Identity of Baseball Stealing Woman Revealed…

Identity of Baseball Stealing Woman Revealed…

To some people, she is:

1 -“That horrible baseball-stealing woman with the  lipstick lesbian haircut,”

2 – “That square butt-face old hag in ugly white pants and a big bully belt who snatched away a baseball from a child”

3 -“She is the embodiment of evil and greed and selfishness.  She has no soul and she should rot in hell.”

Those are only some of the angry accusations that have been hurled at a woman named  Grennele Brashkowitz,  who  until today, had gone unidentified after she displayed one of the most outrageous examples of human greed in the history of Major League Baseball.

If you already think Grennele Brashkowitz is already the most contemptible wicked witch in the world just by watching the video, wait until you hear what she does for a living.   Here are pictures of Grennele on the job – D. and G Brashkowitz Psychology.

Baseball fans the world over have been wanting to know the identity of this horrible jerk ever since she snatched the ball away from the unidentified child to whom it was thrown by Juan Miranda at Minute Maid Park in Houston.

Because The Damien Zone is dedicated to truth — especially when it applies to human stupidity and dumbness —  we cracked the case.  We found the thieving and heartless woman in question and she agreed to a phone interview from what she thought was an undisclosed location.

“The announcer on TV said what I did was ‘beyond wrong’ but there is nothing wrong with a kid learning that life is about competition and learning to take the hard knocks.  Besides that, the announcer didn’t even know what he was talking about,”   Brashkowitz said from her home in New York City where she works as — get this — a child psychologist of all things.

“The camera was on me! It was not on  the kid!  People can be so stupid.  They see some cute little girl on the TV screen and they automatically assume that she must be the center of attention.  The truth is that I was the center of attention.   It was me! Why is this so easily overlooked?   Why am I automatically the monster in this story?  The camera was pointing at me.”

The Damien zone has watched this video a thousand times and each time we come to the same conclusion as everyone else.  Grennele Brashkowitz reached out and snatched the ball from the little girl. There is no debating the issue.

“I was on a cross-country vacation with my life companion Judy, and we decided to go to a baseball game.  I even bought a special outfit for the occasion because I wanted to look especially nice.   I got a white shirt with white slacks and a high quality Donna Karan leather belt.  

“I looked great and I deserved to be on TV.  I deserved that ball too.  That little kid will have a lot of chances in life.  Sometimes she will screw up and sometimes she will succeed.  That’s the way life goes for everybody.   That’s the way the cookie crumbles ! So get over it!”

Angry and very disillusioned by the American reaction to her ball-snatching, Brashkowitz is now heading back to her native Quebec.   She feels that her life has become unlivable since she stole that ball from that poor little girl.  She is being drummed out of her job and shunned in her community.

“I didn’t even know the goddam kid was there.  I didn’t even see her, but what difference should that make?  I win!  That is what I do!  In the long run that stupid kid will get on TV shows and whatever but I will always be seen as an evil woman with a big ugly belt.  Yeah, that’s what the guy on the local news said about me.  That’s how I was judged.  They didn’t see me.  They saw a belt they didn’t like or a haircut they didn’t like.  They chose to make me into a monster and to mock my clothes.  What sense does that make?  One radio announcer said I had an ugly belt.  Can you imagine saying that about a belt?  I paid a lot of money for that belt.   Why talk about a belt?  Why not come down to my seat with a microphone and interview me?  I guess that would have been too easy and too truthful.  They weren’t interested in truth.”

Brashkowitz’s attitude grew increasingly hostile throughout the interview.

“I can’t take it anymore in this country and I don’t care what anyone thinks of me or my hair or how out of style they say I looked or that my ass was big and flat like Howard Stern said on his show the next day.  Yeah, so let’s see you live with those kinds of insults and see how long you can take it.   And all this because I beat out a little brat for a baseball.  Give me a f**ing break!”

Grennele Brashskowitz is a child psychologist in private practice with four other clinicians.  So far all of the staff has walked out and the partners are in the process of buying her out of the business.  Strangely enough, according to her associate, Daneesh Pargrim PHd. she is beloved by her patients and has never had a blemish on her record.

