Identity of Baseball Stealing Woman Revealed…

Identity of Baseball Stealing Woman Revealed…

To some people, she is:

1 -“That horrible baseball-stealing woman with the  lipstick lesbian haircut,”

2 – “That square butt-face old hag in ugly white pants and a big bully belt who snatched away a baseball from a child”

3 -“She is the embodiment of evil and greed and selfishness.  She has no soul and she should rot in hell.”

Those are only some of the angry accusations that have been hurled at a woman named  Grennele Brashkowitz,  who  until today, had gone unidentified after she displayed one of the most outrageous examples of human greed in the history of Major League Baseball.

If you already think Grennele Brashkowitz is already the most contemptible wicked witch in the world just by watching the video, wait until you hear what she does for a living.   Here are pictures of Grennele on the job – D. and G Brashkowitz Psychology.

Baseball fans the world over have been wanting to know the identity of this horrible jerk ever since she snatched the ball away from the unidentified child to whom it was thrown by Juan Miranda at Minute Maid Park in Houston.

Because The Damien Zone is dedicated to truth — especially when it applies to human stupidity and dumbness —  we cracked the case.  We found the thieving and heartless woman in question and she agreed to a phone interview from what she thought was an undisclosed location.

“The announcer on TV said what I did was ‘beyond wrong’ but there is nothing wrong with a kid learning that life is about competition and learning to take the hard knocks.  Besides that, the announcer didn’t even know what he was talking about,”   Brashkowitz said from her home in New York City where she works as — get this — a child psychologist of all things.

“The camera was on me! It was not on  the kid!  People can be so stupid.  They see some cute little girl on the TV screen and they automatically assume that she must be the center of attention.  The truth is that I was the center of attention.   It was me! Why is this so easily overlooked?   Why am I automatically the monster in this story?  The camera was pointing at me.”

The Damien zone has watched this video a thousand times and each time we come to the same conclusion as everyone else.  Grennele Brashkowitz reached out and snatched the ball from the little girl. There is no debating the issue.

“I was on a cross-country vacation with my life companion Judy, and we decided to go to a baseball game.  I even bought a special outfit for the occasion because I wanted to look especially nice.   I got a white shirt with white slacks and a high quality Donna Karan leather belt.  

“I looked great and I deserved to be on TV.  I deserved that ball too.  That little kid will have a lot of chances in life.  Sometimes she will screw up and sometimes she will succeed.  That’s the way life goes for everybody.   That’s the way the cookie crumbles ! So get over it!”

Angry and very disillusioned by the American reaction to her ball-snatching, Brashkowitz is now heading back to her native Quebec.   She feels that her life has become unlivable since she stole that ball from that poor little girl.  She is being drummed out of her job and shunned in her community.

“I didn’t even know the goddam kid was there.  I didn’t even see her, but what difference should that make?  I win!  That is what I do!  In the long run that stupid kid will get on TV shows and whatever but I will always be seen as an evil woman with a big ugly belt.  Yeah, that’s what the guy on the local news said about me.  That’s how I was judged.  They didn’t see me.  They saw a belt they didn’t like or a haircut they didn’t like.  They chose to make me into a monster and to mock my clothes.  What sense does that make?  One radio announcer said I had an ugly belt.  Can you imagine saying that about a belt?  I paid a lot of money for that belt.   Why talk about a belt?  Why not come down to my seat with a microphone and interview me?  I guess that would have been too easy and too truthful.  They weren’t interested in truth.”

Brashkowitz’s attitude grew increasingly hostile throughout the interview.

“I can’t take it anymore in this country and I don’t care what anyone thinks of me or my hair or how out of style they say I looked or that my ass was big and flat like Howard Stern said on his show the next day.  Yeah, so let’s see you live with those kinds of insults and see how long you can take it.   And all this because I beat out a little brat for a baseball.  Give me a f**ing break!”

Grennele Brashskowitz is a child psychologist in private practice with four other clinicians.  So far all of the staff has walked out and the partners are in the process of buying her out of the business.  Strangely enough, according to her associate, Daneesh Pargrim PHd. she is beloved by her patients and has never had a blemish on her record.

NOTE:  Grennele Brashkowiz’s belt was $139.99 at Nordstrom.  Thank you to Heidi from New York City who identified the belt and who always helps us to get our stories 100% accurate.

NOTE: Commenting is easy on TheDamienZone.  We have all kinds of automatic anti-spam stuff so we don’t have to put the reader through a lot of steps to comment.  Mouth off — hate me — love me — that’s what I’m here.  


