Identity of Baseball Stealing Woman Revealed…

Identity of Baseball Stealing Woman Revealed…

To some people, she is:

1 -“That horrible baseball-stealing woman with the  lipstick lesbian haircut,”

2 – “That square butt-face old hag in ugly white pants and a big bully belt who snatched away a baseball from a child”

3 -“She is the embodiment of evil and greed and selfishness.  She has no soul and she should rot in hell.”

Those are only some of the angry accusations that have been hurled at a woman named  Grennele Brashkowitz,  who  until today, had gone unidentified after she displayed one of the most outrageous examples of human greed in the history of Major League Baseball.

If you already think Grennele Brashkowitz is already the most contemptible wicked witch in the world just by watching the video, wait until you hear what she does for a living.   Here are pictures of Grennele on the job – D. and G Brashkowitz Psychology.

Baseball fans the world over have been wanting to know the identity of this horrible jerk ever since she snatched the ball away from the unidentified child to whom it was thrown by Juan Miranda at Minute Maid Park in Houston.

Because The Damien Zone is dedicated to truth — especially when it applies to human stupidity and dumbness —  we cracked the case.  We found the thieving and heartless woman in question and she agreed to a phone interview from what she thought was an undisclosed location.

“The announcer on TV said what I did was ‘beyond wrong’ but there is nothing wrong with a kid learning that life is about competition and learning to take the hard knocks.  Besides that, the announcer didn’t even know what he was talking about,”   Brashkowitz said from her home in New York City where she works as — get this — a child psychologist of all things.

“The camera was on me! It was not on  the kid!  People can be so stupid.  They see some cute little girl on the TV screen and they automatically assume that she must be the center of attention.  The truth is that I was the center of attention.   It was me! Why is this so easily overlooked?   Why am I automatically the monster in this story?  The camera was pointing at me.”

The Damien zone has watched this video a thousand times and each time we come to the same conclusion as everyone else.  Grennele Brashkowitz reached out and snatched the ball from the little girl. There is no debating the issue.

“I was on a cross-country vacation with my life companion Judy, and we decided to go to a baseball game.  I even bought a special outfit for the occasion because I wanted to look especially nice.   I got a white shirt with white slacks and a high quality Donna Karan leather belt.  

“I looked great and I deserved to be on TV.  I deserved that ball too.  That little kid will have a lot of chances in life.  Sometimes she will screw up and sometimes she will succeed.  That’s the way life goes for everybody.   That’s the way the cookie crumbles ! So get over it!”

Angry and very disillusioned by the American reaction to her ball-snatching, Brashkowitz is now heading back to her native Quebec.   She feels that her life has become unlivable since she stole that ball from that poor little girl.  She is being drummed out of her job and shunned in her community.

“I didn’t even know the goddam kid was there.  I didn’t even see her, but what difference should that make?  I win!  That is what I do!  In the long run that stupid kid will get on TV shows and whatever but I will always be seen as an evil woman with a big ugly belt.  Yeah, that’s what the guy on the local news said about me.  That’s how I was judged.  They didn’t see me.  They saw a belt they didn’t like or a haircut they didn’t like.  They chose to make me into a monster and to mock my clothes.  What sense does that make?  One radio announcer said I had an ugly belt.  Can you imagine saying that about a belt?  I paid a lot of money for that belt.   Why talk about a belt?  Why not come down to my seat with a microphone and interview me?  I guess that would have been too easy and too truthful.  They weren’t interested in truth.”

Brashkowitz’s attitude grew increasingly hostile throughout the interview.

“I can’t take it anymore in this country and I don’t care what anyone thinks of me or my hair or how out of style they say I looked or that my ass was big and flat like Howard Stern said on his show the next day.  Yeah, so let’s see you live with those kinds of insults and see how long you can take it.   And all this because I beat out a little brat for a baseball.  Give me a f**ing break!”

Grennele Brashskowitz is a child psychologist in private practice with four other clinicians.  So far all of the staff has walked out and the partners are in the process of buying her out of the business.  Strangely enough, according to her associate, Daneesh Pargrim PHd. she is beloved by her patients and has never had a blemish on her record.

NOTE:  Grennele Brashkowiz’s belt was $139.99 at Nordstrom.  Thank you to Heidi from New York City who identified the belt and who always helps us to get our stories 100% accurate.

NOTE: Commenting is easy on TheDamienZone.  We have all kinds of automatic anti-spam stuff so we don’t have to put the reader through a lot of steps to comment.  Mouth off — hate me — love me — that’s what I’m here.  


183 thoughts on “Identity of Baseball Stealing Woman Revealed…

  1. i think she did was wrong she was selfish took from this kid . this kid had this ball first she should be ashamed for stealing or grabbing it from this kid what a rude.

