Allenhurst Beach Club Green Water is Dangerous.

On the New Jersey shore, close to the decay of Asbury Park, lies a place called Allenhurst — and they have their own private beach club.   It’s called the Allenhurst Beach Club, and each year on Labor Day they put the lives of their members in jeopardy by dying their ocean lime green with a chemical dye they say is safe and fun for all.  They’re wrong.

There is nothing safe about dumping a whole lot of a chemical into an ocean filled with children, teens and adults.  They think this is cute and fun and great but the chemical in question is used in medicine and all forms of science wherein a tracing dye is needed.

But, like all things that start out nice until some kids start getting cancer, it’s a great tradition — just like the tradition of never seeing one African American face in any of the Allenhurst Beach Club’s website photographs.  It kind of seems as though the Allenhurst Beach Club likes for its water to be green and for its members to be white.   Traditions are great.

The green water event organizers — Jack Lehmann and Gail Matarazzo — whoever they are — and they certainly are not chemists — dumped two vats of a chemical called Fluorescein sodium into the oceanfront upon which their uppity beach club lies.   Then everyone runs into the green and glowing ocean and has a blast.  Sounds kinda sick, doesn’t it? 

On Saint Patrick’s day, way back when, they used to dye the Chicago river green with this very same substance but it was banned by environmentalists in 1966.  Can you imagine that?  Something that has been banned for nearly 50 years in Chicago is still making oceanic mirth in Allenhurst, NJ.  Can you believe the stupidity of these people?  I can.  They’re a bunch of nouveau elitist morons who don’t give a shit about anything.  An ordinary person can’t even get on their beaches let alone have a chance to bathe in the glowy green ocean — and lucky for them because all that green fun might kill them.

Here is how Wikipedia describes the chemical.

FLOURESCEIN: “Topical or oral use of fluorescein can cause adverse reactions including nausea, vomiting, hives, acute hypotension (a sudden drop in blood pressure), anaphylactic shock (like a serious reaction to a bee sting or a peanut allergy) and related severely allergic reactions that can result in cardiac arrest and sudden death due to the severity and speediness of the allergic reaction.

The most common adverse reaction is nausea, due to a difference in the pH from the body and the pH of the sodium fluorescein dye; a number of other factors, however, are considered contributors as well.

The nausea usually is transient and subsides quickly. Hives can range from a minor annoyance to severe, and a single dose of antihistamine may give complete relief. Anaphylactic shock and subsequent cardiac arrest and sudden death are very rare, but because they occur within minutes, a health care provider who uses fluorescein should be prepared to perform emergency resuscitation.”

So — enjoy your dip in the ocean at the Allenhurst Beach Club — if they’ll allow you to become a member.  Remember that dedicates itself to weeding out the stupidity and dumbness in out world, and this summer, the Swimming o’ the green at Allenhurst is not only UNLUCKY — it’s the dumbest thing we ever heard.  Have a look at the club — scroll down to read the membership policy — oh wait — they are not accepting new members.

Allenhurst Beach Club



Chris Rogers – Beach Manager
Jack Lehmann – Beach Manager

Link to Allenhurst Beach Club Official Websire

 Beach Club is now open for the Summer
Enjoy and be SAFE



Official Opening June 19, 2014 and closes for the season on September 26th, 2014.
Locker and Cabana clean-out September 28th, 2014.

Hours of operation 
June 19  –  June 30 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
July    1  –  Sept 26 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM

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