What is Wrong With Renee Zellweger’s Face?

renneWhat happened to Renee Zellweger’s face?  She appeared on tonight’s Oscar’s with the rest of the cast from the fim “CHICAGO” and a lot of people were shocked by the changes in her face.

Hollywood facial surgeon and reconstruction expert Dr. Dean Traherne MD F.A.C.S. had this to say:

“Renee Zellweger looks like she has had far too much plastic surgery and laser skin peels.  Her eyes are stretched and barely able to open.  You can tell by the extreme shine on her face that she has had too many things done at the same time. 

“She also seems to be in pain which would be from laser burn or chemical peels.  The shine is from the antibiotic ointments that she must apply to ward off infection now that the skin’s immune response is weak. 

“Her eyes are uneven and were it not for the fact that the plastic surgery is obvious to me as a physician, I would assume that she could have a touch of the neuro-muscular disease Myesthenia Gravis.  One eye muscle is drooping a lot and she should have that looked at if in fact it is not an artifact of the surgery she has had done in her plastic surgeon’s office. My best guess is that she doesn’t have any diseases but if a patient presented to me looking as Renee does and hadn’t had any surgery, this is where I might want to look.  There is also a sign in medicine called “lid lag” and she seems to have a variant of it.  Usually it’s a sign of thyroid issues, but in Renee’s case it is obviously a plastic surgery related issue.

“Also, if you notice the BEORE and AFTER photos, you will note that Renee’s mouth seems small now than it did years ago.  The reason for this could be too much Restolin injected to cover frown lines and perhaps Botox preventing her from smiling widely which was always her trademark.  The difference in all of her facial features was strikingly strange to see all at one time.  Normally these things are done over time and fans don’t seem to notice as much, but this was very heavy-handed work she had done on her face — too much.   Even the bridge off her nose is narrowed.  My god, this woman must have been through hell and back.”

“Renee has always had a squint to her eyes and she probably had a lot of crows feet and lid lines which she wanted to reduce, and along the way to fixing these normal signs of aging, she may have mixed surgery with Botox and Restolin and whatever else the surgeons and doctors could throw at her.  Whatever she has had done, it seems to be centered around the eyes, and it looks like she recently overcame a bout of swelling from laser therapy all over her face and neck and especially on her cheeks where she has marked discolorization.”

Queen Latifah, who accompanied Renne Zellweger onto the stage, looked a little hefty and slightly different too.  This fact did not go unnoticed by Dr. Traherne.

“Queen Latifah, seems to have had a bit of work too, but that’s all cancelled out by the fact that  looks like she has been gaining a lot of new found weight.  She is obese and always has been to some degree with brief times where she has shed a few pounds, but she’s getting older and you can’t carrry around that kind of fat as you get on in years.  Queen Latifah’s fat is called ‘viseral fat’ and it’s the most unhealthy form of fat one can have.  It leads to diabetes and heart failure.  Queen really needs to shed those pounds.  It’s all  that inner conflict that leads to the accumulation of high cortisol levels and weight gain in the abdomen.


Whatever the case may be, Rene Zellweger looks like a Chinese woman who tried to have surgery to look like a very very very white woman — it’s freaking frightening.

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