  2. “I didn’t even know the kid was there. I didn’t even see her” .. how did she not see her? She took the ball right out of the little girls hands.. stupid woman better not come back to Canada.

  3. Shes Canadian? cant be.. we are all so polite up here, but then again, shes from Quebec, so I don’t consider her Canadian. Please keep the bitch in the US please.

  4. I honestly don’t know how she can’t see no wrong what a sad excuse for a women let alone her job choice gawd wonder what she puts in kids heads if this is her attitude .. Her friends are no better they cheered her on ! shame on. The lot of em

  5. Cross country with her longtime female “companion”….
    She has a very intolerant attitude, oh wait, that’s to be expected! What a bitch, go to Canada, we are now HAPPY!

  6. the fact the author uses lesbian as an insult doesn’t help things. Agreeable she was rude but what a douche for his Suze Orman lipstick lesbian comment. And seriously get your idioms right dude – you can’t be both.

  7. This article, while imaginative and certainly the stuff of Disney tales, is wholly untrue. 4 years ago someone who lived in her town and saw the video outed the woman on social media. He posted her name, address, phone number and work place for all to see.

  8. Suze Orman is indeed a lipstick lesbian. Lipstick Lesbian is an informal slang noun and not an idiom — so the author did get it right. I hate when people incorrectly correct things, but since the purpose of this site is to expose human stupidity and dumbness, this comment fits in rather neatly.

  9. LOL All of you arguing back and forth , including the author (I am embarrassed for him btw) sound like the idiots this site claims to expose. Bottom line:

    The woman is: a POS, most likely regrets that day, but is still probably a POS regardless.

    This article is: Embellished, and most definitely cheesy.

    The author is: Unprofessional in every way. Unfortunately, most “journalists/writers/bloggers” are unprofessional these days. News should be delivered without opinion or bias. And if you are gonna have a trashy tabloid style website that is purposely opinionated and over the top; do not discredit yourself even further by arguing with your readers. That is putting you out on front street as a hack. And a clueless one at that. What is that they say about monkeys and typewriters?

  10. It’s a fucking dopey blog, you clueless asshole. Listen, HillBillyBrains — when you can compose a blog with a purposeful mission statement, and then get 3.6 million people to read in in less than 37 months, pick up your phone and give me a call, okay? YOU are the reason for the blog! YOU are the epitome of stupidity and dumbness. Far more often I write something in haste knowing full well that the comments will be the true source of the stupidity. Thank you, dick weed, for making my job so easy. Thank you for going up there on stage and doing my work for me.

  11. Frankly the kid’s parents should have called security and have had her arrested for assault! I certainly would have been down there for my kid and probably done something I shouldn’t have… But to say those things and to be a child psychologist, she deserves to be kicked out of her practice!

  12. Grennele Brashkowitz,
    I hope someday you read this.
    You are quoted as saying, “I didn’t even know the kid was there. I didn’t even see her, but what difference should that make? I win! That is what I do!”
    Watch this video. It show’s you taking the ball out of the little girl’s hands. She had it. You took it.
    “In the long run the kid will get on TV shows and whatever but I will always be seen as an evil woman with a big ugly belt.”
    I don’t so much care about your belt one way or another, but guess what. I know your name. I don’t know that little girl’s name. She doesn’t have a TV show. She does have a memory of a woman who took a baseball out of her hands. She will live with this memory for the rest of her life. So I hope you live with the crap everyone flings at you for the rest of yours. That’s Karma at work. Deal with it.

  13. So, I suppose it would have been fair in competition for me to knock her bitch ass out, and steal her wallet? It’s competition!

  14. That bit@# needs to get a new job. There is not a sane parent out there that would keep taking their child to her after her STUPID actions and statements.

    May the Goddess forgive her evilness.

  15. WTH makes her think we want her in Canada?
    She’s from Quebec, please don’t call her Canadian, they are only that by location. KEEP HER!
    Everything she said indicates her perverse ideal of entitlement, she feels herself so above humanity that she would not hesitate to steal from another person, adult nor child.
    She took the ball right out of the little girls hand and even after the fact she was unapologetic.
    Disgusting excuse for a human being.

  16. “ sometimes disguises names in its stories to protect identities of morons and their personal information — except in cases when public figures are being satirized, or when a story about a misquote attributed to any persons, living or dead, is being abused for comical purposes of self-promotion.”

  17. I wonder if walking up to her, punching her in the head, taking her cash and saying “I win!” would be justifiable to her.

