5 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Says: “Joey Lawrence Is Bald And Sprays On Hair”

  1. This sucks and is terrible. Not funny and lame animation. Get a life to whomever made this and enjoy basking in your own misery for your entire life. Your pathetic.

  2. “get a life” — why do people always say that when they see something they don’t like? Also, it would be “you’re pathetic” not “your pathetic” — you can’t even write or spell. Also. the fact that it is indeed a lame cartoon should tip you off to the whole idea that this is comedy, you freaking numbskull.

  3. DDM, I’m going to have to defer to JJ on this albeit I thought it was funny and totally original, I think JJ would have preferred a real portrayal of Palin putting on a strap on wooden dildo and bending him over the desk and slamming his ass on Fox News of course, what were you thinking….?

  4. I was only able to work with the tools I had, and at the time Xtranormal was the best thing around. I had to use the animated voices they provide — although I flatter myself that my camera direction and facial expressions hint at my skills as a somewhat competent director. Keep in mind — and this is apparent if you watch all the Palin sermonettes — that I never mock Sarah Palin. I think that is played out and non productive and probably what ticked off JJ — although there is a chance that Palin’s vulgairity may have pissed JJ off as well. I will never know and I will never care

    I do, however, see Palin as my muse and through her cheapo cartoon video personna, I express my own opinions. In essence, what you hear coming from Palin is actually coming from me. Ordinary people would choose to mock Palin but what good would that do? My Palin cartoon about gay teenagers jumping off of bridges was profoundly my own voice and sentiment. I have a bit of an ego but sadly that comes along with a rather thin skin. This makes me a person who wants to be heard. I have this compelling need to educate and inform and often my casual conversation might sound a bit didactic. I have had to learn to tame that.

    JJ is typical of so many readers who have nothing else to say except the same banal insults that pass as commentary. In my opinion, this is my best work. Each time I watch it I find another moment that shines. Hey, it’s not Danger Mouse, but you have to keep in mind that I do this as I go along. I don’t have a script — and to create the dialogue, move the camera and direct the characters without any preamble — well, it isn’t easy — but it seems to be for me. There have been other videos where nothing worked. But again, JJ is the usual fare. He’s like the cheap paper cup of ice cream you get at a VFW wediing hall.


  5. Funny thing Damien is that true talent shines and Xtranormal is just fine, you use the tool well and it sounds like producing off the cuff is a challenging work in progress for ya. HD, 3-D sure I love all the precision graphics for say watching a horse race, yeh I need that detail for accuracy, when it comes to the artwork you do here I love it the way it is because it gives myself and others a chance to absorb and enjoy the content and appreciate……..I love when a jackass shows up, welcome, in lieu of intelligent, articulate, constructive dialogue which is great too……a head gets busted in now and again.

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