Shia LeBouef DIVIDE US Meltdown — Mental Health Issues?

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Shia LeBouef DIVIDE US Meltdown VIDEO — Mental Health Issues?


If you’ve seen a recent viral video of an insane young bearded man in a red cap, screaming rabidly in the face of another helpless little nebbish-looking dude, “HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US!  HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US,” you probably already know that the lunatic in question is the fading star and professional drunk driver, Shia Beouf.

“He (Shia LeBouef) was out on the streets of Astoria, Queens, NYC,  in front of the Museum of the Moving Image, performing some kind of “performance art” show along with some actor friend pretending to be a Neo Nazi.  It was Shia’s last chance to be seen by a crowd — any crowd — and he lucked out because most people watching this event unfold before the camera believed that it was a real thing or it actually happened with Shia playing the role of a courageous crusader for justice,  How can people be so gullible — the media outlets online too?  He set up a live stream which he says will continue to run for 4 years, but at first, no one was interested in talking to him except for a couple of policemen and autograph seekers.  Worried that his ‘project’ was failing fast, Shia recruited an actor or some kind of fake accomplice who pretending to be a neo-Nazis so Shia could pretend to go off on him angrily — a ‘beat down he said’ — and then he got some major attention.  It was kind of sad to see this guy so washed up and so desperate to be relevant.  It’s what we have come to expect from Shia.” [Harold Parker – Film and Fest Movie Project 2017]

If you don’t remember the name SHIA LeBOUEF it’s okay because a lot of people, including the heads of major motion picture studios, have forgotten it too.  <—Note that I am starting out semi not nice.

Where do I begin when I set out to describe the sanity of Shia LaBoeuf?  Well, I could start out with telling you that he is the son of an allegedly-beloved and allegedly-French clown (not Jerry Lewis), and that his mother is indeed an old hippie who used to own a HEAD shop.  No “allegedly” there.  It’s on his IMDB bio.

For those of you who don’t smoke weed or hash or generalized dope in any of its various vaporous forms, a HEAD SHOP is a store that sells everything one needs to smoke pot and to purchase all the little do-dads that usually earmark someone as an all around loser — the kind of people who are circled by lifelong vultures of non-achievement.

shia tatI’m not saying that his mom was a stoner or a loser, but Shia admits – according to IMDB —  that mom was indeed a hippie and that she did own a head shop.   So lets assume that one could connect a few dots and announce sadly that the damage done to Shia’s brain occurred at conception. That part where sperm meets egg and those pesky chromosomes are so buzzed that they forget how to exchange all the genetic stuff in the right order.  One DNA strand is rummaging wildly through the refrigerator looking for cake while another is out on the street asking to borrow money for car fare.  It happens –even in the best of Marijuana Clown families.

Sounds like a joke, eh, but a lot of kids are screwed from conception because their parents were wastoids.  I know that sounds judgmental because, well, why blame illegal drug abuse for your kid’s oddball lunacy and social ineptitude when it’s so much more fun and socially progressive to blame it on vaccines and pesticides, and all the other “horrible” things that make life livable?

For the moment, we’re going to save the “ruined from conception” option until we examine other possibilities.

It’s not an unusual for a child star to go nuts.  That’s what usually happens in Hollywood.  I am not going to get into the whole Pizza-gate thing, nor will I mention, Jaden Smith, the P.T. Barnum 10 cent,  demi-tranny freak show who accompanies Shia in some of his lunacy, but there has to be something really wrong going on in that decrepit shit hole called Hollywood.

Almost always,  La-La Land’s  younger members, as they grow up, lose their minds and their sanity and their dignity. It’s nothing new either.  Stars and starlets have been melting down far out of proportion to the rest of their peers in Ordinary-ville way back since the days of the silent movies.

Sometimes I think that Satan owns a home on Laurel Canyon Blvd. It’s possible, you know.

One anonymous doctor says, “Maybe it’s not that Hollywood ruins the minds of young people.  Maybe, instead, it’s the pushing of demented parents whose minds or temperaments  are drawn to the decadent glow of Hollywood, and maybe they have passed that dementia onto their children both genetically and emotionally.  Maybe the kid was already mentally unwell and that’s why they were drawn to Hollywood in the first place.  There are so many organic brain diseases and mental health issues and delusional states of mind that could lead a youngster into the world of Hollywood, and sometimes, no matter how hard I look and listen and poke and prod, I wonder myself if perhaps there might not be some evil or malevolent force hanging over that entire town. Is it Satan?  I don’t know.  I am a man of medicine.  I’m not supposed to think about stuff like that.”  shia

How about this possibility?  Maybe Shia is not really insane, but he would rather be viewed as being insane in order to please the Satan who rules over Hollywood.   Maybe, he is play acting so that he gets something else — like an Oscar nomination.

Hmmmm?  You see, Shia is the star of a new war movie.  Peace-loving and gun-hating actors who won’t “let him divide us” like to star in war movies because they can get the middle American hicks they despise to go out and see them.

And, although the movie has been panned by the critics, and it seems to be headed straight to the $5.00 rack at Walmart,  Shia could possibly get an Oscar nod.   I would suggest that his maniacal actions as of late — including the HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US rant — is crazy enough to attract the attention of the demented minds in Hollywood. Maybe Shia’s hatred for Donald Trump will be his best acting job and for that he will win both the phony approval of his moronic peers, and an Academy Award.  I won’t hold my breath.

Personally, my opinion is that he is insane and volatile.  I also think that he is stupid and creepy and simple-minded.  I think he’s a moron who’s just smart enough to try anything at this point.  When you’re falling as fast as Shia is falling, you’ll grab a twig and think it’s a parachute.

Okay, so Shia LeBouef used to be a cute kid and he was pushed on to bigger things by Steven Spielberg, but then he bad-mouthed Spielberg and the movie they made together and that was the end of that.   He is no longer a cute kid, He’s short and furry and nobody seems to like him.  In order to compensate for all that fuck-up, he has to refashion himself into an incredible asshole so that he can coax the demented people in Satan-Land to give him an Oscar nod.   In other words, he has to get even more unlikable to be liked in Hollywood.

My thoughts and prayers are with Shia and his family at this terrible time.

Damien LeGallienne – Editor


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