Did Oscar Host Seth MacFarlane get a hairpice or a toupee or a rug?

 SETH MacFarlane’s Hair looked like this.

seth2{LOS ANGELES, CA 9:52pmEST}  Academy Award watchers were shocked to see that this year’s host Seth MacFarlane took the stage wearing the worst toupee in the history of Hollywood toupees.  The hairpiece he was wearing was so bad that only moments before the show started,  makeup and hair people associated with show begged the balding voice of Family Guy to let them fit him with a better hairpiece, but he refused and assumed they were joking.

Closer pics of Seth’s toupee here:  Direct Pics of Celebrity Hairpieces.

“Seth is in serious denial.  His hairpiece was heavily dyed almost black and the texture was very unnatural,” said hair replacement expert Mildred Sclafani who has worked with TV’s Joey Lawrence during his courageous, but often outright silly, battle with baldness. 

“Seth Macfarlane’s hairpiece  was set far too high up in the air — almost a bouffant — and the color was atrocious.  The only wig I have ever seen that was worse than Seth MacFarlane’s at the Oscars tonight was that horrible monstrosity that was glued to John Travolta’s head last night.  It look liked a piece of patent leather.  I wanted to cry…I almost did. 

“I don’t know, for the life of me, with all their money and their access to the best of the best as far as hairpieces and wigs and stylists are concerned, that some of these Hollywood guys have the worst hairpieces.  Look at Ralph Maccio on Dancing With The Stars last season.  His hairpiece looked like he bought it at a thrift store.  It was terrible.   Mind you, I will not discuss my client Joey Lawrence and his battle with thousands of painful hair plugs and scalp dye camoflauge and spray on shaved hair flecks.  That has been a total nightmare for all of us. “

Hair experts on the scene agree that Seth MacFarlane needs a real makeover so far as his hairpiece is concerned.  The consensus is that his toupee is set far to high up in the air and it’s too bouffant.  In recent months he has been seen with his neatly receeding hairline, but at tonight’s Oscars, his head was piled up high with glued on hair.  He looked like the statue of the little kid at BOB’S BIG BOY restaurants.

“It looks like a dark chocolate cupcake on the top of his head” said one hair stylist from Beverly Hills.  It was a travesty to watch.


4 thoughts on “Did Oscar Host Seth MacFarlane get a hairpice or a toupee or a rug?

  1. This has got to be the dumbest fucking article I have ever seen in my life. I’m guess whoever wrote this complete dumpster fire of an article has deep seeded jealousy and self loathing issues that he/she needs to deal with, and I’m pretty sure one of those issues issue has to do with their hair.

  2. You gotta love the people who comment and then offer psychoanalysis — what do you expect from white trash Long Island?

  3. I wear a hairpiece and it is pretty good..tight fit, short, and light grey…
    I could see Seth’s as soon as I looked at his photo..too black, and the hairline is very detectable. Not jealous at all, just honest. Guys like me that wear one just deal with it…some folks detect, others don’t.

  4. I know this is an old post but it popped up while I was looking up that thing on Seth’s head.

    People get bald, that’s time, age and many other criteria that’s beyond our control and there’s not much we can do.
    Well, that’s not true – we can either own who we are, or waste money on operations and silly costumes.

    What really bothers me is that this sort of behavior perpetuates two stigmas or negative patterns. It makes baldness less acceptable, and is really ageist.
    Yeah, looks are “important” in Hollywood but if you’re a talent – you might not need that wig unless its for a role. Just man the fuck up, allow others to accept their own scalp too, and stop perpetuating the negative image of bald = bad.

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