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Male Model Kaylin Vincent DuLuissey Has a 171 IQ.

Who says that goodlooking guys are stupid? The folks at American Eagle and the directors at Pac Sun, American Eagle and Quik consider him to be the most perfect male fashion model in his niche, and one hour of his time is worth more than most people make in a month, but to the 22-year-old boyish Belgian/American skateboarder, Kaylin-Vincente DuLuissey,  modeling is just a part time job that gets in his way because he prefers teaching his French and Dutch speaking students

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The Truth about Alprozolam (Xanax)

Alprazolam -pronounced – “al-PRAY’ so-lamb” –is the generic name for Xanax.  If you are prescribed this drug, your RX bottle will read “Alprazolam” since no insurance company will pay for the brand name, and it’s doubtful that any pharmacy actually carries the brand name “Xanax.” Xanax is considered to be a minor tranquilizer from the class of drugs called “benzodiazepines.”   The PDR (Physician’s Desk Reference) might call it a “minor tranquilizer” but it’s anything but minor. For many years Xanax was the one

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Hardcore Pawn — worst show in the history of television.

“HARDCORE PAWN”  is a TV show on TruTv — it’s about a pawnshop in Detroit that seems to be the size of a football field.   It is run by a guy named Les Gold, his son Seth and his daughter Ashely.  They have a  lot of employees and a lot of big burly (many of them black) security guards who have the job of throwing out any customer who becomes unruly –  (that would be just about every customer — real or actor

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Astrologer picks winning Powerball numbers. TheDamienZone.com

 “God gave me a gift but I will never use that gift for profit or gain lest I burn in hell as a sorcerer.”    Countess Maria DeRenzatto after being told that the numbers she predicted for Capricorns were the winning numbers in a recent multimillion dollar lottery drawing. [Countess DeRenzatto].    Astrologer, A Reclusive Countess in exile, picks winning Powerball numbers. TheDamienZone.com An Italian Countess who lives quietly in a small, New Jersey apartment, publicly predicted the winning Powerball numbers for Capricorners

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Marilyn Monroe to be exhumed and remains taken to museum.

Marilyn Monroe’s estate is quickly running out of money according to a source close to her finances.  In order to keep the money flowing, the grave of Marilyn Monroe will be opened next year and her remains will be put on display in a glass box that will tour the world. “Marilyn Monroe was an autopsy case, ” said master embalmer Johann Bellis of the Society For Mortuary and Funereal Understanding.  “An autopsied body, even though it has been embalmed,

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Friends fear: “Juliette Lewis stayed mildly retarded after filming “THE OTHER SISTER.”

“She used to be a bright girl — so full of knowledge,” said a source close to What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and The Other Sister star and former gal pal to Brad Pitt Juliette Lewis. “After she played the retarded girl in that movie The Other Sister she kind of…well she kind of stayed retarded.  You could tell by the look in her eyes.  It was kind of vacant.  She didn’t look like that before and I think that’s why

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How endowed and tall are, Michael Phelps, Lebron James and Alex Rodriquez?

Lebron James, Michael Phelps, Peyton Manning and Alex Rodriguez, they are giants of their games. Lebron James towers on the basketball court, Michael Phelps is a tall drink of water in the pool, Peyton Manning reigns tall on the football field and Alex Rodriguez is at the height of his game on the baseball diamond.  So how tall are these sports super stars is not really as important as is their penis size when it comes to how the penis

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“I used to dye his hair “Jean  Harlow blond” whenever he was in town,” said hair stylist and former male escort, Hermes Pillage of Stockholm Sweden.  “He liked his rent boys to be muscular and tattooed but he was cheap with money so usually he had to go with hustlers from the skating rink.  He is still doing the Jean harlow color every now and then, so maybe he’s still up to the old routine. “I knew that he was

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