Senator Chuck Schumer is a QUEEN….BITCH!!!

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Senator Chuck Schumer is a QUEEN….BITCH!!!

When I was a little kid, my mother took me with her to a dress shop in New York’s Greenwich Village.   As we walked back to our car, I remember seeing a strange man wearing lady’s makeup and pink shorty shorts.  He was carrying a white poodle in his arms.   I watched as another man approached him and called him George.  I don’t know what words were exchanged, but when the man walked away, George shouted out, “BITCH!”   Then, he put down his poodle and walked away angrily.

Later that day I heard my mother telling my aunt that she had seen George ****** in The Village.  She described his clothes and his eyeliner and she imitated how he said, “BITCH.”  My aunt laughed and said something about him being a big queen.  A few years later, after I knew more about stuff in general, I kind of got the gist of that incident.chuckjairrow

“George” was evidently a well-known has-been actor who had portrayed masculine characters on TV and in movies, but he lived a private life that was very different.   In fact, when I recently looked him up for the purposes of this comparison, I was surprised to read that George was dogged throughout his career with police charges of indecency and lewd behavior.   Hollywood — the tolerant left — ditched him because his name was attached to homosexual scandals, and now he was reduced to doing community theater for an older audience — the kind of people who thought Liberace never married because a girl once broke his heart.chuckschumer bitc

Anyway, whenever you hear a man refer to a woman as a BITCH, and they sound gay, you can pretty much bet that the man is a queen — at least as far as my aunt’s philosophy is concerned.   Also, if you think a man is a queen, he usually is one.   If he wears pink shorty shorts, carries a white poodle and calls people “bitch,” odds are that you are dealing with some variant of a hard core queen.

Scientifically speaking, there are all kinds of queens within the male sex.

Recently, Senator Chuck Schumer, (D-NY) who looks and sounds like a total queen, referred to a female flight attendant as a BITCH when she asked him to turn off his cell phone just moments before takeoff.   It seems that the Senatuh from New Yawk felt entitled to finish his CAWL in spite of the fact that his phone chat — probably on Grindr — was holding up the departure of the plane.

When the pilot told him to shut off his phone, Schumer and his seat mate — an actual, real life BITCH named Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) – just kept chatting away.  Schumer was again reprimanded by the flight attendant and finally he hung up.  He then turned to Gillibrand and said, “BITCH!” — Just like George ******.   It must have been incredibly queenie to witness.  Sorry, Chuck Schumer, but you look and sound like an old queen. chuck schumer gay

The key to Chuck Schumer’s status as a queen is that he looks like an old lascivious queen — a lounge lizard kind of creep.  Also, his single row of hair transplants prove that he is a man up front, but a queen from behind.   Allow me to explain.

Chuck only has hair plugs in the front.  The back of his head, the side he does not see, is bald.  He lets the front row of plugs grow long and then he combs them back so as to cover his bald crown.  He doesn’t succeed.  Psychologically speaking, he puts forth a manly facade with the hair in front, but behind — where it counts too – he is bald.  The back of his head is bald and bare, and that suggests that he is not only a queen, he is a bitchy bottom.  He is also a complete C WORD whose only job in Washington is to destroy the Trump administration.  He doesn’t give a shit about his constituents in New York.  He’s the biggest piece of queenie shit in all of US government.   You need a really bitchy queen to do what Chuck has been hired to do, and he’s going full-throttle-queen doing it.

I am not saying that Chuck Schumer is gay — although those rumors have been around for years — I am saying that he is a queen.  You don’t have to be homosexual to be a queen.    It’s kind of a freak show oddity though.   Senator Chuck Schumer not only looks and sounds and behaves like a queen – like when he totally fake-cried about the immigration thing  — but there is a chance that he is a functional (with medication) 100% heterosexual man.    I mean, he does have a wife and two children, but they too probably think that he’s a big queen…and a bitch.chuckjairrow

Can you imagine what would happen if Donald Trump called a hard-working flight attendant a BITCH?  Can you imagine what that queen Chuck Schumer would be saying?    He would be standing before a microphone, flanked by flight attendants — mostly males – and he would cry about the hatred and misogyny of Trump.   He would get so angry that his inner queen wouldn’t be able to hold back and he’d snap….”BITCH!”

I think that CHUCK SCHUMER IS A QUEEN….and a bitch.


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  1. Brilliant piece of work. Thank you for breathing life into what we all know and feel.

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