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(Vienna, Austria) Have you taken a good look at some of the vehemently liberal, anti-Trump celebrities lately?  Do you see how much they’ve aged since Donald Trump was elected President?   The Damien Zone has taken note of what research physicians  in Vienna and Boston are now calling TRUMP AGING SYNDROME  or T.A.S.   It’s been only a little over two years since the election, but many T.A.S. victims have visibly aged fifteen to twenty years.

Via magazines photos and appearances on television, researchers have noticed an accelerated aging process which appears to be more than just stress-related fatigue.  It’s a seemingly progressive process that one can actually see unfolding from week to week in celebrities like Rosie O’Donnell,  Alec Baldwin and so many others who have been studied via photos in social media and fan pop culture publications.

“Which came first?  Are these liberals aging because they have an aging disease associated with the same DNA that gives them the typical liberal brain, or are they aging because Trump’s election has turned on a genetic defect or anomaly that is inherent to their own genetics?   Are they aging because they have a new kind of illness caused either by a virus or some sub-viral particle like a prion?   Moreover, is this new disease process we’re calling T.A.S. a fatal illness?   My colleagues aren’t sure at this time, but many research physicians and clinicians are interested enough to look into it.” [Dean Traherne MD]

“Rosie O’Donnell has had a complete facial meltdown because her hatred for Trump has consumed her health and well-being, ” said Dr. Dean Traherne MD, a Gerontologist who studies the effects of environmental stress on free radicals associated with human aging. 

“Rosie was never one for glamour, but the Trump era has consumed every aspect of her life.  Trump has either broken her, or she has been made physically sick by him.  We just don’t know.  To the untrained eye, Rosie seems content to get old and look old.  Okay, that’s normal as you get into your 50s and 60s, but the rate at which she has aged is shocking.  People who haven’t seen her face to face for a few years were noticeably shocked at just how old she looks.  Has Trump destroyed her from within or is this a real disease process?  There is nothing in her life that hasn’t been affected by the Trump presidency.  It’s destroyed her.  My job is to figure out if this is an actual disease or a mental syndrome, is it both, or is it something far more organic or pathological?

Dr. Traherne continued:   

“In the early stages of the AIDS epidemic, when its cause was unknown, doctors called this disease process we now call AIDS by many different names.  Many early patients went misdiagnosed or, at the very least, their symptoms were attributed to known ailments which were treated symptomatically.   It wasn’t until people started dying from ordinary, and some extra-ordinary diseases, that doctors and scientists realized that they were dealing with an infectious agent.  Right now, this is our greatest fear.  If this Trump Aging Syndrome is caused by an infectious agent or genetic failure ( like cancer) it will be invariably fatal.  It could mean death on a scale never before seen since the age of the Black Death.”

Dr. Traherne’s team of researchers first started by looking into what was jokingly referred to as TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME- a name assigned to what might or might not be a real mental illness.

Dr. Traherne continued:

“It’s important to know that Trump Derangement Syndrome is, for now, a situation of the mind, but that was where we started.   Recent research, very recent, suggests that Trump Derangement Syndrome, appears to be either a variant of Trump Aging Syndrome or precursor to the more serious form of T.A.S. 

“We were especially interested in the singer Madonna when she participated in the Women’s March in Washington DC.   She shrieked about burning down the White House, but apart from her angry rhetoric, we noticed a lot of sagging in her face, neck and areas around her eyes.  She didn’t look simply tired or worn out.  She looked old.  She had rapidly aged.  Now, two years later, the aging process has devastated her appearance.  Sans makeup, Madonna could easily pass for a woman of eighty.  This is not a joke or a political bias.  It’s clinically shocking stuff to see from a medical perspective.   

“We also noticed the same kind of extreme aging in actress Ashley Judd.  In her case, the rapid aging was far worse because she is substantially younger than Madonna.

“Apart from the subjects we looked at in Washington, we kept out eye out on other people who live in the public eye.  It sounds unscientific, but a researcher can learn a lot from photos in fan magazines and gossip rags.  In fact, the intrusive Paparazzi,  a detested lot overall, are now performing a great service to medical science and research.  These camera-wielding celebrity stalkers who seem intrusive and annoying now, might be saving lives without realizing it.  Our research relies heavily on candid photos we find in various fan and gossip magazines.  What we’ve seen happen to actor Alec Baldwin has caused us to think that an infectious agent is the culprit.

“Alec Baldwin, unlike others who have no outlet for their Trump hatred, is able to vent and exhibit his hatred for the American President via comedy sketches on Saturday Night Live and other venues, but yet, he is aging the fastest of all.  One would think that a mental illness could be at least attenuated by finding relief in humor and artistic engagement, but in Baldwin’s case, the aging has accelerated to the point that he will die as an old man at a relatively young age.” 

Summation:  Some doctors, maybe they are crazy, believe that Donald Trump’s rise to power has literally made some people  sick.  Are these people mentally sick or physically sick, or both?   Is Trump killing people?   Doctors don’t know yet but they fear that Trump hatred could be caused by a virus or a prion.  If this is true, it could lead to the deaths of 100,000,000 people — nearly one third of the US population.


  1. This diagnosis is a simple explanation, for the deterioration of these so called “celebrities”…..

    These has-beens are using their hatred of Mr. Trump, to try and remain in the public’s eye, and due to that hatred, (that they hold so close to their hearts), they are falling apart…..

    This is true justice, because these people only had their looks to become famous, it wasn’t because they were smart, skilled, or talented…..

    They read what someone else wrote, they have no capability to produce an original thought…..

    Without a script, or a song, (that someone else composed), these useless “artists” stumble through an interview, or speech…..

    The ugliness inside, no longer is hidden, it is exposed, regardless of their attempts to disguise it…..

    This crumbling of their minds, and appearance, is a joy to behold…..

  2. Rosie O’Donnell is 60 years old, ok! She’s an elderly woman that let her hair go gray, and she isn’t into face lifts, Botox and all of the other reconstructive shit. She’s now living a healthy life on a vegan diet and statin medication that’s saved her life from a prior heart ailment. She’s just growing old gracefully. She looks fine for her age. Alec Balwin is 62 years old. He’s an elderly man that looks pretty damn good for his age. There are a lot of guys half his age that look like absolute shit. If you want to rag on somebody who’s aged really badly look no further than Fox’s Sean Hannity. That guy seems to age 5 years in one year’s time. He’s become a bloated old man with an incindary dispostition. Rosie O’Donnell has slimmed down to a healthy size and weight and Alec Baldwin has always been fit and trim. “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is as real as a family of elves living inside of my guitar.

  3. 60 is not elderly, you moron — She is intentionally disfiguring her appearance because that is what women do when they go insane. Her own daughter says she is crazy and she bullied her ex-GF so much that the woman killed herself — THE ROSIE YOU DON’T KNOW. Simple-minded.

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