Astrologer picks winning Powerball numbers.

 “God gave me a gift but I will never use that gift for profit or gain lest I burn in hell as a sorcerer.”    Countess Maria DeRenzatto after being told that the numbers she predicted for Capricorns were the winning numbers in a recent multimillion dollar lottery drawing. [Countess DeRenzatto]. 


Astrologer, A Reclusive Countess in exile, picks winning Powerball numbers.

An Italian Countess who lives quietly in a small, New Jersey apartment, publicly predicted the winning Powerball numbers for Capricorners on her weekly horoscope forecasts for, but did not play them.    The winning numbers would have gone unnoticed by the staff here, but an email from a reader who also happens to be a radio news reporter shed light on the great feat of prognostication.

“I saw my horoscope on your website and I thought about playing my lucky numbers on the regular New Jersey Pick 6, ” wrote a reader who opted for anonymity.   “Then today I saw that the Powerball had been drawn and that my Capricorn numbers from your website were one and the same.  I knew the numbers looked the same so I went back to the damien zone ( and I was really mad a myself, but then again hindsight is 20/20, right?”

The Countess has been avoiding phone calls and interviews for the past several hours since the reporter leaked the story.  She prefers to be left alone and will not talk about how the numbers came to her.   Luckily her phone number is unlisted, but some intrepid fans dug through online sources and began to hound her.  Her local phone provider changed her phone number as of 11:09 am today.

“They make a big fuss because the numbers I picked for Capricorn were the winners in the lottery,” said the 89-year-old Countess from the cramped and modest confines of the apartment she shares with a cat named Yola.

“I also predicted dozens of other numbers for other signs of the zodiac but because those numbers were not associated with a fortune of money, those predictions will be ignored, but to me those predictions are just as important.  I do not predict numbers for profit or gain.  Numbers are important in life.  My mind tells me that each number is associated with somebody in a circle around the person for whom I predict.  If somebody makes millions of dollars from my predictions, I am happy for them, but I am not a sorcerer and I resent people treating me like one.”

Countess DeRenzatto is a genuine Countess and she has been supplying with astrological predictions for over a year, but many people don’t notice because those predictions are not sold or advertised.

“I am not a very strong gatherer of ethereal information,” said Countess DeRenzatto.  “I can’t reach far beyond my four walls and for that reason I limit my horoscopes to numbers and life events.  I do not pretend to talk to the dead.  There is evil in something like that.   I have a spirit that helps me and that spirit comes to me in dreams.  America has been good to me since I came here in 1941 and if I can help a fellow human with a little advice and a kind heart, I am happy to do so.”

Just a few steps from Countess DeRanzatto’s front door in (undisclosed) there is a luncheonette owned by an Indian immigrant, (name withheld)

“If only she had played her own numbers in my store I would have received the large bonus that the lottery gives to lottery dealers such as me,” said the cheerful business owner.

“The Countess is a familiar site in my store but she never buys tickets other than the kind that you can scratch off.  She always buys the same things — Swiss cheese, milk, bread, Campbell’s tomato soup and Fancy Feast cat food.   I sell her the cat food for cost because it is far too expensive to buy cat food in a store such as mine, but she has no way to get to the supermarket.  I offer to driver her but she refuses.  She is a lovely woman and a lot of people like her.”

The Countess came to the USA from the area north of Rome as a teenage bride.  Her husband, the Count DeRenzatto,  passed away in 1969 when he was struck by a car while vacationing in Florida.  Her wealth and all properties attached to her title were stolen by Mussolini and the Nazis during the war.  Efforts in Italian courts failed and in 1956 she dropped her lawsuit when she ran out of money.

“Nobody knows that she is a Countess except for some local people,” said her landlady and friend (name withheld).  “She has rented the same apartment since 1970.  My father was the landlord and I was a little kid.  Now I have a grandchild of my own and she is still here.  we love her so much.  To me she is like a grandmother.  I don’t pay attention to all the attention she gets with her predictions, but she did predict that I would have a healthy grandchild when doctors said I would not and she was right.  She is a devotee of Saint Gerard MaJella whose shrine is located at Saint Lucy’s Church in Newark, New Jersey.

The Countess worked for many years as a a perfume designer for a large firm and now she lives on her small savings and a fixed income.  She has a sister in Switzerland who recently celebrated her 95th birthday.    She has not seen her sister in over 30 years, but she they do send letters back and forth monthly.   Today, The Countess is content with a Swiss cheese sandwich and the companionship of her cat Yola.   She now has cable TV as a gift from her neighbors who love her.

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  1. I think she sounds like a very interesting person and i would love to hear her stories of when she was growing up. all you see in this world is selfish people.

  2. Yes — we are trying to get the Countess to do more readings but she has refused. I think we might have the powerball numbers for mid week — she seems to be willing to do it again. Can you believe that this old bat wants a PayPal account and $1 for her suggestions? She must have hired an agent or something – lol — I’m serious. Damien (editor)

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