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Racist Hollywood Liberals Ruining Movie Business.

Babs praying for awards for minorities and liberals.
Babs praying for awards for minorities and liberals.

NOTE:  Nothing about this article really has anything to do with Jada Pinkett-Smith because in my opinion she has absolutely no talent of any kind.  I bet she can’t even cook or ride a bicycle that isn’t stationary.


Sometimes, when black actors are talented, they win Academy Awards…and all the other stupid statues.

Sometimes, when they are NOT talented, they win the same stupid statues anyway simply  BECAUSE they are black.    This is how the white liberal racists of Hollywood have decided that things should be.

This is one Hollywood liberal  DeMatt <—click his bio — he sucks.

The bar for what passes as Hollywood talent of any race is already so. so, so low,  that it should be seen as a compliment to have your performances ignored by the Academy, or by Hollywood in general.   At this point, it’s a badge of honor to get passed up by Hollywood.   It’s a sign that you or your character or your movie, did not fit into the childish categories that have been created by the evil morons who make millions in Southern California.

The same principle of Liberal Racism applies to any and all minorities or the various squeaky-wheel peoples of the world who are so brutally oppressed and ignored by Hollywood’s definition of this horrible and unjust  and redneck-infested and overly-Christian country called the United States of America.

Racist Hollywood Liberals have attached so much of their own unhealthy baggage to the motion picture industry, they hate their own country so much,  that the only people who really “go to the movies” anymore, are Star Wars NERDS and simpletons who read comic books.

If you as an actor want to be a sure-fire Academy Award nominee,  try to land a role as someone who is half Black and half Cherokee homosexual. Also, make sure the character is abused by a family member, bullied in school, and has AIDS and/or autism.

Add to that character, some mental health issues and substance abuse/recovery,  and a really long crying scene, and you are sure to get nominated for all the various awards and statues and plaques.

If you want to ratchet it up a few notches, make that same character is a victim of some kind of uber-imagined  Conservative/Republican thing — something like a mean and abusive Christian family or a touchy-feely Catholic priest or a secretly gay Republican Senator.

Do all that — conjure up that nonsense –  and you will win every award in the world….including the coveted Palme d’Or at the ravenously anti-American Cannes Film Festival where the panel of American-hating Euro judges love to watch as the dumb Americans jump for joy for having mocked their own country.  The judges at Cannes love this shit.  It’s their Circus Maximus.   They are the Caesars and the self-hating American liberal filmmakers are the lions and gladiators.

This year, Hollywood simply forgot to play the “Black People” game. Instead of a few hand-outs here and there,  the best crap from Hollywood was nominated while the worst crap from Hollywood was ignored.    This isn’t entirely true, however, because just about EVERYTHING you see from Hollywood is crap.  There is non-crap to be found, but you will not find it unless you look for it on NetFlix or something.

As far as Spike Lee goes, the only reason he was ever noticed as a “director” was BECAUSE he was black.   Now he sees himself as some kind of auteur or artiste.  It’s very sad to see — especially because it’s not his fault entirely.  He’s probably a nice guy who wanted to make movies, but he didn’t really have talent.  Some other Black guy who made a film that wasn’t about “the hood” or some other “black thang” had the talent, and he is now working at a Jiffy Lube in Van Nuys.

Spike Lee’s movie “She’s Gotta Have It”  looked like it was made by a bunch of  4th graders in Detroit, but the real racists of Hollywood decided that Spike Lee was an instant genius.    Not a “genius” in the Liberal Hollywood Caucasian sense, but a genius in the Liberal Hollywood African-American sense.     There should not be a difference between Black and White genius, but Hollywood has made sure that there is indeed a difference.

Because of the real racism of Hollywood,  the self-hating liberal Americans of Hollywood,  the USA — and the world to some extent – is stuck with sub-mediocrities like Spike Lee while some Black kid or white kid with REAL talent will never get noticed.

For the next thousand years entertainment seekers will have to settle for movies made by:

1-  Harvey Weinstein’s great-great-great-great grandchildren and all the descendants of his lawyers and accountants.

2 – Francis Ford Copppola’s great great great great nephews and nieces and cousins and their lawyer’s kids and grandkids.

3 – Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s descendants for generations to come.


Dog Saves Abandoned Newborn Baby — FAKE! FAKE! FAKE!

dog babyThe Facebook Simpletons — a distinct ethnic group unto themselves —  have been spreading around the dumbest story ever!  They have out-simpletonized themselves with this one.  They have defied science, perspective and good taste.  They have gone beyond the pale of stupidity.

