“MSNBC needs to either get rid of Lawrence O’Donnell altogether, or they need to start him on meds for what could be a combination of mental illnesses.  Dementia is a terrible condition and there is nothing funny about it. ” [Granelle Brashkowitz PhD, Psychologist]

Lawrence O’Donnell, the MSNBC pundit who is so untalented and uninteresting (and demented) that he used to be Keith Olbermann’s understudy (can you imagine the lowness)  has wandered out onto Twitter and made a joke of dementia.    Oddly enough, his TOLERANT LEFT wing followers — including the untalented and no-talent Peter Fonda – think that making a joke about dementia, a disease that strikes the elderly and people with HIV/AIDS, is something to joke about.  The upside to this is that no one on the right made a joke about dementia.  Had they done that, they’d have to have to make a public apology after their careers were ruined.   maddow face

O’Donnell made a complete ass out of himself the other night when he he suggested to Rachel Maddow, in an unfunny and sick way, that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin were working in cahoots when the US bombed the Syrian airfields.   Like Rachel’s head, Lawrence’s story bobbed and weaved its way through absurd machinations and gyrations.  It was the most convoluted spasm of stupidity ever recorded.

It was hard to tell if Maddow was agreeing with him, or if her head bobbing gestures were simply a manifestation of the disease from which she suffers — DYSTROPHIC BELL’S ATROPHY.   That’s the tragedy of Maddow’s neurological affliction.  It’s hard to tell when she is being sincere because the disease affects the way she responds to simple ideas or questions.

So, Lawrence O’Donnell, an unhappy man who looks like a composite sketch if a murder victim’s last words were used to describe Dr. Frasier Crane’s brother Niles to a police sketch artist, thinks that DEMENTIA is funny.  I can’t wait until it happens to him.


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