Friends fear: “Juliette Lewis stayed mildly retarded after filming “THE OTHER SISTER.”

“She used to be a bright girl — so full of knowledge,” said a source close to What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and The Other Sister star and former gal pal to Brad Pitt Juliette Lewis.

“After she played the retarded girl in that movie The Other Sister she kind of…well she kind of stayed retarded.  You could tell by the look in her eyes.  It was kind of vacant.  She didn’t look like that before and I think that’s why Brad dumped her.”

Here are pics of Juliette’s high school report cards.   She was actually kind of smart — >D’sC’sA’sReportCard Pics of the stars.

Those closest to Lewis say that she does look a little slow and dim-witted, but she is most assuredly not retarded. asked famous neurologist Dr. John Richardson of the Beverly Hills Home for the Handicap-able.

“She looks very retarded to me,” said Dr.Richardson, as he helped a young man make a chain with craft paper and paste.

“Juliette Lewis was hanging around our art room because she said she wanted to learn more about how our patients behaved.  She said she was researching the mannerisms for a movie she was going to do about a mentally retarded girl, but the movie had long been finished and released.   As a matter of fact she started coming around about two years after the movie was already out on DVD. 

“I have been working with the mentally retarded for nearly fifty years and I know that Miss Lewis was here because she wanted to play in our art room and make macaroni clocks.  We had a similar situation with Kanye West earlier this year.”

If you click this link — you can read the whole story.

A source close to costar Diane Keaton offered this opinion:  “Juliette Lewis is a great actress who sadly gave up her intelligence just so that she could play a part.  She is a true artist like Tom Hanks who lost 60 pounds so that he could play an AIDS patient in the movie Philadelphia.    The trouble is that Hanks was able to put back on the pounds.  Juliette Lewis’ intelligence is gone for good and she truly has become The Other Sister — it just sucks that she didn’t win the Oscar because she ruined her whole life and half of her brain.”

4 thoughts on “Friends fear: “Juliette Lewis stayed mildly retarded after filming “THE OTHER SISTER.”

  1. Your article is so bogus. Brad and Juliette broke up many years ago before she did this movie. If you’re gonna write some bull, at least be credible about it and know your timeline.

  2. U non studee good enugh on brad Pitt u stupid don no why she no date he guy no more.

  3. Making fun of Juliette Lewis is very low brow. She’s done many amazing things with her life despite her mental handicap. You should be ashamed!

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