Yes, the morons who love to share heart-warming and fake stuff on Facebook, are at it again.  This time it’s a photo of a street dog holding what appears to be a newborn baby in its jaws.  The moronic story that comes along with this grotesque story tells of how the angelic dog — a lovable messenger from heaven — carried the baby – which had been ditched in a garbage can – to the front door of a nearby house  where the owners then contacted the police.  The stupid story goes on to tell how the baby is alive and well thanks to the dog.  Soooooooooo not true.

There is one huge problem with the story — THE INFANT IS DEAD – and this dog is either gigantic or this is a fetus about 6 months gestation in the jaws of an average sized dog.    Sorry, but this is an averaged sized dog and what you’re seeing is a DEAD baby about 3 months premature.

How do we know that the baby is dead and that the whole story is fake?   Read on.

The easiest way to know that it’s fake lies in the simple fact that it is a feel-good Facebook share.  THOSE ARE ALWAYS FAKE, but the purely scientific way to know that this infant.fetus is dead is the fact that the lower back has what is known in forensic science as LIVIDITY.   Do you see the ruddy area around the buttocks  Do you see the dark red mottling?

Not only is this baby dead, it’s been dead for several hours at least. LIVIDITY is what you find in a corpse in the hours after death because the blood settles where to the bottom of the position in which the body was laid out.  This baby was in a seated position and the blood ( lividity) settled in the buttocks and the rear of the thighs.

Marilyn Monroe died sleeping on her face.  The LIVIDITY was found therefore found on the front of her body and her face.  This same principle applies to this poor baby.

Rumors say that this happened in Saudi Arabia — what difference does it make?  It’s fake.  It’s NOT fake that the dog has a dead baby in its jaws, but the whole story about the dog rescuing the baby is totally FAKE.

Trader Joe’s Employees Forced to Vote For Bernie Sanders

traTrader Joe’s — the ultra hip food store where all the nouveau and low cleanliness hip liberals work and/or shop because they want to buy virtue in a can — is looking for new employees.  But, there’s a catch.

You have to be currently active in a grassroots Bernie Sanders campaign, and you have to prove that you voted for Bernie Sanders after the  November elections regardless of outcome in order to be eligible for a job at Trader Joe’s.

According to an interview given to this Hollywood writer —->Deeiter Marsk Trader Joe’s Office.<—-click for job and voter info.

If you don’t cough up your proof in November, you have to pay back Trader Joe’s 50% of the money they put into your health insurance payments.

“How do I prove that I like totally voted for Bernie Sanders,” asked one hipster who works at Trader Joe’s in Westfield, New Jersey.

“You can’t use recording devices like cell phones in a voting booth, so I am like totally screwed.  I mean, this job is totally awesome but so far I have had to prove that I was once a victim of  the Christian family I was born in, and I did that, but then I had to prove that I switched to extreme atheist and finally to Buddhist.   That’s like totally not cool because how do I prove that I didn’t believe in a sky daddy, but then I switched when I realized that being a Buddhist is like totally awesome even if I don’t know jack shit about it.” 

Trader Joe’s is a chain of stores that are owned by some guys in Germany who saw a food market demand for self-hating Americans.

They knew that if they created a really cool store and edgy store that defied all American conventions they would have an instant clientele.   Every misfit in the USA would shop there.

These Germans even had the genius to offer designer wine for $2.00 per bottle.  It’s junk wine but it would be from a really cool place — so it would have to be cool, right?    It wasn’t long before even the most discriminating liberal bragged about the bouquet and exotic aromas elicited from “Two-Buck-Chuck” – the chic name given to the shitty wine they passed off on drunk teenage liberals and people with imagined gluten intolerance.

The employee continued.

“I want to keep my job at Trader Joe’s because I fit all of the requirements on the job application.  I am a very boy-ish lesbian and I have a lot of tattoos and piercings.  I do notshave my legs or armpits and I am slightly smelly.  Those are the main things they look for in an employee.  If you are  a male you must be very hip and edgy and oddly hairy — and being gender fluid helps too.   I mean, all of us who work here are like totally awesome and we’re all totally for Bernie Sanders.  We feel the BERRRRRRRN.”

Trader Joe’s executives know that it will be hard to prove if an employee adhered to store policy and voted for Bernie Sanders, but they are currently writing up a document that employees can sign as a sworn statement that they did indeed vote for Bernie Sanders.

gddddddd“Basically the food here at Trader Joe’s is shit and loaded with salt and sugar and MSG  like everywhere else but they put gluten free labels on stuff and junk like that and people buy it.  They really come in for the cheap alcohol because liberals drink and that’s their excuse.   But who esle would hire me?  I mean, look at me.  My head is shave on one side and I am covered in spikes and tattoos.  Acme was not in my future…and I have no future.  I smoke pot and I like Bernie Sanders — I’m an idiot – but I make more than minimum wage and that is way cool.  It’s totally awesome. “