183 thoughts on “Identity of Baseball Stealing Woman Revealed…

  1. Did you make this up? The video is real but how is it known what the name of this woman is? And those quotes? Seriously? No sources??

  2. The woman has been identified and the quotes come from her. Can’t you read? SHE is the source of the quotes. How hard is that to figure out?

  3. You win…that’s what you do? Well, pick on someone your own size, you FREAK of nature! And HOW can the belt be ugly because it was expensive? Because it was ON ugly, that’s why! You’ve left the U.S. Well, GLAD to hear it!!! A. Glad you’re not an American and B. Glad there was somewhere to run you OFF to. Now you’re THEIR problem! Good riddance, trash and since you couldn’t “see” the child, guess you couldn’t tell what you looked like that day…. a waste of money on your “special” outfit! LOL And do you REALLY think you can’t lose your license to practice which EVER discipline you’re in, in which ever COUNTRY you’re in? You know, unethical conduct and all that…. What did you DO? You physically assaulted a child! Yep, in THIS country, what you did amounts to assault!

  4. Yeah this article smacks of being faked. Any normal journalist would include at least some measure of authenticity…..for example a current photo, details of when and where this woman supposedly made these statements, how she was found…so on and so forth.

    Personally I hope she is found but don’t believe this Grenele is actually a person. Damian I encourage you to validate your article a bit better. Provide us with evidence on how you obtained this information or provide a link to the source from where you got it from. And answer how you managed to get this info while the major to networks haven’t even got a clue as to who she is. If you do this, and I’m wrong (which I’d humbly accept) then I’ll give you Kudos and praise your investigative skills….till then this article is a fake.

  5. Suspicious? When Satan tempted Christ with the whole world was it because he loved him or he hated him? I believe in everything until it’s disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it’s in your mind. Who’s to say that dreams and nightmares aren’t as real as the here and now?

  6. Religious people shouldn’t lie then. Besides…… I’m an Athiest. Explains why people like me require some measure of proof before we go believing in fairytales. If you’re happy believing in anything and everything then good for you. May the dragons protect you and toothfairy bring you sweet riches. Always remember…the Easter Bunny loves you.

  7. Stupid? Do I promote made up stories as fact? Sounds like you don’t like being called out as a fake. Do us a favour and delete this post.

  8. You still don’t get it. You are saying something is fake, when in fact it is very real — why don’t you understand that? Go away. Do me a favour and delete your DNA sequence.

  9. Seriously dude?
    No sources.
    No quotes.
    No interview.
    No evidence.

    You also made her cartoonishly evil may as well have just called her mrs. hitler?

  10. Simple Damian…..prove this article is NOT A FAKE and you’ll never hear another word from me again. Do ME a favour and prove me wrong. Fact you say….where’s you evidence? You… my planet!

  11. Hmmmm? Mrs. Hitler? You know — I should have thought of that. Fake and Gay made me laugh — that was funny — I have to admit. Even the name “fake and gay” was hilarious. I should hire him/her to answer these morons.

  12. I have petitioned the proper authorities in Australia to hand over to you the documents you need to prove that this is a true story. Go the Belgian Embassy and they will help you. 🙂

  13. Lol. Sure you have. Still can’t provide validating evidence eh Damo? I look forward to your next bit of fictitious drivel when I’m in need of a giggle. Actually I wont ….because I’m giving you the last laugh – I’ll not grace this page again as its a complete waste of time. I think people can easily determine you’re just some squeaky little keyboard hero who needs to make things up to feel like they have any worth as a human being. Sad really….but there you have it. Have a wonderful life Damian….may I suggest you try your hand at writing Fiction… seem to have a flare for it.

  14. That’s the idea!!! And don’t leave — there are a lot of really great articles on here — I’m not kidding — and yes, I am an award winning writer — this is my fun. Why crucify me?

  15. Typical nutjob…lies and lies, then tries to talk $hit louder than everybody else to cover it up. Great journalist ethic there, “Damien”. GOMI.

  16. Aaahahahaha!!! This was the best spoof news article I have ever read in my life!! I have often wanted to do this to so many people I know, just to make them look worse than they already do. Lmao this is truly an awesome piece of work you created!

  17. This lady is illusional!! She grabbed that ball out of the little girls hands! So no she didnt win fair!! And to bad if she dont like what everyone says about her! Shes cold hearted and egotistical bitch!! I feel bad for any child she treated at her proffesion! Karma will come bager ten fold!! And she deserves it!!

