Comparing Rodney King Video to Unrest in The Middle East.

The media likes to pat themselves on the back.  They have awards for everything.    Even I’m nominated for a journalism award — not for this shit, but it just goes to show you that the standards are pretty goddam low.

Anyway, the latest buzz among the people who write the words that make the whole world puke, is that some are trying to show how much the world has changed, inasmuch as videography is concerned, with the videos coming to us from hand-helds and cellphones throughout the middle east during this time of crisis.  It’s the latest craze.  It’s a hula hoop with a zoom lens for chrissakes.

Rodney Kind was not a world changing man or a crusader.  He was a freaking idiot loser who gained fame by being an idiot loser and getting his ass kicked for being an idiot loser — and his video didn’t bring about any change — it brought about riots and mayhem.  How the hell does this borderline retard’s antics, as they were captured on bystander video, compare to the changing face of the globe?  How does it reflect the suffering of Egyptian or Libyan people who have never even been in a car let alone a car chase?   Are they trying to say that inner city Los Angeles has changed?  Yes it has — there are more gangs and more violence and more drugs and more and more and more.

The answer is that it doesn’t compare, but there always has to be the pandering American liberal trying to mix oil and water and trying to make gold.    Judas wouldn’t have even had the balls to turn in that video if he’d known the consequences.    It’s all about the fame — and damn the mayhem that follows.  I wanna be famous, man.

I could go on and on, but I won’t.  Rodney King is a nothing who never did anything good in his life.  The people who videotaped his bust are just lucky hucksters and nothing nothing nothing more than that.

The people who write this pandering crap forget people like Abraham Zapruder and the countless war vets etc., who captured real horrors on film long before video.   This whole subject is making me sick.

2 thoughts on “Comparing Rodney King Video to Unrest in The Middle East.

  1. Motherf*ck whoever wrote this bullsh*t.
    Sissy *ss motherfucker, probably too scared
    To even look at a black man in real life.
    F*ck all you punk *ss motherf*ckers!

    It takes a nation of millions to hold us back.

    Black power!!

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