#BrunoMars Overrated #Beyonce Overrated – #GrammyAwards Suck


BrunoMars Overrated Beyonce Overrated – GrammyAwards Suck.

[DAMIEN LeGALLIENNE] Overrated Bruno Mars was wailing away on his guitar to pay tribute the overrated Prince on tonight’s Grammy Awards.   Odds are that Bruno’s guitar playing was dubbed.  Slo-mo techs have been analyzing the tape and they’ve concluded that Bruno Mars — who is very ugly — was NOT playing the guitar at all.  Geez!  How low do you have to be to lip-synch a guitar?

Anyway, Bruno Mars is ugly — strange head shape and weird mouth.   Maybe in his culture his looks are viewed as handsome.  Who knows?   Some cultures….*shrug*…..don’t really know what’s good or bad.  I guess it’s good because they don’t contaminate their ugliness with real people.

Beyonce has no talent.  It’s all glitz and sound and noise but ZERO talent.  With regards to Beyonce, here is some advice for parents:bruno

1- If your son adores Beyonce, odds are that he is both stupid and gay.

2- If your son adores Adele, odds are that he is well-adjusted, he has taste and he is gay.

What else?   Let’s see.  Well, we have a bunch of vulgar, know-nothing inner city rap singers  — junk — who had to bash Trump while the crowd of clueless millionaires cheered.  No one realizes that American culture has shrunk down so horribly, and that this primitive tribal music, and the influence it has over an entire culture, is a sure sign of why the USA is becoming a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY.   Donald Trump was elected because real people are sick of this stupidity.

bruno12The whole Grammy experience was shit.  Don’t watch anymore.  Tune in to YouTube and watch old videos of real singers who had class and dignity.   Adele has that kind of old-school class, but the kids who adore her now will probably grow up to be trans-something.  Everybody is now a trans.  If your kid is a trans-something — just throw in the towel.  It means that you or your genes have failed.

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