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Minnesota Shut Down — Couldn’t Have Happened to a Dumber State.

From AP – State parks in Minnesota were barricaded, and campers, Boy Scout troops and everyone else were sent on their way.  No holiday for you! Heading into a holiday weekend in a state that savors its summers outdoors, licenses for fishing, hunting, trapping, boats and ATVs were unavailable for purchase. And all around the State Capitol — the place where all the troubles began — the streets were eerily empty and official buildings locked, plastered with hand-taped signs that

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Lindsey Piscitell — the great poet. The bard of Bryant Park

NEWS FROM THE FUTURE:  YEAR 2898 – HERE ARE SOME OF THE LOST LINDSEY PISCITELL POEMS –THANKFULLY THEY HAVE BEEN RESTORED BY THE DAMIEN ZONE’S TEAM OF RESTORATION SCIENTISTS.  There once was Glenn Beck on a blanket But I’m Lindsey and I am entitled to crank it…. Up a notch with my jug of cheap wine People now know my name so divine. Now I’m sober and I wish to hell that I’d drank it.   The Search For Appletini’s in Autumn The leaves are

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Lindsey Piscitell — And Other Undignified New Yorkers Owe Glenn Beck An Apology.

Glenn Beck, love him or hate him, has the right to sit in a city park and watch a movie just like everyone else.  We are supposed to live in a civilized society, but a few assholes and dickturds had to show their, look-at-me-I’m-a-hip-New York-liberal-stupidity,  by heckling Beck while he sat in Bryant Park watching an outdoor screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The 39 Steps” with his wife Tania and their children. Before anything happened, this is what the oh-so- sophisticated New Yorker Lindsey Piscitell

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How Many Years Will Blagojevich Get?

Now that the Blagojevich trial is over and he’s been found guilty on some serious charges, a lot of people are asking, “How many years in jail will Blagojevich get?”  It must be a lot because the usually slick and confident Balgojevich, buckled at the knees and nearly fainted as the verdict was read aloud in the packed courtroom. According to the legal help at TheDamienZone.com, Rod Blagojevich will probably get a little mercy from the judge because if you sum

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Psychiatrist Claims: “The Onion Sucks. Only Left-Wing Misfits Read It.”

“Your average Onion reader is usually a social misfit and a liberal son of a bitch with no fucking brain,”  said a furious Dr.  Dean Traherne, the outrageously outspoken Vegas Psychiatrist who owns and operates Trent Institute For Social Outcasts and Misfits in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. “They’re usually people who enjoy shocking others by talking about their Atheism and being all proud that they are godless — they are fucktards.   I have parents from all over the country who are trying to

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Robert De Niro is an Asshole.

Robert DeNiro is an asshole — at least that’s what a lot of people think.  I guess playing a gangster too many times has gone to his head. NOTE: PIcture of DeNiro pushing around a Hollywood writer who called him an asshole to his face – D D. Matt Gets shoved and pushed by De Niro   <—Click here.  He’s trying really hard to make his public persona so different from his on-film persona that he has gone over the edge. “He might really

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Comparing Rodney King Video to Unrest in The Middle East.

The media likes to pat themselves on the back.  They have awards for everything.    Even I’m nominated for a journalism award — not for this shit, but it just goes to show you that the standards are pretty goddam low. Anyway, the latest buzz among the people who write the words that make the whole world puke, is that some are trying to show how much the world has changed, inasmuch as videography is concerned, with the videos coming to

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Sarah Palin Says: “Joey Lawrence Is Bald And Sprays On Hair”

This cartoon video was written, directed and produced by TheDamienZone.com   Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved.

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