  18. Is this true? I want so badly to believe, but the douchebags on YouTube are saying it’s obviously not…

  19. This b*tch deserves the crap she gets for not just taking the ball out of the girl’s hands but her crass, selfish comments that she was entitled to the ball. And she’s a child psychologist? Wow.
    There is another side to the foul ball situation, though. For years, adults at ball games have been shamed into giving up a foul ball that they caught fair and square to some kid they don’t know. That happened to me at an ??Orioles? game in 2012, when I caught the first foul ball in my life after going to games for more than four decades.
    During that game, I was sitting about 20 rows up behind home plate when Royals batter Jeff Francoeur fouled off a pitch by Chris Tillman. I reached over some empty seats to snag it on the first bounce, as the father of a young boy next to me tumbled onto the seats trying for the ball. Though I didn’t push anyone out of the way, people I didn’t know yelled at me to give up the souvenir to the boy. I was with a friend and not my 12-year-old son, so I could not give it to my own son. I thought I might make Sportscenter or YouTube for snatching a foul ball next to a boy as his father hurt himself going for it. I gave the treasure to the boy, and he was grateful and shook my hand. I made a point to tell his parents that was first foul ball I had ever caught in my 40-plus years of going to games. Fans applauded, but my feelings were mixed. My friend said I should have kept the ball as we left.
    The next Orioles game I attended in 2012, I caught a home run hit in batting practice by Manny Machado when there weren’t any other small kids around. Then in 2013 at Nats Park, I caught balls thrown into the stands before games by Stephen Strasburg and Dan Haren. Both of those times, people also yelled at me to give the ball to a kid, and fortunately my son was around for me to make a show of giving it to him.
    Then last night, I caught a batting practice ball hit by Michael Morse that was thrown into the stands at random by Mat Latos. It flew over kids and bounced near me so I snatched it before another man with a glove could. Again, some fans yelled at me to give it to a random kid. Some of those kids had been there more than an hour, collecting two or three balls. I just wanted one to give to my son or daughter.
    I still think if you catch a foul ball or ball thrown into the stands by a player at random, it’s yours to keep unless a kid’s hands are on it, or the player obviously meant to throw it to a certain kid. That adult going after the ball along with the kids likely has a child nearby or at home he or she wants to give it to.
    But this b*tch obviously did wrong. I would in no way advocate snatching a ball from a kid’s hands.

  20. Geez, dee Bea, you have a problem. Quebec IS in Canada, stop believing in stereotypes, and you’re a jerk saying that bitch should stay in America. She can go nowhere except in hell. You’re pretty rude too, sir, saying that rude people should be in America, only Canadians are polite and that Quebec isn’t a part of it. Yeah, all to say that, it’s pretty discriminative.

  21. I find this article extremely sexist. Just because she is a woman she is subject to such a tirade of hate speech. Stop oppressing women!

  22. You want equality for women? That means she will have to get far worse threats than what she was getting. If it was a man that did this, there would be so much more hatred than a woman gets.

  23. This can’t be true. No one could seriously be that big of a scumbag. I guess if it is it shows the old rule that shrinks are crazier than their patients

  24. I feel like this site is made up. Maybe it’s a “parody” site, but I don’t get the joke. The only link in the article is to IMDB. I’m almost positive this is entirely made up and this website has hosed a bunch of people into believing it’s for real.

  25. I’m sorry, I meant entirely positive that it’s fake, and just a pure click-bait site. Basically a website where a bunch of douchebags prey on the gullibility of old ladies and simpletons. It’s a site for the summiest of the scum.

  26. There are no ads on the page — there is no click baiting — and whenever a link to another story expires or is no longer available, the default programme sends you to the internet movie data base.

  27. Damien,
    A belated comment, as I only now found this story. As a Houstonian, I was much-relieved to discover that the baseball stealing woman was not a local, since I believe the majority of Texans would recoil in horror at such an act of childish selfishness on the part of an adult. This was a simple act of naked aggression. She would not have dared snatch that ball from an adult. I commend you for blogging on it.
    I must also address the remarks of several of your commenters. It is a constant source of amazement to me that people like HillbillyBrains, chingching, diablo and Robert have absolutely no problem with parading their ignorance around the internet. They undoubtedly share much in the makeup of their character with the villain of this story.
    Folks, Google is your friend. If you don’t believe something you read, obtain the truth prior to making fools of yourselves.

  28. OK, so a baseball coming to your area tends to make normal people crazy and if that was what she said what happened, I’d say OK. Learn to chill and look around to see who might be around you big person. Could be stepping on a little kid chasing that ball.

    But her attitude tells me she’s getting exactly what she deserves. The girl had both hands on the ball and you ripped the ball violently from her hands. In my opinion, she could have been arrested right there for theft, the girl having gained possession of the ball.

    She is a wicked person and Canada is a worse place today with ugly witch in it.

  29. Woman is a fucking Jew and French Canadian.


    # Jeffrey Schein Jeff

    # Golda Poretsky’

    # nycityjeff

  30. Lol this is clearly SO FAKE. A 6th grader could have written a more believable article. This is garbage.

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