NOTE:  Grennele Brashkowiz’s belt was $139.99 at Nordstrom.  Thank you to Heidi from New York City who identified the belt and who always helps us to get our stories 100% accurate.

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183 thoughts on “Identity of Baseball Stealing Woman Revealed…

  1. That woman may have lived in Québec, but she is not a Québécois. She is a ******* anglophone, and they would never consider themselves Québécois in the cultural sense of the word. So don’t put us in the same bag as her.

  2. Yeah, probably right. While a Québécois would have acted at least as bad if not WORSE, they would never fork out $139 for a belt!!!

  3. You’d think that somewhere along the line, the response she’s getting from literally everyone would make her, oh I don’t know, do literally any amount of self-evaluation to come to the conclusion that she’s a horrible person.

  4. From the woman’s attitude and wording, I would guess she has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The root of NPD is abandonment, either physical or emotional, from the parent(s) or caregiver(s). It’s not surprising that she would become a child psychologist, to subconsciously or unconsciously seek to resolve the damage done to her childhood. People with NPD (or any personality disorder, actually) rarely ever seek treatment since their perspective is so skewed. They are right, everyone else is wrong. It is truly rare that a person like this realizes the feedback/reactions they get from others is an indication that there is something wrong with their own behavior and seeks help.

  5. Grennele Brashkowitz…..Brashkowitz…..makes sense. Only a jew would be that greedy.

  6. What a raving mainiac!!!! She still doesn’t get it!!! She RIPPED IT OUT OF HER HANDS!!!! Watch the video lady. If u didn’t see the little girl who’s hands r u pulling the ball from??!!!! WTF LADY ???

  7. I would like to know about the little girl. What are her thoughts, and her parents’ thoughts on Grennele Brashkowitz and her actions?

  8. What a sad person. She really feels as if she did nothing wrong. She thinks that because she got a new outfit on, she is more entitled to the balleft, being on camera, and being recognized than that little girl. She is really sick and needs to findo help herself. To be so educated and so ignorant at the same time is unbelievable!

  9. I call bull shit. There is no way that’s what this woman said. Sounds fabricated to me.

  10. Sure her patients love her…she is paid to be nice to them. What we saw was her true self in action.

  11. Maybe if she was a bit apologetic. But no, I look good, I deserve it. No wonder your copping so much crap lady you have not an ounce of humility. Your a disgrace!

  12. LOLZ- being a jew has nothing to do with it, why do you have to go there? She’s a horrible person, period and so are you for your stupid comment.

  13. I have to say Phycologists don’t need anymore black eyes. This lady is a disgrace to the profession, and to humanity. To refute what is in the video is plain foolhardy.

    She got what was coming to her. The little girl, I am so impressed with her. Her act of not confronting the lady shows poise, and maturity. Plainly seen on the video the little girl was hurt. But did the wise thing, and walked away. Props to her, and her parents. They should be proud of their little girl.

    I am glad she received another game ball properly presented too her. Our favorite American past time is only better for doing the right thing for their fans, and I am impressed they stepped up to the plate. A win for the little girl, her parents, and Baseball. I love happy, and just endings

  14. OMG… She is insane to believe she did nothing wrong. She is a selfish ugly hair biatch. Bully is that who she is. Everyone needs to watch out if you are trusting your kids with this maniac.

  15. While I agree with the coment’s regarding the child and believe me people in England feel exactly the same I can’t believe the amount ofblatant racism in the comments, that has shocked me as much as the woman’s actions.

  16. I agree with the person who believes she has NPD. I also think we would all be easier to get along with in this world if we criticized only the behavior, not the clothing, haircut, size or shape of her butt, name, nationality, etc. We give bullies so many ways to deflect blame for their own bad behavior when we bully them back.

  17. More second thoughts. What was a little girl that young doing there to begin with? Could she even catch a ball that could cause a serious trip to the dentist? Or a fall over the barrier? Did the woman initially save the girl from a trip to the dentist.

  18. This poor excuse for a person makes me sick. Who the hell does she think she is? The camera was NOT on her. Who gives a flying crap about what she wore, her sexuality ect… She flat out took the ball from the kid. The ONLY focus on her was her disgusting behavior. Gurrr I wish I could have been there!!!

