“I used to dye his hair “Jean  Harlow blond” whenever he was in town,” said hair stylist and former male escort, Hermes Pillage of Stockholm Sweden.  “He liked his rent boys to be muscular and tattooed but he was cheap with money so usually he had to go with hustlers from the skating rink.  He is still doing the Jean harlow color every now and then, so maybe he’s still up to the old routine.

“I knew that he was wanted for messing around with girls but I think some of the charges are coming from young guys, but I guess we will see when he gets to Sweden to face the court.”

This is not the first gay or drag queen  accusation against Assange.   A source close to the Assange family says that they can’t believe the rape charges because friends say that Julian is a gay drag queen and he has been openly an openly gay drag queen to his family for years.    He wears platinum blond hair extensions and in his teen years, up to his mid twenties,  he did a Jean Harlow drag show in Brisbane’s gay night clubs.

“I used to play Marilyn Monroe and Julian did Jean Harlow.,” said Australian drag star Alice in Wonder Springs.  “He was a fabulous drag queen but he was always mad at the world and he hated the United States because he could not get a drag show contract with Madam Chang’s  famous drag restaurant and showroom in lower Manhattan.  Nobody liked him because he was sullen and actually kind of stupid.  He could not read very well and he spoke with a stutter.”

Now the drag queen is in jail where he won’t have to pay hustlers for sex.

6 thoughts on “Folks say: “JULIAN ASSANGE WAS A DRAG QUEEN.”

  1. He will only be a cult hero among the misfits. He looks like a seedy criminal for the love of god. It’s not like the British are holding Olivia deHavilland on rape charges — they are holding a scummy little beyotch.

  2. Assange is working for US Cybercommand and Wikileaks is a honeypot/disinformation site. Everything they release has either been released elsewhere or is propaganda against the middle east.

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