Untalented Blake Edwards is dead.

Corny,  smarmy and untalented annoying film guy, Blake Edwards is dead.  It would have been announced by his wife Julie Andrews, but she can’t talk these days and besides, she was too busy trying to get Carol Burnett to have sex with her.

This guy made a lotta crap because he probably had a problem with wanting to dress as a woman and his wife looks like she wouldn’t have sex if she was on Noah’s Ark with an all-male crew.

 Edwards’ did things in movies that he thought were so special because they were rude — that was his substitution for talent. 

He loved the scene with the old woman farting in “10”, and the garlic breath of the Italians in Daddy, and the gross Japanese stereotype (Mickey Rooney) in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

In Operation Petticoat it is believed that he used lack of space both as a sexual metaphor and a venue for embarrassing sexual encounters between male and female. Moreover, the submarine is in the shape of a phallus, painted pink – a further embarrassment for the Caucasian male.

He also liked to use images of castration and anality as a way of indicating pain for the male:   In A Fine Mess, a statue is shot in the genitals, and in The Party a billiard cue is repeatedly jabbed into Hrundi V. Bakshi’s (Peter Sellers) behind.

The toilet humour in The Party reaches nightmare proportion when Bakshi, in excruciating pain, desperately wants to urinate and is unable to access a toilet. In this long sequence the pain intensifies through the imagery of a spurting fountain, a cat in its litter-box and the eventual turning on of the sprinkler system. These are just some of the events that taunt the protagonist before he finally finds a toilet.

In other words — this guy used shit and pissed based humor to build a career.  YUK!

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