  19. This woman will never convince the world that she deserves the ball over a child. It wasn’t up to you to teach her the life of hard knocks….oh wait but you didnt see her. The player admitted that he threw it to the child not you #selfishbitch

  20. Ah hahaha your PROUD of that haircut? Let alone PROUD of that ugly ass outfit to match your ugly ass belt that you overpaid to hold up those pants that didnt cover your FAT ASS!! A child psychologist you are NOT,had that been my lil girl id have shoved your fat ass down to the ASSTRO TURF. GTFOH n go home. Dont ever show up to an American baseball game ever again let alone dressed like that!!!! The camera was looking at you ah hahahaha.

  21. Even if they were throwing it to me and a little girl was standing next to me I would turn around and give it right to the child

  22. This lady is a physiologist! I hope people remember her face. Take your children out of her care. Your children will be affected by her. If she sees no reason. Then she is not able to help others or children. She acts and thinks she is entitled. If I was the little girls mother. I would have went up to her and grabbed the ball out of her hand. See how she would have liked that. Then maybe bitch slap her too

  23. If that had been my kid, her ass and her outfit would have been over that railing. Hope she trips over that ball and karma knocks her teeth out!

  24. Let’s find out who the little girl is and give her some special treatment. Like a big party with her favorite team members and signedballs from them. Lifetime season tickets for her and her family. Give her so many gifts and things and publicise it so the lady who stole her ball will see it. Maybe even invite the woman to an event where everyone is presenting lavish gifts to the girl in front of her.

  25. Please update us on how she is treated in Canada. I wonder if the people in Canada know what she did in America. I can’t believe she actually said she didn’t see the little girl.

  26. Why do you allow an anti-sementic post by Lolz to stay up on your site…shame on you.

  27. Next step…

    1, find the little girl
    2, give her a guided tour of the stadium
    3, meet and greet the players before a game
    4, let her lead the team on to the pitch
    5, invite the lesbian to sit in the stand and watch a little girl enjoy herself because after all she didn’t cry or get upset, she just turned around and climbed back to her seat!

  28. Can’t blame Canadians or Quebec – in any country, and in any place this woman is a selfish unaware jerk!

  29. You guys are hilarious,,,,yes, I agree, that woman has some major issues and a way-out-of-kilter ego,,,she has a point that the little girl was going to experience disappointment at some point in her life, but still a rotten thing to do to a kid,,,,still, she shouldn’t deserve to lose her livelihood,,,,I think the internet is a two edged sword,,,,


  31. This woman is a child psychologist and this is no surprise to me. Most psychologists that I have met were very self-center, arrogant and thought that they were superior to other people. They find fault with any person that they come into contact with and will tell you that. It seems that this woman has some psychological issues of her own and is unwilling to face them. Just because you have an education does not make you smart as a person, Grennele Brashkowitz has proven this to be a fact!

  32. This story is obviously fake but people are taking it as real. You should remove it from your site. It’s not funny or obvious like “the onion”, it’s just sad and stereotypical.

  33. Wow! Child psychologist? What a narcissistic bitch! And just all kinds of wrong. Not typical of Canadians either. Just an egomaniac.

  34. Fake story. Nothing satirical about it, just another bullshitter who wants attention and gets paid for being full of shit just like a politician.

  35. Fake? It’s not fake. She was on Good Morning Yellow Knife a few weeks ago. What the hell are you talking about?

  36. The two things that gets me, I know this happened a while ago…is how an the hell your gonna say that 1. You didn’t know she was there. 2. When you snatched the ball you didn’t realize that the ball you snatch was from a person who was shorter than you and younger. Whatever you get it are getting, is because you put youself in that situation!!!

  37. I personally think that we shouldn’t waist or time on this cooks hearted bitch. Time should have been spent finding the little girl and her family and getting them field passes and meet and greet with the entire Houston Astros Organization and ball players. Where she can get the opportunity to get a ball, bat and jersey signed by the whole team and also recieved a jersey with her name on it. Throw in the first pitch of a game and seat in the dugout. Oh and ban the cold heated bitch from ALL sporting Evesham in the US and Canada.

  38. Child psychologist?! I wouldn’t let this narcissistic twatwaffle treat my pet fish let alone my child! She derserved to be on tv?? The only thing she deservesis a whack over the head…with a 2×4

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