Howard Stern said this

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  MTV CATFISH – ANDREW AND JOHNNY – GIANT NECK MOLE. Human beings have skin.  Skin is the body’s largest organ and it does  a whole lot of things. Because skin is so vital to life, it is subject to all kinds of diseases and oddities.  Very frequently, skin has imperfections.  Some of these imperfections are hardly noticeable, but others are glaringly obvious.  We’ve all seen teenage acne, or scars from injuries along with hair stubble or discolorations etc.  These

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MSNBC LAWRENCE O’DONNELL DEMENTIA “MSNBC needs to either get rid of Lawrence O’Donnell altogether, or they need to start him on meds for what could be a combination of mental illnesses.  Dementia is a terrible condition and there is nothing funny about it. ” [Granelle Brashkowitz PhD, Psychologist] Lawrence O’Donnell, the MSNBC pundit who is so untalented and uninteresting (and demented) that he used to be Keith Olbermann’s understudy (can you imagine the lowness)  has wandered out onto Twitter and

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Senator Chuck Schumer is a QUEEN….BITCH!!!

Senator Chuck Schumer is a QUEEN….BITCH!!! When I was a little kid, my mother took me with her to a dress shop in New York’s Greenwich Village.   As we walked back to our car, I remember seeing a strange man wearing lady’s makeup and pink shorty shorts.  He was carrying a white poodle in his arms.   I watched as another man approached him and called him George.  I don’t know what words were exchanged, but when the man

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  DANGER: Ebay is a SCAMMER’S PARADISE – STOP SELLING ON EBAY. [DAMIEN LeGALLIENNE] — Ebay used to be a nice place where people could sell stuff they didn’t want but somebody else did. The old saying:  “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure,” was never more true than when the world of the internet, via Ebay, turned our entire planet into one big yard sale. When it started out, Ebay was great.   There was something for everybody.   If

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#BrunoMars Overrated #Beyonce Overrated – #GrammyAwards Suck

BrunoMars Overrated Beyonce Overrated – GrammyAwards Suck. [DAMIEN LeGALLIENNE] Overrated Bruno Mars was wailing away on his guitar to pay tribute the overrated Prince on tonight’s Grammy Awards.   Odds are that Bruno’s guitar playing was dubbed.  Slo-mo techs have been analyzing the tape and they’ve concluded that Bruno Mars — who is very ugly — was NOT playing the guitar at all.  Geez!  How low do you have to be to lip-synch a guitar? Anyway, Bruno Mars is ugly —

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SNL CAST HAS BECOME AN UNFUNNY AND UNKIND CLIQUE “SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, because of the absolute worst team of writers ever assembled, and shticky productions where the ensemble cast members behave more like a hateful high school clique than an acting troupe, has become an asylum which is now being run by the politically moronic inmates and their like-minded friends who find all of the elements inherent to this sub-mediocrity to be hilariously funny. ”  [Dr. Raymond Totondi – Skylight Institute

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Shia LeBouef DIVIDE US Meltdown — Mental Health Issues?

Shia LeBouef DIVIDE US Meltdown VIDEO — Mental Health Issues? [DAMIEN LeGALLIENE, REPORTING] If you’ve seen a recent viral video of an insane young bearded man in a red cap, screaming rabidly in the face of another helpless little nebbish-looking dude, “HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US!  HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US,” you probably already know that the lunatic in question is the fading star and professional drunk driver, Shia Beouf. “He (Shia LeBouef) was out on the streets of Astoria, Queens, NYC,

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