Marilyn Monroe to be exhumed and remains taken to museum.

Marilyn Monroe’s estate is quickly running out of money according to a source close to her finances.  In order to keep the money flowing, the grave of Marilyn Monroe will be opened next year and her remains will be put on display in a glass box that will tour the world.

“Marilyn Monroe was an autopsy case, ” said master embalmer Johann Bellis of the Society For Mortuary and Funereal Understanding.  “An autopsied body, even though it has been embalmed, does not keep for more than a few weeks at best.  The dissection that occurs during an autopsy disrupts the circulatory system and the circulatory system is what embalmers use to spread preservatives throughout the body.   They are lucky if they find bones in there.  The whole thing is disgusting and ghoulish,  I can’t believe this is going to be allowed.”

Marilyn has been locked in a stone vault at Westwood Memorial Cemetery for forty-eight years.  When her remains reach the 50-year mark they can legally be moved to another location, and if the person who has guardianship over the remains decides that she should be interred in glass in a museum in France, there is no law to stop them.

Aug 7, 2012 is the official date but a motion could have her remains exhumed as early as April 2011.

According to another source, the plan would be to move the body to The Louvre in Paris and then to a specially designed museum in Hollywood where offers of over $1,000 per viewing are already pouring in.  The display of Marilyn’s remains could raise tens of millions in just one year.

When asked what she thought about it, Marilyn offered her opinion from the hereafter.

“Oh, that old thing?  I haven’t even seen it in years.  I think I checked on it when Bobby Kennedy died just to make sure they didn’t put his lying sack of shit ass next to mine.  The last time I checked was about thirty years ago when Hugh Hefner bought the crypt next to mine so that he could lie next to me for all eternity.  What an assshole!  Like I want to sleep next to that old sack of shit — the fuck I don’t.

“Why don’t people just leave me alone?  I mean, those bones aren’t bothering anybody.  I’m up here with some nice people who don’t use me.  As a matter of fact, they don’t even know who the fuck I am because I go by the name, Miss Caswell. ”

A group calling itself LOMA — Leave Our Marilyn Alone — has threatened to stop the exhumation.

4 thoughts on “Marilyn Monroe to be exhumed and remains taken to museum.

  1. I cannot believe I’m even reading this!!!!! with all the millions of bucks pouring in to MM’s estate, why is this even being considered?? Just how many millions would it take from royalties, etc., to satisfy her executrix, Mrs. Strasberg? is she the one behind this nonsense? she should be put in jail…

  2. It is a criminal action to raise her remains from her grave and place it on display and totaly deplorable…Allow the girl to rest in peace.

  3. Actually, if you own the rights to her — and somebody does — you can move her body wherever you want — and everybody had a price. Actually this will never happen in Mailyn’s case — at least not for another 1,000 years.

  4. The comments are hilarious!!! I honestly hope you guys didn’t actually finish reading the article before commenting.

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