Obama NOT Happy With Colbert’s Rant…according to TV Insiders.



Obama NOT Happy With Colbert’s Rant…according to TV Insiders.

According to Howard Stern and other Hollywood insiders, Former President Barack Obama did not laugh at Stephen Colbert’s vulgar, on-air rant about Donald Trump.  It seems that the former President, while he enjoys rubbing elbows with the left-leaning late night guys,  doesn’t want his own image to become automatically associated with the crude language and the childish acting out that’s been the norm lately on television.

Howard Stern said this in an off-camera interview:

“The whole Colbert thing was pretty childish even by my standards.  It’s not something that a serious person would want to be associated with.  Maybe a frat boy or one of my dopey fans would think it was cool,  yeah I can see that, and I even laughed, but Obama was the President of the United States for chrissakes.  I know it’s corny but that’s an elite club and you don’t get your head carved on Mount Rushmore by yukking it up with a semi-talented talk show host who calls the current President a cock holster. It was dumb and Obama was pissed off because of the association factor.  I only laughed because I had never heard the word expression before.  What’s a cock holster?  I looked it up in the Urban Dictionary and it’s like calling someone a cocksucker in a way to label them as passive homosexual.   Come on, man.  Even I squirmed a little even though I know a lot of real cock holsters.  I know Obama snubbed Steve at a party after that because the last thing he wants is a photo with a guy who calls the current President a cocksucker.  In eight years, I couldn’t get a candid shot of me with Obama.  Let’s face it, I am poison, but I think Colbert is now a few rungs below me.

colbert“If you look at former Presidents, they kind of lose their humor once thy’re out of office.  I don’t mean they turn into assholes, except for Carter,  but you have to know that a lot of the talk show appearances, like all that mean tweets stuff, is a thing politicians do for public relations…to relate to the people.  Even Nixon, dickhead that he was, showed up on Laugh In to get himself elected.  After this, praise the gods,  I think you have a better chance of seeing Obama on my show than you ever have of seeing him on Colbert’s…ever.” 

Stern’s stern words are 100% true, and  according to psychiatrist and mental health research scientist, Dr. Helen LaVista, it’s entirely natural for a person in authority to maintain a certain level of dignity long after they have relinquished or lost that power.

“Perhaps it’s different for a former President, but each and every person who has come to me with mental health issues after retirement or any other kind of disengagement from a position of authority in law enforcement or politics or the corporate offices — they try to maintain some kind of grip on the power they once had in ways that are hard to define. “

Dr. LaVista continued: 

“That’s not to say they don’t want to let go, although some of them have issues about that, they want to maintain the air of dignity associated with the position they once had.  I wouldn’t say that it’s very different for a former US President only because each personality is different, but as a rule, former Presidents all seem to have followed the same path as far as living out their lives as elder statesmen.  

“You can even whittle this psychological principle down to Stephen Colbert himself.  He used to have a position of power and presence on his previous show on Comedy Central, but when he moved to this mainstream, late night talk format, he stumbled a bit at first.  It seems that the real Stephen Colbert – not the comic pretending to be a serious political commentator  –  isn’t all that funny or engaging.  He wasn’t connecting to his audience and his rating were bad.  Now that they’re way up, because he has ditched his previous comic side and resurrected his character in a sense.  In the end, it was Stephen Colbert who looks like that weird someone from your past who you should steer away from now that you hold a higher position in the public eye of statesmanship.  The natural response is to stay away from.  It’s entirely normal and quite prudent, in my opinion, for President Obama to be upset by Colbert’s angry and low brow rant against President Trump. I have been told by my friends in Washington DC that Obama was very upset about this.”   

The general consensus seems to be that Stephen Colbert has lost his grip.  He cannot deal with the fact that he no longer has a friend in the US President, and he is suffering from some kind of identity crisis.   As it stands now, Colbert has two options;  He can back down and run the risk of losing his audience of Trump Haters, or he can continue to spiral into madness and anger and bitterness.  This is what happened to late night host Jack Parr in the early 1960s.  He started to behave like Colbert, albeit with very prim and proper 1960s sensibilities, but at the time he came across as crass and unhappy — not the same Jack Parr the American public had tuned into for years.

Jack Parr finally walked off his show and paved the way for Johnny Carson.   This might be what Stephen Colbert’s horizon looks like.  When Colbert had a chance to apologize, he didn’t.  He added more snark and defiance.  This is a bad sign, and the Obama camp is steering clear.

According to one source, Obama outright refused a phone call from Colbert and then, at a Hollywood mixer, he avoided Colbert and ordered his guard detail to keep him away.

“He didn’t want any photographs of him standing with Stephen Colbert after the tirade.  It would have looked very bad.  President Obama is never about making himself look bad.  It was totally understandable and Colbert looked like a poor unhappy kid who didn’t get picked for the team.”

2 thoughts on “Obama NOT Happy With Colbert’s Rant…according to TV Insiders.

  1. Trump is a symptom, not a disease. All the pointing at Trump should be inverted back to the persons doing the pointing for a real diagnosis, what disease has manifested this symptom? Only massive electoral dysfunction explains it, not just on the right but also on the left, backing a candidate who only provided lip service to economic justice and only under pressure was a fatal move on the part of the left. The disease is the American people and their unrealistic belief structures, its clear the voters intentions do not match the results the voters are getting, this kind of divid between intention and result is defined as a lack of scientific understanding, when an experiment fails we are supposed to learn from it and change our behavior but in this case that never seems to happen, instead we get a loop of the same dysfunctional behavior over and over, the veritable definition of neurosis instead of science, a neurotic populace can not learn from its mistakes, it ignores the relevant data.

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