  18. Fake? The event is not fake. It actually happened. Also, saying, “get a life” is sooooooo played out. I suggest that you think of another expression with which to express your trashy and commonplace stupidity.

  19. In view of what this witch did I would not be at all surprised those quotes could be attributed to her .. whatever her name might be. It is clear this “grownup” snatched that ball out of that child’s hand. She deserves all the bad publicity she gets. Enough said!

  20. It seems to me that creating a fake story about this women is just as childish as the her actions. (A waste of time as well) As the identity appears to be made up, I wonder about her true identity and if she gives a damn about the repercussions of her actions. Probably, as people are always “sorry” for doing wrong…..after they’re caught.

  21. Oh, I know for certain the incident occurred. (The hag taking the ball from the little kid.) But, your article offers no proof whatsoever as to the legitimacy of your “investigative work”, in regard to the actual identity of the above hag in question.

  22. Damien,
    Your article appears to be made up because an internet search for this woman’s name does not turn up anything, except for your article. The article is not written as an article should be. No news outlet has picked up on your “scoop.” The link for “Deneesh” goes to imdb. Why should any thinking person believe your story?

  23. Nowhere else is there any source online that can substantiate your claims for this woman’s identity. All links (that I’ve seen) with the name Grennele Brashkowitz point back to your writings and your writings alone. A legitimate investigative reporter can substantiate their claims (without revealing sources)., or present photos of the person in other settings as proof to the person’s identity.
    You offer nothing but a unsubstantiated story.
    You’re obviously a phoney, somehow making a buck doing this, or simply an idiot with too much time on his hands.
    You’ve had your 15 min. (and unfortunately 5 min of my time). Good luck.

  24. Don’t come back — “not me that that needs the doctor. Blanche.” And go fuck yourself — and remember — if you come back to check this — which you will — I will know.

  25. Then don’t think — scram. But you won’t scram — you’ll be back and I will know that you checked back — that’s the funnest part of being a webmaster.

  26. hahahahah so funny i love when people try this! your quotations are not even correct, not to mention their not real anyways! its so blatently obvious that all of these articles on your silly website are obviously all fake! good luck and good riddance to you son!

  27. Suspicious what makes you so inportent that we give 2 starts what you think i think a smart ass b!&%c like this wood say something like this sounds like to me your on her side

  28. keepingitreal – just because you cant find anything else about it dose not mean there is nothing your just that dumb i cant spell and found more on it and it is what was said but i guise you did not find it so that’s that even if it was not true it makes her look like the evil bitch she is so i love it props to you Damien thamks!

  29. This is a fake article. This even happened 4 years ago. The Astros were still in the National League, they were still wearing the old uniforms, and I actually watched the game. In reality, she went on NewsRadio 740 the next week, apologized, and mailed the ball to the girl.

  30. Wow you cant even make it SEEM real so that people could of latched onto it.. THAT would of been so much cooler… if you would just left of the obvious fake cheese, everyone would of fell for it and it would of been this BIG thing…. you were KINDA close for dummies. Good luck next time. I think you might have a talent at this if you lay off the cheese.

  31. So the Psychologist is an outed Sociopath! She should be ashamed of herself, but she isn’t cause the bitch has zero empathy.

  32. I’m late to the argument…..I think the woman in the video as well as those who high fived her are ridiculous. It wasnt even a foul ball…but one being tossed to the children.
    That being said…(I realize I am opening myself up to ridiculous comments and obscene language instead of an adult convo/debate)….I find it very hard to believe those were actual comments by the woman. Could point out a few problems, but for now, will settle with pointing out one. ………Does it really makes since that someone who spent ATLEAST 6 years in college getting an education and, assumably, maturing, really not have enough sense, tact, professionalism to respond to her actions in a way that would protect her career, her income, her licensure.

  33. This entire article though pretty well written for satire is very misleading. For the sake of people who would like to find the evil ball snatching lady, if would be more responsible of you to make it known at the end of the read that this is satire rather than trying lie it out. The reason I ask you to do this is because it turns people away who would otherwise want to help to identify this woman for her misdeeds. “Oh… she’s been found… well good!”… end of story. Do you understand what I mean? It is well written though, you do have a flare for writing and with such talent you have an obligation to be a good writer.

  34. And it’s pretty obvious that the article “isn’t real”, which is why the satire works. Stupid people never understand satire. Why is that? It’s like the only phenomenon in which there seems to be a very hard and clear line dividing the stupid from the intelligent. Weird.

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